NBL playoff opener: Deng Yuxin won 28 points in Hunan over Guangxi and dangerously over Wuhan

 NBL playoff opener: Deng Yuxin won 28 points in Hunan over Guangxi and dangerously over Wuhan

Wuhan Contemporary 96-100 Guangxi Weizhuang

This game from the whistle into the playoffs of Wuhan Contemporary home against regular season champion Guangxi Weizhuang. Wuhan contemporary active change, by double foreign aid McFadden, Brand partner Tang Jie, Suhao, Yu Xiaoliang formed the first line-up to fight. In the first quarter of the game, after the first attack of the opponent in the opening defense, Su Hao scored the first record for the team by rebounding and rebounding in the front court. In the next round, Tang Jie hit three points from the outside, and Wuhan made a brilliant start. Guangxi is strong and unwilling to show its weakness. Jones used three-point to return the color, and the two teams gradually drew seven. In the first half of the game, Wuhan team scored in the first three, while Guangxi team relied mainly on foreign aid Jones, who personally managed 9 of the teams 11 points. Subsequently, Wuhans contemporary offensive feeling declined, and the outside line failed repeatedly, but the score has not been opened by constantly breaking into the inside line to make fouls. At the end of the festival, Wuhan team hit a wave of small climax, Brand misplaced into 2 points, Zhang Yong hit three points, Brand free throw line shot again, Wuhan team will catch up the score to 24 even. With Wuhan team successfully defending the opponents last attack in the first quarter, the two sides entered the second quarter with a score of 24.

In the second quarter, Guangxi Weizhuang attacked three times in succession after the opening, and the score difference was increased to 6 points in an instant. The offensive firepower of the Guangxi team is not reduced, but whenever the Guangxi team scores, Wang Xiaoming and Zhang Yong of the Wuhan team can respond in a timely manner. They work together to help the Wuhan team stabilize the score difference within 5 points. With four minutes left in the second quarter, Wuhan team asked for a suspension of adjustment and urgently needed to recover the offensive rhythm. However, due to the small foreign aid McFadden was strictly guarded by the opponents, the suspension of the Wuhan teams offensive is still not improving. In the final attack, Jones of Guangxi team hit 2+1, and Wuhan team entered the second half with a 45-56 lag.

At the beginning of the key third quarter, the Guangxi team started with an empty dunk by Tslbers, while the Wuhan team McFadden opened the back door to get two points. Then McFadden hit another three-point shot, and the Wuhan team reduced the difference to 10 points. Wuhan contemporary use of McFaddens three-point shot several times close to the score difference, but Guangxi Weizhuang also can always fight back in time, the difference between the two sides is still maintained at about 10 points. Later in the contest, both sides come and go, the intensity of the confrontation is very high, but the hit rate has also declined. At the end of the third quarter, the Wuhan team drew with the Guangxi team in a single quarter and entered the final quarter with a score of 70-81.

In the fourth section, the Wuhan team first sent Brand single foreign aid to the station, while the Guangxi team sent Jones, who scored 33 points in the first three quarters. In contemporary Wuhan, Wang Xiaoming made a good layup first, then the whole team became a city of aspirations. After stealing, Lande made a sudden layup and then hit the basket, helping the team to reduce the score difference to 7 points. Guangxi asked for a suspension of adjustment. Back from the suspension, Wuhans contemporary pursuit of points is still not stopped. There are still 7 minutes and 39 seconds left in the game. Brands left and right hands hit two consecutive times under the basket, and the score was only 5 points short of 80-85. Guangxi Weizhuang was slightly impatient and could not get two penalties after being fouled. Wuhan team grabbed the rebound and played position warfare calmly. Zhang Yong hit three points to help Wuhan team reduce the difference to only two points. Zhang Yong continued to output efficiently. With Tang Jie scoring 2 points in the counter-attack, Wuhan Contemporary succeeded in tracking the score to 89. After that, the two sides got stuck again. In the last 10 seconds, the Wuhan team adopted foul tactics. The Guangxi team Jones scored one penalty with two penalties, and the Wuhan team lagged by 95-98 points. After that, Brand who grabbed the rebound was fouled by his opponent. After two penalties and one middle, Wuhan team was 96-98 points behind, and Wuhan team was only allowed to foul time. At the critical moment, Guangxi team Jones made two penalties, and finally locked the score in 96-100, Guangxi Weizhuang away dangerous victory over Wuhan Contemporary. Guangxi Weizhuang is 1:0 ahead of its rivals.

Wuhan contemporary Brand 29 points 22 rebounds, McFadden 20 points, Zhang Yong 20 points, Wang Xiaoming 10 points, Tang Jie 10 points.

Guangxi Weizhuang Jones has 40 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists, Zilbers 18 points, 15 rebounds, Li Minghao 14 points, 12 rebounds and Chen Jinlong 13 points.

[Post-match Voice

Guangxi Weizhuang coach Zhang Yong: The first game encountered great resistance, there was no weak team in the playoffs, but there was still a game to play.

Dai Yong, the contemporary coach of Wuhan: If we had the chance to win this game, the Wuhan team would fight to the end and win every game.

Henan Credit Store Old Wine 110-113 Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry

Another game in the first half of the district was played at home by old wine from Henan Credit Shop, which met the challenge of Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry. The two teams had their own wins and losses in the regular season, and their strength was close to each other. In the first quarter, Henan team sent Ma Xiaochao, a tall man, to start the match, defending Gambo, a big foreign aid of Hunan team. The two men started the fight on the inside line, each scoring two points. Subsequently, the two sides began the offensive war, the score from 7 to 10. Hunan Jinjian rice industry Mayo and Huangzhen hit three points successively, pulling the score away by 16-10. Henan team immediately requested suspension and redeployment. After the suspension, the Henan team was still not in the state, but was robbed three times, and attacked by the opponents in succession, the score difference was once widened to double digits. The backward old wine in Henan Credit Shop started from the defensive end, started to focus on the defensive end, and used the bag to restrict the other sides foreign aid. It succeeded in pulling the score closer to 20-22 with two minutes left in the first quarter. At the end of the first festival, the old wine in Henan Credit Shop lagged behind temporarily in the period of 23-25.

In the second section, Hunan Jinjianmiye started with smooth cooperation and shot continuously. Henan Team is unwilling to show weakness, big foreign aid Harris hit two points in a row, small foreign aid Josh also hit three points, the two teams into 34 draws. With the increase of defensive intensity, more and more physical contact between the two sides, Henan teams big foreign aid Harris constantly kills under the basket, frequently goes to the free throw line to score points, helping the team once with 40-39 points back to exceed. Hunan Jinjian rice industry suddenly broke out at the offensive end, hit a wave of small climax, and soon re-established a seven-point lead. Henan team actively scrambled for rebounds and gradually scored points. In the last 8 seconds of the second quarter, Cui Xiaolong took the ball in the back court and pushed forward the front court quickly. He threw a hit on the board when he lost the center of gravity, helping Henan team finish the first half with a 51-50 lead.

In the second half of the war, Hunan Jinjian rice industry played a delicate cooperation, with 56-53 points will be overtaken. Henan team counterattacked in a big way. Josh, a small foreign aid, first hit three points, then assisted Cui Xiaolong to score in the basket. Henan team played a small climax of 9:2 and took the initiative with 62-56. Deng Yuxin of Hunan Team surrendered and scored three consecutive three-point goals, helping Hunan Team 67-65 to overtake the score again. Subsequently, the two teams entered the saw-saw battle, Henan team took the upper hand slightly, leading by 81-76 at the end of the three quarters.

In the final battle, Henan team was led by Harris, a big foreign aid team, but the overall shooting percentage of the team declined. Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry took advantage of the momentum to chase the score to 83-84. Since then, Harris broke out at the offensive end. He hit two baskets and assisted Wu Longhao to put in three points. Henan team stopped the game 93-86. After the suspension, although Hunan team keeps chasing points by free throw, the home team always takes advantage of more comprehensive performance to keep ahead. In the last two minutes of the match, Hunan Team blossomed a little bit more, playing a wave of 12-2 climax, turning the situation around 107-105. At the last moment, Jinjian rice industry in Hunan was four points ahead of 111-107. Tang Jian of Henan Team took the ball and threw it. He put in three points from a very long distance outside the three-point line, and the score reached 111-110. With 20 seconds left in the game, Henan team used foul tactics again. The opponent scored 110-113 free throws. Henan team was three points behind and held the ball right. In the final attack, Henan Team Josh missed three points, missed an even chance, and the team lost by three points. Henan Credit Store Old Wine 0:1 lagged behind Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry.

Henan Credit Shop wine Harris 46 points 13 rebounds, about 25 points, Lu Junhu 11 points.

Hunan Jinjian rice industry Deng Yuxin 28 points, Huangzhen 24 points, Ganbo 22 points 16 rebounds, Mayo 21 points.

[Post-match Voice

Li Weigang, Head Coach of Old Wine in Henan Credit Shop: I think we played very well today. We were not sure about some key balls. We were still nervous. We lost mainly to the key balls.

Lu Junhu, an old wine player in Henan Credit Shop: We played very hard in the game, but we didnt do well in several key balls. We will try to play well in the next game.

Huang Wenlong, owner coach of Jinjianmi, Hunan Province: Henan Team is a very strong team. Our team did not give up in the backward situation. I am very grateful to my team members.

Deng Yuxin, Hunan Jinjian Rice Player: A very good match, we are very difficult, thank the coaches and teammates, today we played a very good defense, won the key game.

Guizhou Guwutang Tea 107-131 Xinda, Shaanxi Province

In a contest in the second half, Guizhou Guwutang Tea hosted Xinda, Shaanxi Province. Ras Smith, a small foreign aid of Guizhou Team, returned to the game, but Sun Rongxiao, the main player, suffered an injury truce. At the beginning of the competition, Shanxi Xinda continued the foreign aid combination used in the last round of the regular season, which had great impact on the interior. Faced with the other sides double towers of foreign aid, Guizhou team Ottoler was somewhat difficult to fight, and received three fouls in the first quarter, burying hidden dangers for the subsequent games. Smith, a small foreign aid, also did not show a good state in the first quarter, while Xinda, Shaanxi Province, fought steadily and steadily. After the first battle, Guwutang Tea in Guizhou fell 9 points behind 22-31.

Section 2, Guizhou Team took the initiative to adjust, and the domestic team members assumed the heavy responsibility of attack. In order not to expose their weaknesses in positional warfare, Guizhou team accelerated the speed of attack and defense conversion, Yao Guangguo frequently completed the final score, becoming a sharp weapon in the teams attack. Instead of blindly competing with Guizhou Team in speed, Shaanxi Xinda continues to make use of the advantages of the interior line to create more opportunities for open scoring. As the game progressed, the difference between the two teams was also widened. At the end of the first half, 49-66, Guizhou Guwutang Tea was 17 points behind its rivals.

After another battle in Yibian, Yao Guangguo of Guwutang Tea in Guizhou hit three points shortly after the opening, and Shan Zhiming and Zhang Bo also contributed to the score. However, due to the huge gap in rebounds, Xinda of Shaanxi Province has more opportunities to score twice, and with the support of rebounds, the confidence of Shaanxi teams outside players has increased greatly, and the shot is more resolute. Guizhou teams outside line did not improve, the score difference also expanded. 73-97, Guizhou team entered the final section with 24 points behind.

Section IV, Guizhou Teams outside feel warmed up, Smiths outside three-point line hand up and down, sounded the teams call to rebound. Shaanxi Xinda holds a tremendous leading advantage, actively reduces the pace of the game, and looks for the weaknesses of the other side in the attack. Guizhou team continued to chase points, but it was unable to limit the opponents multi-point scoring, and the game gradually lost suspense. Finally, Guizhou Guwutang Tea lost 107-131 at home to Xinda, Shaanxi Province, with a big score of 0:1 lagging behind.

Guizhou Guwutang Tea Smith 50 points, Ottoler 23 points 10 rebounds, Yao Guangguo 19 points.

Shaanxi Xinda Troy 36 points 10 rebounds, Williams 33 points 26 rebounds, Hot Xiati 10 points, Zhang Yu 10 points, Feng Jiawei 10 points.

Chongqing Huaxi International 102-126 Anhui Wenyi

The game was played by Chongqing Huaxi International Home Stadium against Wenyi Anhui Province. The two teams had their own wins and losses in the two regular-season matches. In the first competition, Anhui Wenyi was the first to open up the situation. But Chongqing Huaxi International is habitually slow and hot. It starts slowly and is passive on the field. With the progress of the match, Chongqing teams domestic players actively adjust and constantly impact the other sides inside scoring, but the teams defensive side performance is poor, always unable to limit the other sides foreign aid to play well. Anhui Wenyi Rochester felt hot and led the team to attack many times. At the end of the first quarter, Chongqing Huaxi International lagged behind by 24-37.

In the next season, the mistakes of Chongqing Team increased gradually. At the same time, Yuxiang, Gao Yuxiang, Wang Yang and other players were strictly guarded by their opponents, and the teams offensive end was too late to open the situation. Anhui Wenyi used his opponents mistakes to fight back constantly, and scored scores both inside and outside the line. Under the tacit cooperation of both foreign aid and domestic players, Anhui Team gradually widened the score gap. At the end of half-court, Chongqing Team was 47-69 points behind 22 points.

With the enthusiasm of the fans at home, Chongqing team succeeded in fast breaks, and Brown and Zaizev kept breaking into each others inner line, narrowing the score gap gradually. However, with the improvement of the defensive intensity of the opponents, Chongqing Team suffered again from mistakes, and the whole team fell into scoring shortage. Anhui Wenyi played more and more smoothly. At the end of the third quarter, Chongqing team was 76-100 behind.

At the end of the contest, the Chongqing team began to recover slowly in Yuxiang and Gao Yuxiangs condition, and succeeded in long-range shooting. But in the first three quarters, Chongqing still failed to reverse the situation. Anhui Wenyi lowered the rhythm of the game and rationally allocated the playing time of the main players. The game was concluded. Eventually, at the end of the game, Chongqing Huaxi International lost 101-127 to Wenyi, Anhui, with a big score of 0:1.

Chongqing Huaxi International Brown has 35 points, 16 rebounds, Zaizev 25 points, Gao Yuxiang 22 points and Yu Xiang 11 points.

Anhui Wenyi Rochester 31 points, Dakari 30 points 18 rebounds, Zhou Qixin 13 points, Delhey 13 points, Jiang Xiangan 11 points, Yang Wenbo 10 points.

[Post-match Voice

Chongqing Huaxi International Coach Zhang Tao: We will try our best to sum up this game and try to play the following games well.

Gao Yuxiang, Chongqing Huaxi International Player: You have done a good job. The main thing is that the other sides small foreign aid is not limited. There are two away games to fight well and return to home.

Anhui Wenyi Coach Liu Jiulong: First of all, this is the first game of the playoffs. After the regular season, the rest of many days, the players are not in the best condition. Next, we have two home games. We will continue to summarize.