Global Times Editorial Review: Hong Kong has produced a group of confusing modern traitors

 Global Times Editorial Review: Hong Kong has produced a group of confusing modern traitors

In the process of more and more violent demonstrations by extremist forces in Hong Kong, the intervention of Western forces has become more and more open, and this intervention in Hong Kong society ferments without the cooperation and assistance of a group of traitors. Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming are the representatives of these traitors.

Hong Kongs controversy over a piece of legislation intensified into turmoil throughout Hong Kong until violence raged and hit the foundation of the rule of law in Hong Kong. The dramatic development of the situation and the overall tension in Sino-US relations are very rhyming. From last year to this year, veteran democratic leaders such as Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming have reached unprecedented density in their contacts with the United States, Western governments and parliaments, forming increasingly unscrupulous collusion, which has provided the evil fuel for the expansion of street politics in Hong Kong.

This is not the only evolution of events. These extremists saw that the strategic game between China and the United States was tightening. Washington spared no effort to start all kinds of leverage that could exert pressure on Beijing. They aggressively gathered together, not only with self-esteem, but also with great efforts to show the United States their instrumental significance of helping to contain China.

These people have an ambition: to turn Hong Kong into a special field of strategic game between China and the United States, to maximize the influence of Washington and the West in Hong Kong, to minimize the content of one country in the Basic Law of Balance, to minimize the one country in the one country, two systems mechanism, and even to make Hong Kong highly autonomous under the two systems. Become de facto independent.

Traitors are all at a special juncture of game and confrontation between China and foreign countries. Their role is not only to directly serve the external forces that invade and suppress China, but also to destroy the internal unity of the Chinese people and help the external forces brainwash the Chinese people. Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming are typical modern traitors.

The modern traitors from Hong Kong, under the banner of democracy and freedom for the people of Hong Kong, are more confusing than the traitors in history. Their banner is borrowed from the forces attacking China from the United States and the West. When the latter advertises the spread of democracy and freedom to China, the real aim is to prevent China from becoming strong and to undermine the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The pattern of Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming is very small. They only pursue the interests of individuals and small groups, and betray the great goal of the Chinese nation. They formed an alliance with the forces of the United States and the West to restrain the rise of China. The common point of traitors in modern times is that they are profitable and wise.

During his visit to the United States in May this year, Li Zhuming met with Pompeo, Pelosi and others. Media reports showed that he apparently discussed with senior US officials the strategy of using the anti-revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance to combat Hong Kongs order. Although he and Li Zhiying, the veteran opponents, lost their dominance in the anti-revision demonstrations, they still tried their best to catch up with the heat, get political oil and water, and continue to play their role as traitors. Its the same thing for them to sell ports and win privately.

Li Zhiying is known as the biggest gold owner of the Hong Kong opposition, but where his money came from has been questioned. More than a month ago, when the situation in Hong Kong was chaotic, his companys stock suddenly surged, bringing this doubt to a new climax. What unknown interests do his company have with American and Western capital? This is considered to be Li Zhiyings underwear.

It is also a fundamental betrayal of the interests of Hong Kongs more than seven million citizens to turn Hong Kong into a new focus of the Sino-US game. The United States does not have any governance over Hong Kong, nor does it invest large-scale resources outside the normal trade mechanism with Hong Kong to encourage its democracy. Washington now pursues a policy of oil-wiping even its closest allies. The only way for the US side to take advantage of Hong Kongs game with China is to disrupt the international financial center, destroy the harmony between the mainland society and Hong Kong, and use it to create troubles in Hong Kong and restrain Beijing.

These traitors, Li and Li, solved Washingtons thirst for a new brand. They dont care about the trial of Chinese history. They are more focused on pleasing the Western forces. They have already put themselves in the American and Western camp in their bones.

However, traitors have always been cheap commodities in the eyes of external forces, and they will be despised when they are used. The fate of Li Zhiliu and Li Zhiliu will surely be nailed to the pillar of humiliation in Hong Kongs history. On the western side, they will all be solitary ghosts.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799