One Days Event: Second-hand houses in Suzhou can be transferred after 5 years

 One Days Event: Second-hand houses in Suzhou can be transferred after 5 years

Taihe Group has liquidated all loans in good faith trust. There is no loan dispute at present.

Taihe Group has had a loan dispute with Sino-Credit Trust before, but Taihe has settled all the loans of Sino-Credit Trust on June 6, and Sino-Credit Trust applied to the court on July 1 for rescission of relevant property preservation measures. At present, there is no loan dispute between the two sides. Taihe said that the current cash flow and sales repayment of Taihe can ensure the timely payment of each maturing debt.

Gujing Real Estate Company Project Fall Accident Gujing Gong Liquor and Its Deposit Related Transactions

White Paper: Intelligent Intelligence, Quantum Information, Big Data and Other Frontier Technologies Accelerate Their Application in Military Field

The Chinese government published a white paper entitled Chinas National Defense in the New Era on 24th. The white paper points out that under the impetus of the new revolution of science and technology and industrial transformation, the frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things are being applied to military fields at an accelerated pace, and the international military competition pattern is undergoing historic changes. With the rapid development of high and new military technology with information technology as the core, the trend of long-distance precision, intelligence, stealth and unmanned weapons and equipment is more obvious. The war pattern is accelerating to evolve into information-based war, and intelligent war is beginning to emerge.

Reporters through a number of people close to the New Town Holdings informed that the current new town to sell 40 project asset packages nearly sold out. Almost all the assets disposed of in New Town were sold at par. The sale of these projects, conservatively estimated, can at least recover 15 billion yuan of funds, and the way and cycle of payment to the new town by the vendors are conducive to the new town.

Liaoning Securities and Exchange Regulatory Bureau: Huayuan Thermal Power has been rectified to ensure the due payment of products in January next year

Since May, Yingkou Huayuan Thermal ABS has not collected heating fees to the regulatory account on time. Liaoning Securities Regulatory Bureau timely went to Huayuan Thermal Field to supervise, interview Huayuan Thermal Officer, and instruct the manager to check the situation of Guojin Securities and take effective measures to rectify it. At the same time, feedback to the local government, draw attention to the adverse impact on the local financing environment, and get the full attention of the government. At present, Huayuan Thermal Power has been rectified, and the funds have been replenished and collected according to the requirements of the plan, so as to ensure that no new irregularities will occur and that the products will be paid due in January next year.

Securities firms borrow securities through KAB or only for institutional customers or securities lock-in customers.

Reporters learned from securities dealers that securities dealers borrowed securities through Kechuang Banking, or only provided to appointed institutional customers or locked securities customers in advance to achieve their special securities. Securities firms usually do not put the source of securities borrowed by refinancing into a public pool for all investors to finance, because securities firms can not control the maturity of securities trading. In addition, the relationship between ordinary individual investors and securities sources is not well defined. Therefore, it is very difficult for ordinary individual investors to participate in the securities trading of Kechuang Stock Exchange.

Since the opening of Kechuang Stock Exchange, the volatility of Kechuang Stock Exchange is significantly higher than that of A Stock Exchange because there is no limit on price rise or fall in the first five trading days after listing. Under high volatility, some quantified private equity also smelled the profit opportunities, and adopted short-term T + 0 strategy to carry out intra-day turnaround trading. A quantified private equity person said that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Securities Exchange Board, the relevant securities firms prohibited procedural trading in the first five trading days.

Standard Chartered: bullish on U.S. and Chinese stock markets this year

Standard Chartered Banks Wealth Management Department recently released its Global Market Outlook report for the second half of 2019. Standard Chartered Bank believes that global monetary easing and Chinas likely directed easing fiscal and monetary policies should be sufficient to stabilize global economic growth and offset the widespread impact of trade tensions. Standard Chartered reckons that the likelihood of a recession in the United States in the next 12 months is about 35%, while American stocks still have a good chance of beating other stocks in the next 6-12 months. In addition, Standard Chartered raised its view on Chinas onshore stocks to a bullish position, mainly due to improved liquidity, attractive valuation, potential fiscal stimulus and so on.

Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Improving Regulatory Work to Promote Standardized Development of Private Banks

According to the information on the official website of the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, recently, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission held a symposium on proposals for promoting the healthy development of private banks. At the symposium, delegates highly appraised the supervision of private banks by the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (BIRC), and elaborated on the challenges and policy suggestions of the current private banks in the light of their respective work and research practice, which would deepen the reform and development of private banks, improve the institutional mechanism of private banks, optimize the regulatory framework of private banks and promote it. Private banks support the real economy and other aspects put forward targeted suggestions.

Ministry of Commerce: The price of edible agricultural products and means of production rose slightly last week, and the price of eggs rose by 5.5%.

According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, last week (July 15-21) the national market price of edible agricultural products increased by 0.1% compared with the previous week, the increase was 0.8 percentage points lower than the previous week, and the market price of means of production increased by 0.1% compared with the previous week. The wholesale price of pork was 24.51 yuan per kilogram, up 3.3%; the price of eggs and chickens was 9.74 yuan and 16.59 yuan per kilogram, up 5.5% and 1.2% respectively.

The Chinese government today published a white paper entitled Chinas National Defense in the New Era. The white paper elaborates on Chinas reasonable and moderate defense expenditure and introduces the scale and structure of Chinas defense expenditure. After analyzing and comparing the countries with the highest defense expenditure in the world, it is said that, on the whole, Chinas defense expenditure is open and transparent, and the level of expenditure is reasonable and moderate. Compared with the major countries in the world, defense expenditure accounts for the gross domestic product. The proportion of value to fiscal expenditure and per capita defense expenditure are on the low side. Chinas defense expenditure will be coordinated with the level of national economic development and continue to maintain moderate and stable growth.

Expanding the Limited Sale Scope of Suzhou City: New houses within the urban area can be transferred after 3 years before second-hand houses can be transferred after 5 years.

Suzhou has issued suggestions on further improving the steady and healthy development of the real estate market in our city. Measures to restrict the transfer of newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing in urban areas of Suzhou shall be implemented. From the date of implementation of this opinion, new commercial housing projects (including those that have already obtained pre-sale license and have not yet started online signature) within the urban area of Suzhou can be transferred after three years from the date of acquisition of the real property certificate by the purchaser; second-hand housing can only be transferred after three years from the date of acquisition of the real property certificate; second-hand housing can be acquired by the purchaser through market transactions with the new real property certificate reaching 5. Transferable only after one year. When a non-registered household family applies for the purchase of the first set of housing in the city of Suzhou, Kunshan and Taicang, it shall provide proof of payment of personal income tax or social insurance (urban social insurance) for two or more years in succession within the city of Suzhou within three years from the date of purchase.

New Town Holdings announcement, the subsidiary company of Hangzhou Julie Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and other 10 project companies signed relevant equity and creditor rights transfer agreements with the counterparty. The total transaction consideration is about 4153.929 million yuan, accounting for 13.62% of the companys audited net assets to the mother at the end of 2018, all paid in cash. The company plans to transfer the equity and related creditors rights of some project companies. The total amount of this round of transactions is not more than 15 billion yuan.

* ST Kangde: The case of suing Kangde Group and Bank of Beijing for contract disputes has been accepted.

* ST Kangde announcement, the company and three wholly-owned subsidiaries sued Kangde Investment Group Co., Ltd., Bank of Beijing, Bank of Beijing Xidan Branch of the contract dispute case was filed by the Beijing Higher Peoples Court on July 22. Request the court to invalidate the Cash Management Business Cooperation Agreement and the Cash Management Service Network Accession Application, and ask the defendant to compensate for all the losses caused to the company.

At the ninth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, it was pointed out that the prominent advantages of Chinas health and health undertakings were to attach equal importance to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine and to promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We should improve the service system of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the high-quality development of the cause and industry of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the construction of talent team of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the inheritance and open and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine, reform and improve the management system and mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, and give full play to the special role of traditional Chinese medicine in disease treatment and prevention.

Department of Commerce: U.S. companies filed 337 applications for child-specific safety-type open and close seals

TCL responded to rumors of JDI merger and acquisition in Japan: there was no consistent intention and agreement for communication.

This weeks National Regular Session: Deploy pilot projects to deepen regional financial reform and enhance the capacity of financial services reform, opening up and economic development

Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council and deployed pilot projects to deepen regional financial reform. The next step is to coordinate the use of a variety of tools in accordance with the requirements of macro-policy, to promote the effective reduction of real interest rates, to support the development of small and medium-sized banks, and to reduce the financing costs of enterprises, especially small and small private enterprises. Firm local responsibilities should be taken to guard against financial risks. Regional financial reform and innovation should serve the overall situation of macro-policy. Second, we should make clear our objectives and promote regional financial reform and innovation as a whole. In order to meet the needs of economic and social development and regional coordinated development, we should focus on financial support for major national regional development strategies, agriculture, rural areas, scientific and technological innovation, and expanding financial opening to the outside world. We should further advance the pilot test and launch a mature reform plan with pilot significance. Third, we should establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for regional financial reform. Strengthen the follow-up evaluation and third-party evaluation of the pilot projects, correct or call a halt in time if there is no actual effect or serious deviation from the reform objectives, and not just do nothing as a cap; encourage new reform explorations to achieve the expected goals and obvious results, and accelerate the spread of replicable experience to a wider range, Make innovative measures of financial reform and opening up play a better role in promoting development, benefiting peoples livelihood and preventing risks.