Natural calamity + man-made calamity! Organizers of 4 donkey friends killed by Jiangxi mountain torrents have no business qualification

 Natural calamity + man-made calamity! Organizers of 4 donkey friends killed by Jiangxi mountain torrents have no business qualification

Driving from Nanchang, one and a half hoursdrive will lead to Xitou Ancient Village, Gaohu Town, Jingan County, Yichun, Jiangxi Province.

Luyang Cave in Xitou Village attracts many visitors from Nanchang every weekend in July and August because of the legend that one of the eight immortals, Lu Dongbin, is here to fix immortals and the cool summer. The most attractive outdoor activity here is tracing the stream, which is the source of the poor water upstream along the valley.

On Sunday, July 21, more than 200 tourists came in joy, but they were thrown into chaos and panic by a sudden rainstorm and subsequent torrents.

According to the Jiangxi Emergency Management Department, 283 donkey friends were trapped in heavy rain on July 21 in Luyang Cave, Xitou Village, Jingan County, Yichun City. After 18 consecutive hours of search and rescue, four people were eventually killed, and other missing persons were rescued.

Behind natural disasters, there are also man-made disasters. Behind this popular river-tracing route, risks persist. In summer, Jingan weather is changeable, and the scenic spot of Luyang Cave is undeveloped, lacking corresponding tourist protection measures; the outdoor sports clubs and donkey heads without tourism business management qualification organize donkey friends to travel through the network, provide transportation, tour guide, leader and other tourism services, and collect fees, but risk tips and safety insurance. Disability is insufficient.

On July 21, rescuers were rescued from the trapped. Blue Sky Rescue Team of Shanggao County

Rainstorms came suddenly.

Nanchang 38 Celsius, Xitou 28 Celsius, Luyangdong 18 Celsius. Summer retracing is a famous sign of Luyang Cave.

Meng Qingtao, Tianlei and his wife from Nanchang came in admiration. They enrolled in the Where does life not meet outdoor group leader Tiange organization of the Luyang Cave Stream Tracking Activity, the cost of 39 yuan, including the fare, drivers fee and 2 yuan insurance premium.

At 7:00 a.m. on July 21, Meng Qingtao, his wife and friends waited for their departure at the gate of Qingfeng Hotel in Xihu District of Nanchang City. Tiange did not appear. They were arranged on a bus of another outdoor group, and then set off for Jingan, led by another outdoor group of women.

On the same day, they rushed to Luyang Cave, Xitou Village, with a total of 283 donkey friends. According to the report of Jiangxi Emergency Management Office, on July 21, 252 people from five outdoor groups, such as Where does life not meet outdoor group, Cloud-end outdoor group, and 17 people from three minibuses and 14 people from four off-road vehicles, totalling 283 people, were spontaneously organized to carry out along the river in Luyang Cave, Xitou Village, Gaohu Town, Jingan County, through Weixin Group, etc. Outdoor hiking.

Huang Ying, who lives near Xitou Village, remembers that on July 21, several buses passed by her door, followed by several off-road vehicles, very happy, all driving loud music.

At 9:35 a.m., the bus arrived at the open-air parking lot of Xitou Village, near which the local people called Xikou, which is the starting point of tracing the river.

To start tracing the river, hikers have to go upstream from the mouth of the stream and take about two hours to reach the end of their journey, the Luyang Cave Falls. If you are a donkey driver of an off-road vehicle, you drive directly upstream in the river.

At the beginning of Xitou Villages traceability line, Xikou, donkey friends started hiking from the river channel under the suspension bridge to the upstream Luyangdong waterfall. Wang Wenqiu, a reporter for the Beijing News, was photographed.

After getting off the bus, Tian Leis first impression was that the weather is fine and the sky is clear for thousands of miles. There were villagers selling hats, water guns and other small commodities in the parking lot nearby. At the moment, they know nothing about the coming risks.

Seven people set out together, from the mouth of the stream upstream, wading on foot. Fu Chunsheng said that at that time the stream was clear and bottomless, shallow only to the wrist, the deepest will not be beyond the knee. The scenery across the Straits is pleasant. They chat, take pictures, fight water battles and play while walking. Everyone is very happy.

On the way, it was nearly 1 p.m. after several people had their lunch with them, and the weather was still clear. Considering the three points of return, Holly and others chose to return, while four people, including Meng Qingtao, Tianlei and Fu Chunsheng, decided to move on.

Tian Lei later recalled that a friend had deliberately teased her husband about who could run faster. My husband is just a kid with a temper. He runs with others as soon as he gets angry. No way, she had to chase behind.

The four men walked for about half an hour, two kilometers, and met the returning tourists. They say its not fun, its hard to walk and theres not enough time. Fu Chunsheng recalled that Tianlei also heard them say, The flood ahead is very high, and it cant pass through.

They immediately turned around and returned.

Less than two oclock, it was cloudy, and then it began to rain. Two or three minutes later, it turned into a rainstorm. Holly remembers that at the beginning of the rain, the water level and velocity of the river had not changed much. However, more than ten minutes later, as the rain increased, the stream rose and the flow began to become turbulent.

On the way back, Meng Qingtao and Tianlei kept walking side by side. They also met four other strangers. From time to time there is a deep pit in the river, and the two sides of the river are steep slopes, almost no way to go. Six of them had to go hand in hand, fingers crossed, and they ran into the water in the shape of Z.

Until the torrents come.

Four tourists were killed in succession

On the morning of the 23rd morning after the accident, a villager in Xitou village still had a lingering fear. The water rose to waist-deep. He pointed to the river, and a half-waist-thick tree was washed down by the flood.

Meng Qingtao, Tian Lei and other six people, after more than half an hours journey, finally saw the gentler riverbank, Fu Chunsheng and other friends have stood on the bank. Meng Qingtao and his wife also wanted to go ashore, and Fu Chunsheng went to the river to meet them.

However, in the turbulent water, a middle-aged woman suddenly slipped and stepped on the feet of others. The rest of the people who held hands together also lost their center of gravity and fell into the water together.

Just then, the mountain torrent suddenly came. Six people were at the tightening of the riverbed. In a short period of 30 seconds, the stream became turbid rapidly, the water level rose, and the velocity of the flow increased sharply. Six people were dispersed at once.

Tian Lei later told the Beijing News that he and his husband could swim, but when they were caught in the flood, they could not breathe at all, let alone swim. They felt like they were dying.

Fu Chunsheng rushed to catch Meng Qingtao and his wife, but in the flood, he could not hold them by one man. Meng Qingtao shouted to Chunsheng, Push the field buds ashore and was swept away by the torrent. In the struggle, Fu Chunsheng pushed the field bud to the shore successfully. He was washed 50 meters away by the rapids. He hit a stone and took the opportunity to hold it. After the current slowed down, he slowly climbed onto the shore, which saved his life.

Among the six wading people, two young girls grabbed the vines on the shore, but perhaps the water was too fast and weak. After two or three minutes, they dropped their hands and were taken away by the rapids.

According to a list of missing couplets obtained by journalists from the Beijing News, the two young girls came from the Cloud Outdoor Group. The middle-aged woman who first slipped came from the Outdoor Fitness Tour Group. Together with Meng Qingtao, four people were killed.

After landing, the buds looked for their husbands, but there was only a roaring flood in front of them. Anxious, she and several other tourists followed the voice of the hilltop and eventually found a path back to the village.

Meanwhile, rescue efforts are also under way. Including firefighters, blue sky rescue team, local villagers and other people into the mountains to search for trapped donkey friends. Li Kang, deputy leader of Shanggao Blue Sky Rescue Team, told the Beijing News that due to the restrictions on the scene, the trapped people had difficulty in self-rescue, the signal in the mountains was not good, and it was difficult to get in touch with the trapped people. Some trapped people ran to high places to wait for rescue.

Thats the case with Holly and others. After climbing up the hillside for more than four hours, it was 8 p.m., darkening, they had no lighting, and their cell phones were running out of power. They stopped on a slope and waited for rescue.

Half an hour later, they saw the lights of the far-light flashlight on the other side, and they turned on the flashlight of their mobile phone to signal to each other. On the other side were firefighters. Holly remembered that firefighters threw ropes at them twice, and they asked a donkey friend to explore as far as possible before catching them. Fixed the rope and pulled 11 stranded tourists one by one across the bank, which took about two hours.

After all arrived on the other side, Holly and others, in response to villagers and firefighters, returned to the village, arriving at the temporary headquarters in the residential quarters, it was 0.40.

On the evening of 21 July, the trapped persons were rescued. Publicity Department of Jingan County Committee

The place of the accident was undeveloped and the weather was unpredictable.

Before the accident, Luyang Cave in Xitou Village was not dangerous to outsiders.

Li Tao, a senior donkey friend in Nanchang, once visited this place. He told the Beijing News that Lu Yang Dong traced the stream all the way is basically flat, with low hills on both sides, and the end point is a small drop waterfall. There is a 200-meter long climbing dangerous section near the waterfall, which is considered as a leisure hike for parents and children.

Qiu Jinyong, the leader of the Cloud End Outdoor Group in which two friends were killed, also said that Luyang Cave in Xitou Village is the safest route around Nanchang City. In recent years, outdoor sports have sprung up, because it is suitable for all ages, relatively convenient transportation and nearly 2000 people have been there in most summers.

But in the eyes of local people, although the scenery here is beautiful, it has not been developed, no tickets, not much scenic spot. Sun Bo, an old man in Xitou Village, said that no one in the village went to Luyang Cave. In the past four or five years, there were more tourists from other places, such as Nanchang, because tourists littered litter. In 2015, the village collected 5 yuan health fee for each visitor, but only for this year.

After the incident, Jingan County Travel and Development Commission once told the media that the location involved does not need to buy tickets, it is open. The head of Jingan County Tourism Bureau said that the site of the accident was not an official scenic spot, not yet developed.

Tourism here is still in a relatively primitive state. Zhu Yu, a native of Gaohu Township, recalled to the Beijing News that she and her mother had visited Luyang Cave on foot. There were no management agencies and road signs. They were afraid of losing their way. They invited two enthusiastic villagers from Xitou to act as guides.

Lack of tourism-related facilities can bring security risks. Tian Lei later learned that there was a path leading to the village above the steep slope beside the river before the flood, but because there was no hint at the entrance, the pedestrians were unaware of it.

On July 23, Fan Tao, head of Jingan Weibo V Jingan Tongcheng Club, told Beijing News that as early as 2013, they had organized the Luyang Tung Touxi Thousand People Tent Festival, with a total of 12 outdoor groups jointly participating, but the activity did not continue. Apart from the fact that the business of the city club itself is not inclined to outdoor activities, there are also safety considerations, fear of accidents.

In summer, the weather in Jingan County is unpredictable. Huang Ying said, From the front yard to the back yard, the time can begin to rain heavily, and when you get home, the rain may stop again. She remembers that in August 2017, several villagers cleaned up rubbish along the stream and were trapped across the river due to sudden heavy rains.

According to the Jingan County Public Security Bureau, on August 5, 2018, hundreds of tourists were trapped in the Luyang Cave Scenic Area in Xitou Village, Gaohu Town due to a sudden rainstorm and flash floods. Finally, after rescue, more than 100 people were safely transferred.

Huang Ying said that the rainwater this year is particularly heavy, so the number of foreign tourists is less than in previous years. On July 21, the weather was rather strange. The weather forecast was sunny, but suddenly it rained heavily.

In her view, the leader of the accident organization has a great responsibility. In summer, there is a lot of rain in the mountains and the weather changes quickly. How can the leader of the organization not know? No.

After the accident, the Xitou Village Committee erected a warning sign to warn of the risk of mountain torrents. Wang Wenqiu, a reporter for the Beijing News, was photographed.

Organizers have no qualifications for tourism operation, and the operation is not standardized.

On July 6, Qiu Jinyong, the leader of the Yunduan Outdoor Group, posted a recruitment post on the forum. On July 21, Jingan Luyang Cave searched for the most beautiful pebbles and traced streams for leisure hiking (special price 58 yuan/person) that day and back.

On July 24, Qiu Jinyong told Xinjing Daily that he had recruited 38 people for the tracing activity, charging 58 yuan per person, including bus fare, team leader fee and insurance premium. Searching for information on the Internet, we can find that Qiu Jinyong has been publishing similar recruitment information since 2017.

Zhao Ming, a senior donkey friend who was once the leader of the Shenzhen Mountaineering Association, told the Beijing News that there are many outdoor groups and outdoor websites. These organizations are very simple. After the applicant pays, the organizer contacts the vehicle, tells the applicant to gather the departure place or the waiting place halfway, and pulls the applicant to the destination, and then after the event is over. Just pull it back.

Another outdoor group leader, Luo Xiang, also said that in the first group, they mainly drew people from each other through acquaintances, formed a certain popularity, then launched outdoor activities, posted in the group, called on the group to sign up for participation, and the crowd was full.

Xikou suspension bridge, 21 evening rescue team from here hiking mountain search and rescue. Wang Wenqiu, a reporter for the Beijing News, was photographed.

Many senior donkey friends told the Beijing News that such organizations lack the qualifications of tourism management and operation is not professional enough.

Zhao Ming said that tourist destinations organized through outdoor groups are often relatively primitive undeveloped places, such as mountains, seashores, valleys and so on. However, some of the leaders lack experience, and the tourists are not really donkey friends, but men, women, old and young, so it is easy to have problems.

Luo Xiang also admitted that during the registration stage, they would not conduct a strict review of the applicants. Unhealthy people, over 75 years old, should be accompanied by someone. But in general, they go as soon as they are full, everyone is doing it.

According to a query by a reporter from the Beijing News, traceability is a whole-body sport with comprehensive skills of climbing, camping, rock climbing and survival in the field. Its danger is relatively higher than other activities. It is necessary to take into account many factors such as streams, seasons, routes, equipment, medicines and other factors, and to wear traceability shoes, leg protection and waterproof clothing. Equipment.

But some villagers said that visitors who come to play wear everything, and even wear slippers. Holly said that the donkey friend recruitment poster mentioned the need to wear professional outdoor equipment, seven of them were wearing professional outdoor clothing that day, but half of the other tourists were wearing casual clothes, many of them went to the scene and changed into sandals or slippers.

When trapped on the hillside that night, Holly noticed that a few of the trapped donkey friends had lost their shoes and could only barefoot. Holly said that on the way here, the female group leader did not mention any safety precautions, nor did she dissuade tourists from changing shoes.

New Beijing News reporters found that in outdoor recruitment posts, without exception, there will be a disclaimer: In case of traffic accidents, insect bites, snake bites, injuries and scratches and other consequences of personal injury, organizers do not assume any responsibility.

After the incident, the staff of Jingan County Travel Development Commission once told the media, The activities organized by the club itself are not through travel agencies, and can not be supervised.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, regular travel agencies need to handle business licenses and business licenses of travel agencies to carry out tourism business, which are subject to supervision by industry, commerce, tourism and other departments. In addition, regular travel agencies also need to pay travel deposits ranging from 200,000 to 1 million to relevant departments. When organizing tourists to travel, regular travel agencies must insure not only personal accident insurance for tourists, but also travel agency liability insurance.

However, outdoor group owners organize donkey friends to travel in their personal names. Because they do not have the qualifications of tourism management, they can not deal with travel agency liability insurance. Usually, they only buy short-term personal accident insurance for donkey friends. The premium ranges from 2 to 10 yuan. This time, Meng Qingtao and Tianleis two-yuan insurance belongs to this category.

On July 24, a reporter from the Beijing News called China Insurance to learn that personal accident insurance does not cover property liability, and the coverage of travel agency liability insurance is much larger than personal accident insurance. It includes not only the compensation for personal casualties, property losses and related expenses of tourists caused by travel agency liability, but also insurance accident occurrence. The lawsuit cost and necessary rescue cost caused by the accident.

According to public information, the National Tourism Bureau has warned tourists about outdoor sports clubs, senior donkeys and outdoor activities, reminding them that they are engaged in tourism business illegally in disguise and in violation of tourism laws and regulations. If citizens participate in such tourism activities, their legitimate rights and interests will not be guaranteed after disputes or accidents occur.

Business Business of Outdoor Group Organizers

In recent years, the rise of outdoor sports, business opportunities also arise.

Luo Xiang introduced that for outdoor group organizers, the biggest cost of organizing an event is chartering a car. For a short-term project he organized 200 kilometers from the starting point, he charged each applicant 68 yuan, including round-trip fares, tickets and insurance. It costs about 600 yuan to 700 yuan for a 35-seat bus and 300 yuan for fuel. If full, he can earn more than 1,000 yuan per trip.

Experienced outdoor group organizers are also involved in long-term projects. Beijing News reporters learned that some outdoor group organizationslong-term projects in other places are official tourist attractions. In order to enter the scenic spots at a low price, outdoor group organizers will cooperate with large local travel agencies and spend a sum of money annually on travel social networking in exchange for the surplus group purchase quota of travel agencies.

Reporters from the Beijing News saw in the active forum of Cloud Outdoor Groups that Qiu Jinyong, the leader of the group, organized donkey-friend activities, covering the inland cities of Jiangxi Province, such as Jingan County and Wuyuan, as far as Qinghai, Gansu, Guizhou, Hubei and Sichuan. Fees vary from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. The related fees are remitted to Qiu Jinyongs personal bank account or Alipay account.

Many outdoor groups are directly behind the image of tourism companies. Li Tao, a senior donkey friend, told the Beijing News that although some outdoor group owners organize activities in their personal names, there is a tourism company behind them to promote, I have added several outdoor groups, all of which are launching the same activities at the same time. In addition, group owners often organize donkey friends to participate in the trial business scenic spots, or in the construction of scenic spots.

Ive been in this group before, at least they wont lose money. Li Tao said.

Qiu Jinyongs recruitment information was sent through the public number of Nanchang Cloud End Outdoor Wechat. The main body of the public account is Jiangxi Ocean Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Tian Eye Check information shows that Qiu Jinyong is one of the shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries of the travel agency, holding 12.5% of the shares.

On the morning of July 24, a reporter from the Beijing News met Qiu Jinyong in Xitou Village. He and several outdoor group leaders were cooperating with the police in their investigation, but no coercive measures were taken.

On the evening of July 24, a rescued donkey friend told the Beijing News that Qiu Jinyong appeared in the Cloud Outdoor Group and began collecting donations. Reporters of the Beijing News learned that after the incident, many outdoor group leaders in Nanchang City launched a fund-raising campaign, while characterizing the event as an irresistible human accident.

According to a notice issued by the Jiangxi Emergency Management Department, the bodies of four tourists were found one after another that night and the next morning. Two young girls are colleagues of a company in Nanchang. Fang Yanyan, born in 1991, is from Jiangxi Province. After the accident, her body was taken back to Shangrao by her family. Qin Qin, born in 1993, came from the countryside of Suzhou, Anhui Province. He was the first college student in his family. In the last tweet she sent to her father before the accident, she reminded him to be careful of heatstroke. One or two, its hot time.

Rescue workers say someone was washed several kilometres away by a mountain torrent that killed four people in Jiangxi.

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284