How miserable is the failure of cosmetic surgery? Look at these stars.

 How miserable is the failure of cosmetic surgery? Look at these stars.

Good evening, babies!

Angelababys My True Friends ended some time ago. Did fairies see it? The owner of the island started to watch it fast because he heard from his friends that babys acting skills had improved.

Its hard to say how to improve, but because of the fast progress, I always noticed some very unexpected pictures, such as this babys weird smiling face, which frightened me instantly to feel that the air around me was cold.

This is like a shy girl who just received a love story?! Mingming is more like a perverted female killer who is about to commit a crime in the next second, just like the eyes in the screenshot of a runner who was rumored to have changed his face some time ago.

It can be said that success or failure or failure ah, a pair of big doll-like electric eyes has become a stumbling block in acting, but the island owner turned over the photos of baby when he first appeared, the eyes are really not long.

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Although Angelababy has never admitted to cosmetic surgery, these years it has indeed been better visible to the naked eye than before, and has even become a plastic template for many Internet celebrities.

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After all, beauty is a womans nature. Everyone wants to be more and more beautiful. Even the female stars in the entertainment industry are trying hard to get on top of the world, and they are throwing themselves into the plastic army one after another.

But the day failed, and many female stars who overturned their image and paid a great price, the most unfortunate is South Koreas fan aunt, because of the addiction to cosmetic surgery, eventually died tragically.

And Jocelyn, an American socialite known as the Lion Queen, spent $4 million and eventually got a face that people couldnt bear to look straight at.

The Island owner also found some typical examples of the failure of cosmetic surgery for domestic actresses. I hope the fairies can leave a message to discuss with me: Where do you think they failed?

Zheng Shuang

(Fortunately, Zheng Shuang has taken out the prosthesis and recovered almost.)

Zhang Meng

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of

There are also many regular skin care, injection, fine-tuning actresses, although little change, but also little by little in the audiences eyelids become beautiful.

So the question arises. Is injection, fine-tuning and skin care cosmetic? Does it mean that you will be equated with cosmetic surgery? I believe that this kind of problem has been plagued by fairies who want to try medical beauty but are afraid of being called cosmetic.

So the Islander listed some of the more common entry-level medical and aesthetic issues, here for the fairies popular science.

Now lets answer them one by one. Students who want to know a question quickly can also jump to the question location directly.

What is medical beauty?

Medical cosmetology refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical devices and other traumatic or invasive medical techniques to repair and shape Human Villi and various parts of the body.

We often say that cosmetic surgery is a general term for facial or body remodeling through surgery or drug injection, but this is only a part of medical aesthetics, which covers more categories than this.

At present, medical aesthetics can be roughly divided into two categories in terms of medical means.

* Dental orthodontics and orthognathic surgery, although there will be facial improvement, are all within the scope of stomatology, need to go to the regular hospital stomatology department, or specialized agencies for treatment.

At the same time, plastic surgery is a very test of the doctors skills and aesthetics, need to fully communicate with the doctor in the face-to-face consultation, do not let go of any small details of tortoise hair, otherwise it is easy to spend money and suffer from crime is not satisfied.

Non-surgical projects are less risky and less durable, but even so, we cant relax our vigilance. For injection, injection site and dosage test doctorsskills and experience very much, and operation errors may cause permanent damage to the face.

At present, the public is still more receptive to non-surgical projects. After all, recovery is faster and less harmful. It can not only fine-tune the face, but also improve skin problems such as aging, acne, stains and so on.

The disadvantage is that instruments such as picosecond, laser and so on need several courses of treatment to achieve a relatively ideal effect. Even injections such as hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin should be regularly supplemented.

And different projects also have some side effects, fairies must do their homework well before they do it, so as not to spend money to buy regrets.

To be honest, its not cheap! At present, the development of the medical and aesthetic industry in China is not perfect. There is no uniform pricing for both surgical and non-surgical projects, and the specific price also needs to be determined after face-to-face consultation, according to the details of the parts to be done and the materials to be used.

Whether the price is reasonable or not can only refer to the project price of public plastic surgery hospitals. The Island owners suggest that fairies should consult several hospitals before they do it, listen to the doctors advice and the approximate cost of the project, and make a comprehensive comparison before deciding.

* In the Basic Standards of Beauty Medical Institutions and Medical Beauty Departments issued by the Ministry of Health of China, it is clearly stipulated what qualifications are required for formal medical and aesthetic institutions of different scales. Interested fairies can Baidu by themselves.

For surgical aesthetics, although there will be very intuitive changes after surgery, but whether it will meet your expectations is still unknown.

To achieve their ideal appearance, adequate preoperative communication is really necessary (emphasize 10,000 times! If it is scar constitution, we must inform you in advance. It is better to choose a doctor who is consistent with our own aesthetics, so as not to turn your fresh face into a net red face.

We should know that there will be a long recovery period after the operation, a short month or two, a long year and a half. During this period, we can not take it lightly and follow the doctors advice, so as to avoid leaving scars and proliferation.

For non-surgical aesthetics, the effect and maintenance time are not fixed, which is related to the body constitution and absorption degree. Doctors will also formulate the corresponding treatment cycle according to your requirements, and will adjust it according to the specific conditions in the treatment process at any time.

But whether its injection or instrument, its a great test of doctorsskills and experience. Its absolutely right to choose a doctor who has rich experience in this project and has a long medical experience.

With the gradual improvement of medical aesthetic technology, more and more people do medical aesthetics every year in our country. After all, who doesnt want to try the means that can quickly become beautiful and keep fresh? But if you want to make up your mind to try, you have to have the courage to take risks.

Finally, I hope that the sisters will always be young and beautiful to be fairies acridine! Also, if you want to see the column of medical and aesthetic projects, please leave a message to tell the island owners, I will try my best to meet your requirements.

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