I regard you as a friend, and you want to sleep with me. Is there pure friendship between the opposite sex?

 I regard you as a friend, and you want to sleep with me. Is there pure friendship between the opposite sex?


In the new media industry, most articles are trying to present a perfect moral world.

Women who politely give up their seats on buses may be bad mothers of domestic violence children at home.

What we can do is to be less harsh, more tolerant and more sincere when typing on the keyboard.

Since we want to be sincere, lets start with telling the truth.

Although only friends, but the graduation season has become our breakup season.

After an exam, I had little contact with her.

I asked her why she came to the city.

I could see that she was very happy to meet me, and she took me to McDonalds for a whole afternoon.

Less than a month later, Jane and I resumed our friendship three years ago.

Watching movies together, singing K songs together, hiking together, and going to Shanghai Disney.... Except for kissing and ML did not do, there is no taboo.

As she said, we should be good friends for life!

I often have this idea in my head.

I also had the evil idea of taking advantage and stopping.

But I dont know why, I never put it into action.

So be a good friend all your life, and thats good too! ____________

Three years later, if we are still single, will we be in love?

Strange to say, I wasnt surprised to see the news at all, as if I had forecasted it in my heart.

If she really likes me, why dont she break up and say it again?

Why am I lost? Are you reluctant to miss your girlfriend or an excellent chance to cheat?

I found the answer vaguely.

Friendship is true, heart is true, everything we do is true.

But we all look down on each other.

In other words, they all feel that the other party has not reached their ideal value - otherwise they would have sparked in high school.

But how complex human nature is.

Obviously they all dislike each other, but there should be some distortions or there is no way, so they have to come to a gentlemans agreement: buddy, look again in three years, see if we still dislike each other?

But the spare tire broke soon.

Her boyfriend thought she was too close to me, so he threatened, Between me and him, you can only choose one.

Since then, we have had little contact.

Until a few days ago, I sent her a text message: Write an article, want to use our story, do you mind? (She deleted my message)

She said, It doesnt matter. Dont use your real name.

After a few greetings, she completely ended the seven-year friendship with the word oh.

The last trace of regret, unconsciously across the bottom of my heart.

More frankly, there is little purity between the opposite sex.

The American research team randomly selected 88 young men and women and asked them to bring their best heterosexual friends to participate in a questionnaire survey.

The research team guaranteed that it would be absolutely anonymous and would never talk to each other about the experiment.

Most friendships have one or both sides desire to further develop.

So the editor of the magazine said frankly that pure friendship between men and women is only a lie.


Tu Su was a friend of hers more than twenty years ago.

They were initially related to literature.

Zhou Xiaofeng is a genuine Beijinger with a fine family and excellent writing skills. He is a genius.

When a hero sees a hero, he naturally becomes a close friend.

Once, she came to the party in jeans and sandals.

She quipped, Well, youre not my boyfriend. Are you in charge?

But one day Tu Su suddenly said to her, A bosom friend, I hope to have a farewell night, from now on, meet is better than miss.

As expected, Tu Su fell in love.

The address of the farewell night was her bedroom.

That night, lying in the same bed and clothes, autumn did not commit any crime. At daybreak, I pretended not to see his lust wet outside his light trousers.

Zhou Xiaofeng was reading and tears fell unconsciously.

Friendship ends here.

He and she never see each other again in life.


Hes not funny enough. Im not gentle enough.

As two vanity-minded people, our conditions do not meet the basic requirements of each other. How can this be linked?

Remembering that sentence again, who can understand the world? There are many things in the world that cannot be said.

Clearly the heart has been handed over to the person on the marriage certificate, but at the moment of confrontation with the confidant, the heart is a mess of soldiers and horses.u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

I want to say, if you do, dont run away and dont feel guilty.

This is the normal state of emotion, which is also the deepest secret of human nature.

Love is a vague word, so is friendship.

Accept the complexity of emotions.

Dont say ambiguous words

For example, the simplest sentence is I miss you.

This can be a miss between friends, it can also be a hint of what.

Six or seven greetings a day: remember to eat, drink plenty of boiled water, and dont stay up late oh... This is what a boyfriend does, and we dont need to work too hard.

A partner is a lover and a friend is a guest. Dont play a role in a mess.

The refusal has to be refused.

No, Im still busy.

If you live alone in a room, you can get rid of it if you can get rid of it, if you can get rid of it, you can get rid of it.

To put it bluntly, as a man, in the face of certain temptations, you trust me, I may not be able to trust my body.

So we have to avoid it.

There is a saying in love, called stop between the lips, hide in the years.

To use some friendship, that is - I may like you, maybe not like you, but I will not say, I do not need to verify.

Heart stops at heart, so best.

In order not to hurt more people.

In order to make you threaten to be good friends for a lifetime, it is really possible to walk for a lifetime.