From Yuejie to the noble concubine, she was scolded for her reincarnation. She was loved by thousands of people and left a long history of scolding.

 From Yuejie to the noble concubine, she was scolded for her reincarnation. She was loved by thousands of people and left a long history of scolding.

Pan Yuer is no exception.

But, born in that era, how you want to live and what you can ultimately live are often two different things.

The greatest wish is to be seen by the host, to be loved, to raise their eyebrows and breathe in a crowd of sisters, and to live a carefree life of clothing and food.

But she, as humble as an ant, had not yet come to the fore, and suffered from the fish in the pond for no reason. On that day, Pan Yuer was holding Pipa in her arms, absently discussing skills with her sisters, and by the way, discussing how to dress up so as to attract the attention of her master.

Unexpectedly, a group of armoured and knifed martial artists rushed in outside the door, pushed and shoved them out of Dashima Palace and put them in prison.

Recognizing this, Pan Yuers only feeling was that she wanted to scold her mother.

What evil did I create in my last life? Its such a bad luck in my life!

Pan Yuer clenched her pink fist and uttered a silent cry.

In the face of great disaster, others are crying and scrambling for the earth. Its interesting that Xiaonizi still has the mind to scold Niang.

When God was happy, he rewarded her with a pie of luxury.

Two days later, together with her sisters, Pan Yuer was brought to a group of eunuchs.

So they were ordered to take off their shoes and socks and take turns to walk up and down in front of the eunuchs.

But because she had been hungry for two days in prison, she only felt light and her gait was totally out of her control.

While Pan Yuer was secretly annoyed, the eunuch who was the leader nodded his head.

A nearby eunuch came to her immediately, lifted her skirt and revealed a pair of pink lotus-like three-inch golden lotus.

He came over, leaned over and gently rubbed her ankle and said, Thats her.

Immediately two eunuchs came forward and set up Pan Yuer and left.

Bath, change clothes. Later, she was told that Huang Enhao had been chosen to serve the Son of Heaven.

No wonder Pan Yuer is upset and upset, because in her understanding, the brain of Xiao Baojuan, the emperor of today, may not be very normal.

As early as she was a musical Geisha in Sima House, she had heard of the succession of great achievements of the Son of Heaven today.

For example, when Xiao Baojuan was a prince, he liked to come out day and night. His greatest daily hobby was to lie in the corner with a group of eunuchs and guards.

What are you doing? Dig holes and catch mice.

When he was crying, not only did he shed a tear, but when he saw Dr. Taizhongs sheep crying bitterly, his hat fell down accidentally, revealing a bald head and laughing on the spot.

For example, although the emperor is only 17 years old today, the cruel means are better than those of the previous emperors.

What makes Pan Yuer most incredible is the latest gossip news released recently.

All the officers of civil and military affairs listened with a blank face. Princess Shanyin is his sister-in-law. Even if she is the son of heaven, it is natural for her brother and sister to marry.

In this way, after chewing the sensational stories stored in her mind again, Pan Yuer became more convinced that her previous judgment was correct.

That is: todays emperor Xiao Baojuan, this person, nine out of ten is a neuropathy.

See a pair of sparkling, exquisite and exquisite footprints, with the moving of the beautiful woman, under the light gauze clothes looming. Xiao Baojuans eyes straightened up immediately, and without saying a word, he took her feet in his arms and chewed them again.

This battle scared Pan Yuer into unconscious struggle.

After that night, Pan Yuer, a delicate and observant emperor, immediately understood that the emperor with a strange brain circuit seemed to have a tendency to be abused, but what about him? As long as he won his favor, he could live a rich life of dignity and privilege. Why not?

Since then, Pan Yuer quickly found the best way to invite favors. However, this method often breaks up the three views of the close attendants.

For example, she often asked Xiao Baojuan to bring her tea and pour water, pinch her shoulders and beat her back, and the emperor, who was originally high, happily acted as the most competent servant.

Xiao Baojuan disliked her original name Yu Nizi Taitu. For this reason, he thought hard for a long time and came up with a name he thought was the best: Pan Yuer.

She said nothing about changing her name. When she was in a good mood, she would call herself Jade Slave and make Xiao Baojuan laugh.

After such a short time, Pan Yuer tamed a young emperor who used to be provocative and disgusted with the new and the old into a wishful man who bowed down to her and obeyed her.

And she, also from a humble origin of entertainment, jumped to become the favorite queen of the palace.

In fact, all of Pan Yuers bold actions are based on her thorough understanding of Xiao Baojuan.

Shortly afterwards, half a hundred surnames in Jiankang City had the privilege of witnessing a scene that stunned them.

Xiao Baojuan, on the other hand, rides a horse and wears a sword with a respectful look and tends to follow his side.

So some time later, Jiankang people gathered in the distance and watched a wonderful Cosplay show for free.

On the shore, the boatmen who pull the boat barefoot and murmur are the boatmen headed by Emperor Xiao Baojuan.

But even as a bodyguard and boatman, Xiao Baojuan still finds life boring.

He grew up in the Shengong Palace and yearned for the lively and lively life described by Pan Yuer.

So he had another brainstorm and ordered a super-simulated bazaar to be built in the Palace Inner Court. In this Royal City, there are a large number of shops and a wide range of goods.

Xiao Baojuan ordered more than 1000 women, eunuchs or attendants to participate in the performance. Some acted as pedestrians in shops and booths, while others pretended to be pedestrians of all kinds in the street.

Sometimes he likes to act as a peddler, peddling goods to pedestrians disguised as eunuchs.

At this time, Pan Yuer, the city decree, appeared. As a market manager, she occasionally comes to the city to concentrate on inspection.

I have to say that Xiao Baojuan is really good to Pan Yuer.

Pan Yuer complained that she did not have a set of head ornaments on the table. Xiao Baojuan ordered that a jade Buddha offered by foreign countries in the Eastern Jin Dynasty be used as raw material to create suitable chains for her wife.

In the third year of Emperor Xiao Baojuans reign, two fires broke out in the palace, destroying more than 3,000 palaces and causing heavy losses.

But Xiao Baojuan is not sad at all, on the contrary, he is still a little happy. Because he had long wanted to redesign and build the palaces as he wished.

However, although born in the imperial family, Xiao Baojuans aesthetics still stays in the class of local tyrants.

His only requirement for the new palace is that it must be luxurious enough.

Especially for Pan Yuers newly built three halls of immortals, Yongshou and Yushou, the magnificent degree is almost blinding.

Among them, the Yushou Palace is the most beautiful one, with gold and silver, carved columns and painted buildings, and colorful flying fairy tents hanging on all sides. The beautiful wheel is like a fairyland.

Xiao Baojuan opened his brain again. He ordered people to beat out a lotus flower as thin as a cicadas wing with gold and stick it on the veranda floor.

What if you have no money to spend?

At the command of the Son of Heaven, eunuchs and courtiers began to work freely.

One is to ingeniously set up various kinds of exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous taxes, and do everything possible to increase the tax burden of the people, so as to collect peoples fat and ointment.

Secondly, all the projects under construction, such as bridges, paving roads, flood control and levee construction, have been shut down, and the tail money has been recovered as funds for the reconstruction of the palace.

Cautious, not caught handle of the rich family, careful dirty must also be strong enough, otherwise how to survive the outdated fright from time to time?

For example, soldiers may break into the backyard at any time and dig out the giant trees and rare flowers and trees.

Or sleep in the middle of the night and suddenly rush in a group of soldiers, emptying the valuable items at home.

But Xiao Baojuan and Pan Yuers good days have come to an end.

Xiao Baojuan ruled the third year of the Southern Qi Dynasty.

In this compartment, tens of thousands of craftsmen are working day and night on the construction.

The enemy is at present, but Xiao Baojuan is still singing at night and ignoring the war.

When the guards came to ask for instructions and wanted to use some wood to defend against foreign enemies, Xiao Baojuan rebuffed and said, No, when the war is over, we need to use these wood to build the hall.

Xiao Yan first established Xiao Baorong, king of Nankang as emperor. A year later, Xiao Baorong was forced to give up the throne. Later, he officially became emperor and historically called Nanliang.

He also inadvertently refreshed a historical record for the Southern Qi Dynasty, which was the shortest-lived Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty.

After two years of luxurious life as a princess, Pan Yuer became a prisoner again.

Only a few days later did the soldiers come in and take them to see Xiao Yan, who was finally free.

Queen Chu, Sher and Wu Mei were all frightened and cowered. It was Pan Yuer who took a deep breath and walked out with her head held high in the manner of a noble concubine.

Although she had been locked up for a few days, her eyes could not hide her tiredness, but Pan Yuers skin was still as smooth as grease and shining.

Therefore, as soon as she stepped into the hall, she attracted Xiao Yans attention.

He looked at the demon princess who was regarded as a disaster to the country and the people without restraint, and was amazed at her beauty.

On this side, Xiao Yan moved his heart and began to think of Napan Yuer as a concubine.

Wang Mao urged him to say, It is because of this woman that Xiao Qis Jiangshan is finished. You cant be a fool if youre a big man.

Xiao Yan weighed it down and felt that Jiangshan was indeed more important than beauty. So he gave up the idea of Napan Yuer and accepted Wu Mei-ren instead.

He gave her to Wang Mao and abandoned her to the common people.

Pan Yuer was a little hesitant with the rest. Kill it, I think its a pity; if you dont kill, you cant touch it. What do you want to keep?

Xiao Yan thought for a moment and agreed.

He thought Pan Yuer would be happy to remarry. After all, he did not need to die, and he still had a good dependence in the second half of his life.

But Pan Yuer shook her head and said, No!

She is not afraid of death. But after two years of high-ranking concubineslife, her self-esteem has not allowed her to turn back.

Whats more, she couldnt do it. She put all her feelings behind Xiao Baojuan and went to serve another man.

In this world, Xiao Baojuan is the one who really loves her and understands her. He is her lover and confidant.

He gave her the happiest life. Although only two years later, she has also carried the names of reincarnation of Dai himself and rebirth of Nao Nao, but she still feels that this life is worth it.

With these thoughts in mind, Pan Yuer overcomes her fear of death.

Then he calmly hanged himself, followed Xiao Baojuan and went away, leaving nothing but fragrant anecdotes and long-standing scolding for future generations to comment on.