Every day I go to work and have a nightmare of job-hopping? Before you do this, I advise you not to act rashly.

 Every day I go to work and have a nightmare of job-hopping? Before you do this, I advise you not to act rashly.

Because the company has no prospects for development since last year, the development of the latter business encounters bottlenecks. Every day, work is muddled and nothing happens. Finally, in early February this year, the company proposed to quit and want to experience more.

In early March, I entered another medium-sized freight forwarding company, but because the business content is different from the original company, business unfamiliar leads to inefficiency, I feel pressure, work overtime every day, and then my supervisor also feels that I am not good enough.

Maybe I do have a lot of problems, a little unreliable, and then feel very afraid of going to work every day, afraid of where I cant do well, but I think for a long time, found that when I worked in the original company, I was not like this, very hard, very attentive, very reliable, so I want to say that I am not suitable for this job. No enthusiasm, no intention, no good.

Cold love, how to identify a good company after job-hopping? Should I quit my job when I find it hard to get into my new job?

Love to reply:

But life is not so simple, in addition to the above two categories, there are some things in life that really inspire you, more than enjoyment can support you, we call it mission.

On the road of career development, you encounter bottlenecks in business development. What is the reason why you have a bad job?

First, we have bread before we discuss ideals.

Everyones dream is not to raise his hand from the beginning and say: I want to make an XXX dream.

We may have bread first.

A monthly income of 7,000 yuan is an income that can at least give you a foothold in this first-tier city. Its a job you should try to do well, even if you feel muddled or not doing well enough.

Its important that you take the salary and then make a contribution to the company.

Second, all your spare time plus weekends should be devoted to finding something that really makes you feel burning.

It has to be meaningful, valuable, and even something you can do without giving money. Find this thing, you will find ways to create income in this matter, until the income exceeds your original income, then it is appropriate to talk about job-hopping or give up the original job.

Its a process, a process in which you have to find the meaning of your life.

Many people may feel that talking about the meaning of life, the dream of life, the mission of life is not a bit illusory.

I dont think so. What can be accomplished is called goal, and what can not be accomplished in a lifetime is called mission.

When you really find something that you are motivated to do, you enjoy the process of doing it, and you dont feel that you are suffering every day to do it, and you have to force yourself to do it every day, then you can do it well in the end.

My own business process is to do such a thing, I find a group of people who like to do it, and then create a good platform, a good way, a good mechanism to support these people, together to do this.

I believe that after a period of exploration, you can also find such things in the future. When you find something like this, you dont ask yourself if you should quit.

If this is something you will do well in your life, where will you resign? Theres no choice but to quit, because thats what you want to do.

I wish you well and hope you can find what you want to do as soon as possible.

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