Huang Zitao joined Lai Guanlin Live in Mango Night of Youth to show a new state

 Huang Zitao joined Lai Guanlin Live in Mango Night of Youth to show a new state

Huang Zitaos Youth Advertising Hailang Zhao Xiaoguo and NEXT combination appeared together

Many fans are concerned about what Huang Zitao is busy with in the past year, who hasnt made a new variety show and hasnt made a new play. The answer will be revealed in Mango Night of Youth. Huang Zitao will also sing the song Youll Be Like Me to the waves on the stage. The song is different from Huang Zitaos past fast songs, with a soothing tone and warm lyrics. It is also Huang Zitaos Autobiography of youth. It is very close to the theme of youth of Youth Mango Night. Huang Zitao will also sing love confessions to the waves on the spot.

Zhao Chu-qian won countless millions of fans because he participated in Deformation Meter. Zhao Xiaoguo contracted the audiences laughter points with piglets, big mouthfuls of bacon and frequent golden sentences. He will appear together with NEXT this time. The excellent interactive video of the two groups at the Happy New Years Conference is also enjoyed by netizens, who do not know the high-quality and lovely combination. What kind of laughing fruit will Zhao Xiaoguo bring to the same stage this time?

Lai Guanlin made another appearance on the Mango Stage as Pu Yanxing of Nan Da Cao

Lai Guanlin and the Mango Department had many hand in hand before, and he appeared on Hunan Satellite TV programs such as Lantern Festival Joy Club and Happy Base Camp successively. He also starred in The Little Thing of First Love which is about to be released. His performance in the play with Zhao Jinmai also caused the audience to shout sweetly. As the spokesman of Mango TV International APP, he also showed fluent English in his previous ID, showing the trend of all-round artist. I believe Lai Guanlins participation in Youth Mango Night will also bring confidence and comfort to fans by singing.

Mango Night of Youth has been officially announced by 38 groups of artists. There will also be a joint stage brought by many groups of artists. The program involves singing and dancing, duet singing, rap, singing and other forms. High-tech card punching and cool and colorful dance design will also be presented one by one. All the excitement will be announced on July 27 at 20:18 Mango TV live broadcast.