Mr. 91 Shentam 100 women were sentenced for videotaping: thought it was a moral problem

 Mr. 91 Shentam 100 women were sentenced for videotaping: thought it was a moral problem

In recent years, a video website with 91 in its name has a high sense of existence. This website contains tens of thousands of pornographic and obscene videos, which activates millions of users and maintains a very high update frequency.

Mr. Tamper is one of the users of the website. Because of the large number of videos uploaded and the high definition of the videos, he is regarded as the God by other users. From 2015 to early 2018, the god had sex with nearly 100 women for two years or so, and filmed sex videos, which were illegally disseminated and sold on the website.

Mr. Tamper can become the great God of the peoples population. It has nothing to do with his two partners. One is Yang Mouwen, a student studying in the United States. He is responsible for transmitting and selling the videos filmed by Mr. Tamper abroad. The income is 28% of that of Mr. Tamper. Mr. Tamper accounts for 80% of the total income, and he pours money into a domestic bank. In the bank account, the account holder Liu Mou. Liu Mou is not Mr. Tamping himself, but his fan, a young engineer of a French-funded enterprise in Nanjing. He is responsible for helping Mr. Tamper collect money, convert it into US dollars and deposit it into Mr. Tampers American account, and collect from it hard money ranging from one million to two hundred yuan.

On July 11, 2017, the National Anti-Yellow and Anti-African Office announced to the public the first batch of typical cases of the special action of Protecting seedlings 2017. The case of 12.26 in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, which made a profit by Disseminating Obscene materials, became the first batch of typical cases of the special action of Protecting seedlings 2017 in the National Office of Anti-Yellow and Anti-African. In the course of reviewing the 12.26 case of the Ministry governor, Lishui police found the clue that Mr. Tamping sold obscene videos on the 91 website. Subbureau immediately set up a special team to investigate the case and report the case to each level.

It is reported that Wang Molei, who is 1.8 metres tall and returns from studying in Britain, is a senior executive of a foreign enterprise in Shanghai with an annual salary of millions. His wife is dignified and beautiful, his daughter is lively and lively, and his family life is happy. This is the enviable winner of life with good looks, work and family, but now it has become a prisoner, which can not help but make people laugh.

Subsequently, Wang registered an account named Mr. Tamping and began to put some self-directed self-portrait sex videos on the website. Because the situation is too real, very to some fans appetite, for a while, Mr. Tam has become many homemakers idols, with Mr. Tam growing popularity, more and more fans, Wangs vanity has been greatly satisfied, he quickly decided to sell these obscene videos to make a big profit. So he marked the price of each video and sold it publicly on the Internet.

I didnt expect it to be so serious. I thought it was just a moral problem. It violated the public security regulations at most. I didnt expect it to be a crime, Wang Molei said after falling into the net.

Mr. Tamper and Mr. Qin have fallen into the net. Maybe Mr. X has appeared. Websites containing 91 have been blocked. Maybe there will be websites with other numbers. As the saying goes, even a cunning fox cant compete with a good hunter. In recent years, a number of special rectification activities carried out by the non-government departments of the anti-Yellow River campaign have been in an orderly manner and achieved remarkable results. We have reason to believe that any case involving Yellow River and Africa will be difficult to escape from the long-standing legal net.

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675