Xi Jinping: Integrating closely with the theme education of never forget the first intention and remember the mission to promote the implementation of the strengths and weaknesses of the reform mending board

 Xi Jinping: Integrating closely with the theme education of never forget the first intention and remember the mission to promote the implementation of the strengths and weaknesses of the reform mending board

The meeting stressed that we should focus on overall promotion of intellectual property protection, reform and improve the protection system from the aspects of review and authorization, administrative law enforcement, judicial protection, arbitration and mediation, and industry self-discipline, and comprehensively use legal, administrative, economic, technological and social governance means to strengthen protection, so as to promote the overall improvement of protection capacity and level. Rise.

The meeting pointed out that the construction of the Great Wall, the Grand Canal and the Long March National Cultural Park is of great significance for strengthening cultural self-confidence, demonstrating the lasting influence of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the strong inspiration of revolutionary culture. In the light of land and space planning, we should adhere to the principle of protection first and inheritance first, strictly protect and control the ontology and environment of various cultural relics, rationally preserve the traditional cultural ecology, and moderately develop cultural tourism and characteristic ecological industries.

The meeting emphasized that the overall delineation and implementation of the three control lines of ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland and urban development boundary should be based on the carrying capacity of resources and environment and the suitability evaluation of land and space development. The functional space of ecology, agriculture and towns should be scientifically and orderly integrated and arranged in accordance with the unified base map, unified standards and unification. Planning and unified platform requirements, establish and improve the classification control mechanism.

The meeting pointed out that strengthening the construction of Internet content, establishing a comprehensive network governance system and creating a clear network space are the strategic plans made by the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party. We should adhere to systematic planning, comprehensive governance and systematic promotion, gradually establish a comprehensive network governance system covering leadership management, positive energy dissemination, content control, social coordination, network rule of law, Technology Governance and other aspects, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive network governance capacity.

The meeting emphasized that the main task of the pilot project of regional medical center construction is to select some high-quality medical institutions in areas rich in medical resources such as Beijing and Shanghai, and to build regional medical care in areas with high outflow of patients and relatively weak medical resources by building sub-centers and branches and promoting multi-point practice of doctors. The center will make full use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to promote the development of high-quality medical resources in groups and better meet the needs of the masses for medical services.

The meeting emphasized that in support of Shenzhens construction of a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we should keep in mind the strategic intention of the CPC Central Committee to establish a special economic zone, firmly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to reform and opening-up, practice the requirements of high-quality development, carry out in-depth innovation-driven development strategy, and seize the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area. Important opportunities, and strive to create a socialist modernization of the city model.

The meeting pointed out that the Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Shanghai is designed to create a new platform for one belt and one road international cooperation, expand cooperation in international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment cooperation, business and cultural exchanges, and better play the new economy in the New Asia Europe continental bridge. The role of corridor construction and maritime cooperation should be strengthened to strengthen the interconnection and communication between China and the SCO countries, and efforts should be made to promote the opening pattern of East-West two-way mutual assistance and land-based and domestic-foreign interaction.

Members of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform attended the meeting, and comrades in charge of relevant departments of the central and state organs attended the meeting.