A 15-year-old girl loses her fertility because her mother takes birth-changing drugs when she is pregnant.

 A 15-year-old girl loses her fertility because her mother takes birth-changing drugs when she is pregnant.

Fifteen years ago, Ms. Sun, who wanted to give birth to a boy, bought a reincarnation drug after many inquiries. It is said that a female fetus can also become a male fetus after taking this medicine.

Unexpectedly, Ms. Sun not only failed to get what she wanted, but also caused irreparable harm to her daughter.

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Reporters learned that on July 18, Ms. Sun took her daughter Xiaoru (pseudonym) to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital to see a doctor. Xiaoru is 15 years old, but she has not been on a regular holiday.

Ms. Sun told us that the child had only one kidney during the maternity examination. We examined the child by color Doppler ultrasonography and found that one side of the kidney was missing, the other side of the ovary was suspected to have no uterus, one side of the ovary was not seen, sex hormones and thyroid function were normal, and magnetic resonance examination confirmed that there was no uterus and one side of the ovary missing. Shi Wei, head of Adolescent Health Department of MCH, said that according to this situation, they diagnosed Xiaoru with MRKH syndrome.

This is a rare genital tract malformation with congenital absence of uterus and vagina, but normal female karyotype and ovarian endocrine function, which is mostly caused by mothers exposure to radiation or drug abuse during pregnancy, gene mutation and so on. Shi Wei said Xiaoru lost fertility.

Doctors further traced the history of the disease and learned that Mrs. Sun hoped to have a boy and took the so-called reintroductive medicine when she was just pregnant, hoping to control the sex of the child, which is likely to be the cause of the childs reproductive tract malformation.

Experts say that at the moment when sperm and eggs are combined, gender is fixed. It is impossible to change sex by drugs in the later stage. Dont believe the rumors so as not to cause great harm to the mother and baby. If a deformed baby is born, the family will be greatly stimulated, not to mention the pain and suffering of the baby itself. The hardship of life in the future is harder to describe. Compared with the health of children, it is not important that a man is a woman.

Source: Liable Editor of New Evening News: Li Wan_B11284