The courier takes many people in charge of express delivery points: suspected to be a recidivist

 The courier takes many people in charge of express delivery points: suspected to be a recidivist

The red oil surface was taken away by the courier, and the courier disappeared with many couriers. Today (July 24) noon, someone in the circle of friends sent his friends strange encounter: express delivery was swept away by the courier, and the courier has been unable to contact.

The courier ran away with the courier?

The Qianjiang Evening News/Zhejiang 24-hour reporter then checked and found that this was true.

No snacks were received.

It was the courier who took it away.

Qian Bao reporter contacted Miss Liu who lost express delivery. Speaking of the express delivery taken away by the courier, Miss Liu was very angry: Im still waiting to eat, you say angry?!

Miss Liu lives in the Lotus Community in Poyu, West Lake District. She bought 6 bags of red oil and noodles, 4 bags of hot and sour powder, spicy chips, hot sticks and other snacks online these two days, which cost 89.75 yuan. Delivery from Anhui on July 22 was delivered by Shentong Express, which could have been received yesterday (July 23).

Usually Miss Lius express delivery is to pick up the courier cabinet, but last night she checked the courier information, showing that it has been signed, but has not received the pick-up code. At first, Miss Liu didnt take it too seriously. She thought she could get express delivery today.

But today (July 24) morning, she was told that her courier had been taken away by the courier. Not only her express delivery, but also many peoples express delivery was taken away by the same courier. The person in charge of the express delivery point contacted Miss Liu and asked her to send the courier information and other vouchers to her.

Subsequently, the person in charge of the express delivery point sent a message to Ms. Liu: We have reported the case for processing at present, and will reply to you as soon as possible, which has caused trouble to you. We are very sorry, please give us a little time, and we will deal with it properly.

Express point person in charge: specific number of express delivery was taken away is still statistic

Running couriers are suspected to be habitual criminals

Qianjiang Evening News reporter contacted Ms. Huang, who is in charge of the contract area of Shentong Express Union Building in the afternoon. Speaking of the courier running, Ms. Huang is also in a state of great anxiety.

I only found out early this morning that the courier was out of touch, the phone was not answered, and a lot of couriers were taken away. Even our tricycles and batteries were stolen.

Ms. Huang said that at present, more than a dozen express deliveries have been taken away by couriers. The highest price of a single delivery is more than 1,000 yuan. How many express deliveries are still counted?

Qian Bao reporter learned that the runners surname is Xu, 40 years old, who is from Jiande, Hangzhou. On July 17, Xu participated in an interview. When we recruit couriers, we all need to provide identity documents, fill in the entry form, and try for a few days. Xu, who has only worked for four or five days, is responsible for the delivery and delivery of Shentong Express in the United Building area.

As soon as Ms. Huang inquired today, she realized that the courier might be a habitual criminal.

I asked a question in my colleague, and found that this person had run past with the express delivery of customers before, and the colleague also reported the case. Ms. Huang said that after inquiry, she found that Xu had a similar situation in a Shentong Express Point in Yuhang at the end of June this year. The high value of the stolen express is an iPhone X phone.

Speaking of meeting such a courier, Ms. Huang was also full of helplessness: When this happens, not only the customer is the victim, but also our Contractor is the victim. Now express delivery is really hard to do. We cant make much money in a month by contracting such a block. Complaints and fines are terrible. Now how many express delivery has been taken away, but also statistics, the final estimate is that we have to compensate, as well as the handling of complaints and so on, do not know how many things to deal with. Not far away, just say today, as soon as the courier leaves, our courier delivery has problems.

At present, Ms. Huang has reported the case.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Li Wan_B11284