The worst time he cried, he grew up overnight: Thank you for not giving up on me.

 The worst time he cried, he grew up overnight: Thank you for not giving up on me.

Talk about a topic in the company.

One girl burst into tears and said she had experienced it.

The feeling of being abandoned is like drowning. It feels like the whole world doesnt want me anymore.

In her second year of high school, she was abandoned by the head teacher.

From bad words to seats in the last row, to questions that jumped over her hands.

She felt blood pouring into her head, her body sinking, and the whole person was blank.

The boy nodded: Yes, I gave up you.

Like the dawn, save you from fire and water.

But I think I should, let my son do what he wants to do.

In the movie, Ma Fei was absent for many years when he grew up.

Rebellion, poor grades, do not want to go to school, was criticized by the whole school.

He was abandoned by almost everyone.

Dont be sad, you are the smartest child on earth.

Ma Jian-yue once held his mothers hand and said with tears:

I know I was different from others when I was young. Instead of reading and studying like others, I sang and danced and joined the womens league.

But no matter what decision I made, my mother never said any objection and always supported me behind my back.

Do you know what our greatest strength is?

Its preference, its support from behind you.

Someone talked about one of his experiences:

In the key class, the math test was the lowest, with only 40 points.

The teacher blocked the paper for him to death, so that no one else could see the score.

It is such a small protection that makes this boy warm his heart for a lifetime.

At a conference, Zheng Shuang suddenly put down the microphone and slapped himself on the stage.

A lot of people are not confident when they are young, but they lack the affirmation of others, she said.

Someone in the world will give you a chance if they dont give up you, and you will have hope in your life.

The person who can make us go on better is the one who holds you back in life.

When he almost gave up the movie, his wife, Lin Huijia, gently comforted him:

Ann, remember the dream in your heart!

It was with the support and company of his wife that Ang Lees Oscar winner came.

Some people say that how deep love is, how cold it will be in the future.

Others live their lives and live up to their original vows.

Five years ago, Wu Jing exchanged his wedding ring with Xie Nan on a pair of crutches.

At the wedding, Xie Nan said some touching words:

I hope I can make you happy when you are tired and tired.

Be the only person who supports you when no one supports you.

You dont have to promise me too much. You just try to push forward. Im at home.

Later, Wu Jing couldnt find film investment and mortgaged the house, Xie Nan said:

Husband, if your dream cant come true, we will regret living in the best house for a lifetime.

It doesnt matter if the movie is lost! I have a small house here. I support you.

Now it has changed to cold three words:

She prepared many medicines and was on the verge of giving up.

Every day, a lot of things happen on the big network.

But her changed name was noticed by strangers.

It wasnt long before her phone rang.

The girl was moved by goodwill and chose to live well.

Because someone cares about themselves, even if they meet by chance, even if the world is big.

She changed her name again:

But Lyon opened the door because he was unwilling to give up her.

In the movie City of Love, Saber and Mia, one of the performances often hit the wall, while the other one chased Jazz but was not appreciated.

Two people who have no future are going to give up separately.

They support each other and encourage each other to pursue their dreams.

Cyber, on the other hand, owns his own jazz bar.

My dads not easy. Im so guilty.

He didnt look disappointed when he knew my score. He just came to my room to talk to me.

I said, a good school, a stable job, you and your mother can take care of.

But dont be afraid and dont flinch.

There must be a name that will give you instant confidence and security.

He taught you not to give up, as long as you have a breath.