Du Chun and Liu Yijun jointly launched the adventure of a lonely city

 Du Chun and Liu Yijun jointly launched the adventure of a lonely city

In this summer summers sweet opera boom, the City without Owner brings a cool and refreshing market with the hard core of the island adventure theme. In the classical suspense situation of Snowstorm Villa, the play presents a thrilling drama of survival. Many characters with different personalities, layers of suspense settings, unexpected high-powered moments, the heros fear and desire to survive in the desperate situation, but also to mobilize the curiosity and attention of the audience, enhance the quality of the imagination of the audience to the domestic suspense online drama, bring the audience cool, refreshing, surprising and pleasant experience of watching the drama.

Theme Innovation and Type Breakthrough

Find goodness and beauty in wonderful stories

Todays announcement of the City of the Beast version of the announcement shows the weirdness and danger of peoples living environment in sharp audio-visual language: mysterious sculptures stand alone in the open square; isolated cities have a sound station; strange bats fly around; the lights in the city seem to be able to speak with human voices. Sound interaction; a passengers panic-stricken, distracted voice must hide, coupled with the perfect rhythm of the music with the picture, the atmosphere of high-energy burst watch, showing the unique charm of the hard core desert island adventure theme, let people hold their breath.

In the film-level creative team of City without Owner, there are not only master rhythm who is good at controlling the audiences psychological rhythm and creating suspense, but also master rhythm who is good at describing delicate emotions. The soul catcher who touches the audience through various interactions among the characters deserves to be seen as the ultimate rendering effect.