Why does Huawei have Kirin to buy 50 million miraculons?

 Why does Huawei have Kirin to buy 50 million miraculons?

Huaweis list of core suppliers in 2018 shows that Qualcomm, Sony and Samsung are all Huaweis gold medal suppliers.

For mobile phones, Huaweis mid-and high-end product lines in recent years all use its own Kirin chip, but the entry-level and mid-end products will still choose Qualcomm. If the cumulative sales of more than 15 million units of the Glory 8X series, is carrying the two versions of Luan 636 and Luan 660.

In smart watches and notebooks, Huawei is also purchasing Qualcomm and Intel chips. Huawei MateBook E, released in April this year, carries the Luan 850 processor.

On the other hand, the chip industry has high technology threshold, fast product iteration, and fierce competition. No company can guarantee the success of every generation of its products.

Therefore, it is a common practice in the industry not to bet Bao on their own chips, but to adopt the products and solutions of other chip manufacturers at the same time - Huawei did so, as did Samsung, which owns its own chip business.

Using Qualcomms UE prototype and Huaweis 5G commercial system, the test is a key milestone in accelerating the maturation of the Release 155GNR ecosystem. The 5GNR interoperability demonstration was displayed at the MWC booth in Barcelona that year.

In the business world, there are not a few cases of Huawei and Gaotong which have both competition and close cooperation. Samsung is now the worlds largest mobile phone giant in market share, but most manufacturers, including Apple, will still choose Samsungs screen and other components.

Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei Company, has repeatedly stressed to the media that Huawei adheres to an open and cooperative attitude and adheres to win-win cooperation and benefit sharing with ecological partners of the whole industrial chain. Huawei will not change its cooperative relationship with other enterprises, but will rely on each other, share honors and disgraces.

Source: Responsible Editor of Fast Technology: Han Yibing_NT3945