Netease Game and Ximmerse launched the worlds first MR holographic competition

 Netease Game and Ximmerse launched the worlds first MR holographic competition

From 2018 to 2019, Neteases accumulation and reserve in the field of VR/AR began to gradually reveal its strategic cooperation at the executive level. Among them, self-research or cooperative research and development of new products, the introduction of agent products, open up distribution channels and so on. From Dawn Calls Dragon to Long Dream and Nostos, this time MR hybrid reality shooting game Rifle Fighting will be launched at GMIC exhibition.

It is understood that this is a large space multi-person combat MR holographic competitive game, just like the real version of chicken eating, integration of virtual and reality, breaking the dimension of the wall, players in the infinitely clear holographic image to fight. At the same time, we can communicate face to face with real people and use entertainment to make social distance zero. Because the product has many rich and real content and scenes, players can fully immerse themselves in the game environment.

Ximmerse is chosen as the strategic partner of Netease because it has become the leading supplier in the global VR and AR market as a supplier of interaction solutions for the mainstream manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Lenovo, Intel and Disney. As early as 2017, Ximmerse, with its own product R&D and design capabilities, has jointly built the worlds first consumer AR premier, Mirage Star Wars: Jedi Challenge, with Lenovo and Disney as the worlds best-selling augmented reality device. The first MR game created by Netease also means the transformation of product technology from augmented reality to hybrid reality.

It is reported that Ximmerse received top capital investment from Qualcomm, Lenovo Guangfa, Aofei Culture Animation, CCI, MYEG, and entered Qualcomm HMD Accelerator Program in 2016, becoming its core partner in visual interaction, and launched a new RhinoX at the 8th World Mobile Communication Congress (MWC) in Shanghai in June this year.

As a new generation of computer platform, AR/MR takes a long time and investment in the underlying technology, basic platform, hardware manufacturing and content output, and needs long-term patience. Netease Game announces that it will jointly create the first MR game with Ximmerse. As a pioneer in the field of MR entertainment, Netease Game will surely bring us more and better MR entertainment experience in the future.