Yibin Freight Car Suddenly Encountered Trap Official: Reserved Garage Entrance Cant Stop

 Yibin Freight Car Suddenly Encountered Trap Official: Reserved Garage Entrance Cant Stop

Yibin truck suddenly encountered pit official: the garage entrance is reserved, it can not be parked (source:)

At about 7:40 a.m. on July 23, a heavy-duty farm truck parked near Boling Street, Baixi Town, Xuzhou District, Yibin City, suddenly fell into a pit, leaving only its nose on the ground. As Xuzhou District had just suffered heavy rains and floods, pit attracted nearby residents to watch, Related videos in the Wechat Friends Circle and the rapid spread of the network.

Discovery Site

On the afternoon of the 24th, Red Star reporters learned from the relevant departments in Xuzhou District that the pit was not a sudden collapse caused by rainstorm or other reasons, but the floor of the entrance of underground garage passage reserved by developers was collapsed. No parking vehicles are allowed above the passage itself. After driver Li Mou removed the obstacle, the heavy vehicle driving into the prohibited parking area caused the accident.

Video taken by netizens and on-site visits by Red Star journalists found that farm trucks had fallen into pits more than three meters deep, with smooth walls on both sides, and a swing road beside them could lead to the basement. It was an artificial underground space, not caused by ground collapse. Agricultural truck sitting posture fell into the pit, the bottom of the trunk touched the ground, the head of the truck was up, almost upright at a 90 degree angle. Scattered cement, broken cement slabs and stone piers used as obstacles are visible in the pit. After the incident, the local public security, traffic police, housing and other departments rushed to the scene, and pulled up the cordon to prevent personnel from approaching.

Red Star News reporter noticed that the accident happened in a small parking lot, beside a bank, there are shops, the accident point of nearly 10 square meters of area has stone pier fence, not to mention farm trucks, even household cars can not stop, there are stone piers have fallen into the pit.

This place is not a driveway, but a sidewalk. The following is the original empty layer, the original reserved underground passage, covered with cement slabs, so we use stone piers to surround, not allow cars to enter. Mr. Tian, a staff member of the original development enterprise, told Red Star News that the accident vehicle came in at more than seven oclock in the morning, and the parking lot staff had not yet gone to work. The driver moved the stone pier and drove up, resulting in the cement slab unable to bear the weight of the truck and two tons of cement, resulting in the accident.

The scene of the incident has been rounded up

It is understood that beside the site of the accident is a commercial and residential building. A local catering enterprise in Xuzhou District decorated the third floor. The agricultural truck that caused the accident sent building materials to the catering enterprise. Driver Li Mou said that at about 7:40 a.m., he had just parked his car and was ready to unload it when an accident happened, but fortunately no casualties occurred.

Red Star News learned from the relevant departments in Xuzhou District that the underground space of the accident was indeed the garage entrance reserved by the development enterprise, and the development enterprise set up a granite barrier on it beforehand to prevent vehicles from entering. The driver of the farm truck moved the isolation stone pier and unloaded two tons of cargo here, which led to the accident. At present, the underground reserved space has been backfilled and enclosed, and the potential safety hazards have been eliminated.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284