How to Say the Word of Resuming Former Girlfriend

 How to Say the Word of Resuming Former Girlfriend

Admit your mistakes frankly

I look back on the whole incident. It is true that XXX has done something wrong. I apologize to you. I know that rhetoric can only deceive each other, anyway, please see my action in the future. Because without you, I feel lonely.

At the same time, I also realized that love is a movie, its wonderful origin from ups and downs, but if you want to achieve a good ending, you must have insight and action. I want to be the protagonist of this film together with you, to create the best, the most elaborate and the most wonderful love story. Recalling the good old days,

Any relationship is accompanied by beauty and contradiction. Think back on the places you have been to, the food you have eaten, the love you have said and the things you have done. At that time, your heart was very happy. You would like to get married with your partner immediately and keep this sincerity for ever.

Look at it now. Everythings gone. Lost and helpless replace happy and happy, without the existence of each other, the whole world seems to be lifeless. This strong contrast can easily make people have very real and appropriate inner feelings, which can be used to express feelings to organize language.

It can be said: I was happy when I had your day. Whenever I see you laughing, I feel happy; whenever I go to a place with you, I want to take pictures and collect memories; as long as I can be with you, the world is so colorful.

You can quote ancient poems and lyrics to express your mood.

Many of the emotions and moods depicted in ancient Chinese poetry can accurately express the mood at the moment. Reading more can not only improve ones literary accomplishment, but also make oneself calm in the complicated heart of separation.

I live in the head of Yangtze River. Author: Li Zhiyi, Dynasty: Song Dynasty.

When does this water stop and when does this hate end? I only wish that your heart resembles my heart and will never fail to love you.

I live in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and you live in the bottom of the Yangtze River. I miss you day and night, but I cant see you, but I drink the water of the Yangtze River together. When will the endless river run out and the bitterness of parting end? I only wish that your heart, if my heart stays with each other, will not fail my infatuation.

Make good use of the good past and the present situation to show the contrast, so that this drop touched the heart of the ex-girlfriend. Finally, I attach one or more poems and ancient sentences expressing my inner feelings, reflecting my inner gentleness and elegance. Eventually let the former girlfriend think that with us is more happy, happy, happy, and contradictions, but only a test of love episode.

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