Third-party identification one year after the fall of a young child: death due to abuse of domestic violence

 Third-party identification one year after the fall of a young child: death due to abuse of domestic violence

This is a deplorable girls death: on August 1, 2018, Deng Zilin, a girl from Nanning, Guangxi, died in Nanning Second Peoples Hospital at the age of one year and eight months because of extremely acute and severe craniocerebral injury.

Paradoxically, more than a dozen days ago, my mother also saw a lively and lovely daughter, and a dozen days later, the daughter has been lying in the hospital injured all over. Autopsy reports showed that there were more than 40 pinholes, needle-like bleeding spots and similar pinhole-like bleeding spots on the childs body, many of which were old injuries and extensive injuries.

How on earth did the child die? The childs mother was full of suspicion. Before the accident, she said, the father was looking after the child with his girlfriend who had cheated in marriage. They explained that the child slipped and fell on his urine. As there is no conclusive evidence to prove the existence of intentional injury, the police did not file the case.

In the year after the accident, the mother of the child went around looking for the truth about her daughters death. On July 22, 2019, she received the opinions on forensic medical documentation review from Beijing Yunzhi Science Reference and Consulting Service Center. Deng Zilins right thigh fracture and craniocerebral injury are not caused by natural accident, and they are caused by abuse and domestic violence, the statement clearly states. Immediately afterwards, she submitted a request for a case review to the police again and is currently awaiting a response from the police.

The cause of the childs death,

What on earth is it?

The end of July is the hottest season of the year. But for Deng Lihong, her heart is cold. At 19:30 on July 30, 2018, Deng Lihong, 28, was working outside when she suddenly received a call from her husband Deng Mou. In a few words, it was like a bolt from the blue for her - her little daughter, Zilin, was dying and was being rescued in Nanning Second Peoples Hospital. Upon receiving the call, Deng Lihong rushed to the hospital immediately, waiting anxiously while expecting a miracle.

Xiao Zilin was lively and lovely before the accident.

But the miracle did not pity Xiao Zilin. On the morning of August 1, the doctor announced that her daughters life had come to an end like a needle, one by one firmly rooted in Deng Lihongs heart: Xiaozi Linyinte died of an invalid rescue of acute and severe craniocerebral injury, and the cause of craniocerebral injury was unacceptable.

Deng Lihong was deeply saddened by her daughters unexpected death. She couldnt believe it, and she couldnt accept it. Just a dozen days ago, she met Zilin, and her daughter was still spoiling her. How can we say that its gone? Deng Lihong told Ziniu News that the doctor who rescued Zilin also felt strange about the childs death. At that time, she suggested that Deng Lihong and her sister go to the police. Deng Lihong said that it was Tang police officer from Fujian Garden Police Station of Nanning Public Security Bureau who advised Deng Lihong to go to the social forensic expert body for autopsy.

Despite her unbearable feelings, her doubts and persuasion from her relatives made Deng Lihong determined. Make sure you know exactly what happened to your child and how it was so badly hurt. In this way, Deng Lihong gritted her teeth and made a decision to send Zilin for autopsy. I hate it, but I cant let my child die in the dark. When it comes to sending children to autopsy, Deng Lihong nearly collapsed and cried bitterly behind her face.

Xiao Zilins autopsy report showed multiple injuries to the child.

Guangxi Jingui Judicial Appraisal Center undertakes this task. On August 24, 2018, Guangxi Jingui Judicial Appraisal Center issued a judicial expert opinion. It was found that Zilin had many blunt injuries on her left and right forehead, forehead and back occipital region. The appraisal opinion was consistent with the death caused by hemorrhage due to craniocerebral injury. At the same time, Zilins body also has more than 40 pinholes, needle-like bleeding points and similar pinhole-like bleeding points, many of which are old injuries, extensive and intensive injuries, which should be caused by human.

What does this man-made mean? How on earth did the child die? This report made Deng Lihong more eager to know what had happened to her children and made her more determined to seek justice for them.

Father of the child and his girlfriend in marriage

What are you doing?

Deng Lihong told Ziniu News that she was born in 1990 and met her future husband Deng Mou when she was 16 years old. After their marriage in 2012, they had no house of their own and lived with their childrens grandparents. In 2016, Deng Lihong was pregnant with her second daughter, Deng Zilin. However, when she was pregnant in May, she was in need of family care and company, but found that Deng had derailed, the derailed object was named Lu Mou.

After discovering all this, Deng Lihong tried to retain Deng Mou. Deng Mou also agreed to take half a year to get rid of her derailed girlfriend and return to her family. However, half a year later, Deng Mou not only failed to fulfill his promise, but also increased the cost. Deng Lihong found that her husband Deng Mou and Lu Mou had planned to divorce Deng Lihong at that time, according to their micro-Chat records. On the issue of child custody, Deng Mou expressed his opinion on how to judge the court. Deng Lihong said that it now seems that his promise at that time was just a plan to slow down the army.

On November 1, 2016, Deng Zilin came crashing to the ground. Because Deng Mou often does not go home, Deng Lihong has to take on the mission of taking care of her two children by herself. Because there is no time to work and Deng Mou does not provide living expenses, Deng Lihong said that her life soon fell into a dilemma.

In May 2017, Xiaozilin had a disease, but Deng Mou had already left with Lu Mou, regardless of the children. In desperation, Deng Lihong had to go out to work. Her two children were cared for by her grandparents. Deng Lihong works very hard and has only four vacations a month. Deng Lihong chose to connect her only holidays so that she could come back to look after the children.

Even so, the quiet days did not last long. In March 2018, Xiao Zilins grandmother went out to let Deng Mou take care of her children. Deng Mou gave them to Lu Mou to look after. As a result, on March 29, Xiao Zilin suffered a fracture of her thigh and was admitted to hospital for treatment, but no one told Deng Lihong. Finally, Deng Lihong got the news from her neighbours. She was anxious to go to the hospital to see her daughter, but Deng did not tell her which hospital her daughter was in.

Treatment of Xiao Zilins thigh fracture in hospital

What makes Deng Lihong angry is that during Zilins fracture, Lu Mou called her. In the phone, there was no Lu Mous voice, only Deng Lihongs eldest daughters crying for 30 minutes. Shortly after the hang-up, Lus phone came again, the content was the same as before. This time, Deng Lihong, who had settled down the god, recorded the content of the call.

After Xiao Zilin was discharged from hospital, Deng Lihong took her eldest daughter to her mothers home to take care of her, while Xiao Zilin was still taken care of by her grandmother. When I left, I repeatedly told my grandmother to take good care of her children and not to give them to others. Teng Lihong recalled the scene at that time and her tears rustled down. If it werent for the sake of earning money, where would I give up?

The day of the incident

What happened?

In less than half a year, the child fell twice, suffered a fracture, and finally died. In this context, facing the strange death of her daughter, Deng Lihong doubted Deng Mou and Lu Mou.

About 20 days before Xiao Zilins death, Deng Lihong had gone home to see her daughter and felt very good. But shortly after that, the grandmother of the child suddenly went to visit relatives, did not contact Deng Lihong, but called Lu Mou to let her take care of Zilin.

On July 30, the tragedy happened. According to Deng Mou and Lu Mou to the police, Xiao Zilin stepped on her urine in Lu Mous living room and fell to death. According to Deng Lihongs recollection, Deng Mou had always claimed that the child had fallen in the bathroom.

When Deng Lihong arrived at the hospital, Lu Mou had already returned home, and Deng Mou went back to sleep half an hour later. Deng Lihong said sadly and indignantly, The children are all like this, you can still sleep? The next day, with the reminder of the doctor who carried out the rescue, Deng Lihong realized that the child might have fallen and called the police immediately. Later, Deng Lihong pondered over what had happened that night and gradually realized that it was not right: I may have missed the best time to call the police. What did they do that night? The more she thought about it, the more she felt sorry.

If something happens to the child, Im sure I want to know for the first time whether it was harmed or not. With this idea in mind, Deng Lihong, who was in financial distress, paid about 15,000 yuan for the identification fee and asked experts to carry out an autopsy for Zilin, which resulted in the report mentioned above.

But the report did not specify whether the childs death was an accident or a victim. Local police and prosecutors considered the evidence insufficient and refused to file a case.

Local police and prosecutors considered the evidence insufficient and refused to file a case.

However, the incident also attracted the attention of the local police. On November 9, 2018, the Jiangnan Public Security Bureau of Nanning City issued a briefing, which said that recently, online posts about children died in Nanning rental house where their husbands and juniors died unfortunately, and their wives questioned the cause of death aroused great concern among netizens. Jiangnan Branch attaches great importance to the investigation of special research and deployment incidents.

According to the preliminary investigation and judicial expertise report, the deceased Deng Moulin died of head injury and hemorrhage caused by fall. According to the preliminary examination, the traces of needle eyes and bruises on the body are the traces left by the rescue and early treatment of leg fracture at that time, and there is no illegal and criminal fact at present. Adhering to the spirit of fairness, justice and the rule of law and a highly responsible attitude towards the deceased, the Jiangnan police decided to organize special classes to carry out new investigations.

So, what did Deng Mou, Zilins father, say about the events that Deng Lihong told us? Ziniu reporters contacted Deng several times. Deng said he was busy and hung up immediately. Lus mobile phone has been in a busy voice state.

The third party issues opinions:

Consistent with abuse and domestic violence

Lawyer Wan Zhaozhang works for a law firm in Chengdu. She said she decided to provide free legal aid to Deng Lihong after she learned about the incident.

On June 15 this year, Deng Lihong and Wan Zhaozhang, acting lawyers, submitted the latest evidence they had collected to Jiangnan Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau and Fujian Garden Police Station. On July 3, Wan Zhaozhangs law firm entrusted Beijing Yunzhi Science Inspection Consulting Service Center to examine and demonstrate the forensic medical documentary evidence of Deng Zilins death.

On July 18, Beijing Yunzhi Science Reference Consulting Service Center issued independent third-party professional opinions. According to the opinion, after analysis and demonstration, it is considered that Deng Zilins right thigh fracture and craniocerebral injury are not caused by natural accident, but by abuse and domestic violence. In addition, Deng Zilin had no breathing and heart rate when she was sent to the hospital at 12:00, and her pneumonia and brain injury should take quite a long time. It was also obviously inconsistent with Dengs statement that about 11:30 when she fell down at home, she injured her head. Examination and argumentation are made by Ho Chi-qiang and Zhuang Hongsheng.

An Independent Third Party Documentary Certificate Review Opinion issued by Beijing Yunzhi Science Reference and Consulting Service Center

According to Zinius review opinion, Beijing Yunzhi Science and Technology Reference Service Center was officially approved by Fengtai Branch of Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce in 2013 to provide various kinds of judicial science and technology advisory services. Hu Zhiqiang, one of the examiners and demonstrators, has been engaged in forensic appraisal for more than 30 years. He has served as an expert in appraisal or demonstration in such cases as Hunan Huangjing death case, Heilongjiang Daiyi death case, Fujian Nianbin poisoning case and Hebei Nie Shubin murder case. Zhuanghongsheng has been engaged in forensic expertise for more than 40 years. He has been a forensic doctor in charge of the Institute of Science and Technology of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and director of the expert Bank of forensic expertise of the Supreme Peoples Court.

Police responded:

The opinions must be read by the forensic doctor before they can be answered.

On June 10 this year, the court decided the divorce case between Deng Lihong and Deng Mou, and the eldest daughters custody was awarded to Deng Lihong. Deng Lihong told Ziniu News that Deng Mou never paid the compensation awarded by the court, and Lu Mous whereabouts were unknown.

On June 16 and 17, the police of the criminal investigation team of Jiangnan Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau found Deng Lihong to collect evidence, record her confession and collect blood. Police told Deng Lihong that blood was collected for DNA testing. Deng Lihong told Ziniu News that the police did not mention going to Lumous home where the child had been killed to investigate it. The evidence was collected 10 and a half months after the death of the child.

On July 22, Deng Lihong received the opinions on the examination of forensic documents from Yunzhi Medical Inspection Consulting Service Center in Beijing. Immediately afterwards, she went to Fujian Garden Police Station in Nanning City, where she was responsible for the case, and submitted the original opinions on the examination of forensic documents to apply for the investigation of the death of her daughter.

Deng Lihong told Ziniu News that the police station said that she needed to wait and that the opinions should be read by the forensic doctors in the public security department and the procuratorate before they could be answered.

Third-party lawyers:

It is suggested that the police should give investigation for filing a case.

Deng Xueping, a lawyer at Beijing Heng Law Firm in Shanghai, has represented the case of Peng Peng being abused by his stepmother in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, which has aroused public concern. Lawyer Deng told Ziniu News that he had also seen relevant reports about the incident. He believed that although both the incident and Pengpeng case involved child abuse, the biggest difference between them was that the evidence in Pengpeng case was quite sufficient. The evidence that Ms. Deng Lihong, the party involved in the incident, asked the police to file a case was insufficient. It was also reasonable that the local police and the prosecution did not file a case at first.

But for this incident, the burden of proof is not on the parties, the police can not ask the parties to produce evidence before filing a case, because according to the law, the investigative power and responsibility are in the police, as long as the parties provide relevant clues and evidence within their capabilities.

Now there is a third-party organization Beijing Yunzhi documentary review opinions, lawyer Deng said that he did not specifically study the opinions, assuming that the expert opinion is credible, then in view of the great doubts of the family members of the deceased girl and the strong desire to seek the truth of the incident, given the high degree of social awareness of the incident. Concerned, he suggested that the local police, out of caution, should file a case for investigation. In addition, Beijing or Shanghai are entrusted with more authoritative appraisal bodies to identify the causes of death of girls, so as to relieve the doubts in the hearts of girlsfamilies, and to respond to social concerns with due diligence.

Source: Liable Editor of Yangtze Evening News: Li Wan_B11284