Mens most poisonous love words: eat more, I do not dislike you fat!

 Mens most poisonous love words: eat more, I do not dislike you fat!

Some people say that the best love is that two people gradually become fat together.

It seems that the quality of a marriage can always be shown intuitively from the appearance of two people.

How many people are skinny before marriage, but growing fat after marriage?

In an interview, the man once said, My wife looks ugly after she has given birth to a child.

This sentence angered countless people.

Professional woman Liu Yajuan suffered cold violence after giving birth because she got fatty liver and gained 80 kilograms of weight, which was abandoned by her husband. Finally, she ended up in divorce.

For her who weighed only 100 kilograms before marriage, her husband once said, I really want to fatten you up, because after fattening you wont run away. After marriage, she chooses to become a housewife because she once gave birth from 100 kg to 180 kg, but she does not want to be treated differently by her husband.

After his wife became fat, his attitude was quite different: You can do anything when you are thin, but I cant stand it now.

Once the husband who was obedient and loving to her showed the opposite attitude because of her changing appearance.

He decided to divorce for a very direct reason: because he was fat.

She lost not only her love, but also her favorite job.

Recently, Yu Huishan has revealed the reasons for her failure to lose weight: Mrs. Anzai likes fried chicken. She cant bear wasting food and has gained 13 kilograms after her marriage. Anzai Hyuns love for benevolence can be said to be more exaggerated than before marriage.

Because of their relationship, Anzai Hyun released his romantic proposal video with Huishan on his social account. In the trunk of the car, covered with shepherds purse and white daisies, Yue Huishan sat on the side of the trunk, smiling gently and shyly.

After marriage, they joined the variety show Newlyweds Diary, which made their married life more sweet than their first love. Anzai Hyuns love of benevolence spills over the screen all the time.

It seems that it is finally understandable why Yu Huishan, who was married, still loves her even though she is 13 kilograms fatter than she used to be.

Some people say that losing weight is a womans lifelong career.

But the reality tells you: marry the right person, tall, fat and thin, he loves you as before.

Its not terrible to get fat. Whats terrible is that the person you thought you wanted to love and disliked you being fat.

Obesity after marriage is the minimum respect for marriage.

But everywhere you can see, Du Jiang is always accompanied by his side and fingers.

During pregnancy, Du Jiang personally smeared pregnancy oil on her every night and said, I will never let you grow a line. From that moment on, she really recognized the man.

Not only during pregnancy, but on weekdays if she is alone in the theatre for three months, Du Jiang refuses to take part in the play and is willing to be a male cook.

Nowadays, Horstyan is thin and has returned to what she used to be. The relationship between husband and wife can be said to be as good as ever.

When a person really loves you, what matters is not your body shape, but your safety and health.

Because he knows well that you have suffered for your family, so he will do his best to love and protect you.

Some people say: after marriage, you must manage your body well, otherwise men can easily change their minds.

What I want to say is: because a man whose figure is out of shape will change his mind, dont worry about it.

No matter how beautiful the face is, there will eventually be an old day; no matter how perfect the body is, there will inevitably be a time of change.

Marriage is nothing more than being old with someone who doesnt dislike each other.