Hong Kong rioters launched an uncooperative movement: malicious blockage of the subway during rush hours

 Hong Kong rioters launched an uncooperative movement: malicious blockage of the subway during rush hours

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Hong Kong rioters have made another mistake: malicious blockage of the subway during rush hours (Source:)

There have been many recent riots in Hong Kong. The opposition has planned a series of actions in an attempt to disrupt Hong Kongs land and air traffic.

During the rush hour on July 24, a group of rioters maliciously blocked the doors at the crowded Jinzhong station of the MTR, causing some stations on the Hong Kong Island Line to miss trains for more than 30 minutes. According to MTR, 30 trains were affected by the incident.

According to the Hong Kong East Net report, some netizens were not satisfied with the way the MTR handled the Yuen Long incident, and launched the so-called non-cooperative movement at the MTR station on 24.

At about 7:45, a man in dark blue claimed to have been hit to report the incident and argued with the police officers. Three men in black accused the police officers, and more than 30 people were watching the scene. The incident disturbed the police for more than 10 minutes. When the police officers left, they were abused by the people present many times in foul language.

At 8:25, passengers reported that two groups of people were fighting, and police officers were present to take all the people away. It is understood that three people were taken to the Central Police Station for investigation.

Police take away troublemaker Tuyuan: Hong Kong Eastern Network

Subsequently, the MTR announced that due to the blocked doors of many trains, the trains on the Hong Kong Island Line are expected to require additional travel time, while there are more passengers on the platform of the Hong Kong Island Line and the waiting time will be longer.

As a result, hundreds of citizens were waiting on the platform for boarding, and some trains were delayed for about 17 minutes before departure.

Platform Crowded with Passengers Map Source: Hong Kong East Network

At 8:45, the police pulled the participants away from the train door. After someone was pulled off the train, they sat outside the carriage all the time and needed to be carried by the police.

Ten minutes later, Hong Kong Railway re-issued a circular saying that due to the obstruction of train doors and the pressing of passengers and other accidents, the travel time between Kennedy Town Station and Chai Wan Station on on the Hong Kong Island Line is expected to take an additional 10 to 15 minutes.

Around 9:30, MTR said that the accident on the Hong Kong Island Line had been properly handled and the shift had gradually returned to normal starting at 9:15 a.m.

In response, the Observer Network contacted a person working on Hong Kong Island. She described one of the incidents: a man in black claimed to have been beaten by three people on the morning of 24, blocking the screen door and asking the police to take the person out. The train was delayed for at least 10 minutes by a man in black.

Since then, the train on which the respondents were travelling has also been disturbed by rioters, with door switches at least eight times. During this period, some passengers shouted Dont hinder people from going to work, but others said that he has the right to call the police here.

Respondents also said that every train had an accident and there was more than one door. The police really spoke politely.

Hong Kong Railway Train Chief Executive Liu Tiancheng said later Thursday that the non-cooperative movement at Jinzhong Station had affected 30 trains. He stressed that in the face of future large-scale activities, MTR will strengthen its understanding of government departments first, and strengthen the allocation of personnel.

According to Hong Kongs Wen Hui Bao, the opposition plotted to disrupt Hong Kongs land and air traffic. Following a non-cooperation campaign at King Chung Station in the busy morning of the 24th, which incited all Hong Kong citizens to strike together, some people claiming to be airline employees held a rally at the airport on the 26th, pending a no objection notice issued by the police.

Tan Wenhao, a member of the Legislative Council of the CitizensParty of Cathay Pacific Airlines, who was a civil aviation pilot, said that he would provide assistance and that the Employees League would apply for the Notice of No Objection. Tourists have criticized this move as rushing tourists, pointing out that a series of violent shocks have made many tourists dispel the idea of visiting Hong Kong. If the airport is disturbed again, it will only further damage Hong Kongs tourism image and international reputation.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284