If youre 27 years old and havent used a big lipstick, dont take the comments seriously.

 If youre 27 years old and havent used a big lipstick, dont take the comments seriously.

A few days ago, when I saw a beautiful girl, she said, Im 27 years old, but I havent drunk Starbucks, bought Dior lipstick, eaten Haidilao, and worn 500 yuan clothes.

This video has attracted many comments from netizens, which are pouring in both directions. The most representative comment is the highly praised comment in the picture: I havent drunk Starbucks, but Ive drunk milk tea with two people, and I havent been to Haidilao, but Ive eaten five-haired string that neither of them would abandon, and 500 clothes have not been eaten. Yes, but the 50 yuan clothes didnt blow me in the cold! Dior lipstick and Olliobi, or eating makes me happier.

Another point of praise is obviously more than this: Starbucks really tastes good, Dior lipstick is really better than 50 yuan lipstick quality, 500 pieces of clothes really look more texture than 100 pieces of clothes, the price is reasonable, do not take some comfort in the comments section seriously.

If you were asked to vote for these two comments, which one would you vote for?

There are many good things in the world, which need to be exchanged with RMB. Most of them are not advocated by profiteers. High-speed rail is faster than green-leather trains, and first-class cabins on airplanes are more comfortable than economy cabins.

Only by facing these facts without glass heart and without fragility can we stand up with the attitude of I also want and strive for it.

To be honest, Yuge sometimes jokes with me that I used to be a girl with Diao silk. Im not angry.

On the contrary, I tried it later. I really think fried food is unhealthy. Sometimes airplanes are not as convenient as high-speed rail.

But I dont think so when I havent tried these things.

At that time, my elder sister bought a Zimmerwa suitcase, more than 6000, which was my salary for one month at that time. My elder sister asked me, Do you think Im sick, spend 6000 to buy a suitcase?

To be honest, I didnt think at that time that you had reached that level of consumption and had the ability to consume. Buy it and buy it. Why do I think you are sick?

Im not going to say that this box is actually the same as 600 yuan. Im going to say that someday Ill buy it, or have the ability to buy it.

I dont hate being rich, I want to be rich, too.

As a girl who has expanded her territory for herself, I know that I have exerted myself a little. Life after exertion is so hopeful that I have no time to feel sorry for myself and say why God is unfair and why I was not born in the capital.

A few days ago, we shared in the chaotic class group. There was an investing elder brother who shared his experience of taking eight-year-old children to the Arctic. In fact, it was very expensive to go to the Arctic. A person of 80,000-90,000 was more expensive with his children. But he thought it was especially valuable. The vast majority of the 150 people on board were rich and idle old people in Europe. Only one of them had the experience of taking eight-year-old children to the Arctic. There are children under 10 in their regiment.

I really agree with Big Brothers idea that when the 8-year-old was on his way to the Arctic, he enjoyed the beautiful scenery while listening to adults discussing global warming. When he stood on the Arctic, he saw the magnificence of glaciers and the difficulty of polar bears foraging on dry hillsides, which was better than when he read books. The danger of global warming is more intuitive and shocking.

Maybe when he comes back from the Arctic, he will find the meaning of science and find the direction he really likes to study. Maybe he will be the next scientist devoted to environmental protection to make a series of new energy-saving inventions.

Of course, its not too late to have this opportunity when youre 60. Its not too late to see the Arctic when youre 80, as long as you find the right way by yourself.

Like that girl, what about 27 years old who hasnt eaten Haidilao? What about 27 years old who didnt have a big lipstick?

I really think this era is particularly good, give a lot of people the opportunity to start, take the platform we often brush tremolo, see the offer of tremolo netizens is enough to make you startle, Li Jiaqi a omg can be billed hundreds of thousands in a few minutes.

I know a post about Li Jiaqis desperation. He just finished a live event on the platform. Five minutes later, he got into the temporary tent nearby and started live broadcasting. Five minutes later, he scratched his lips and slept for only three or four hours a day. If you can persevere in this way, he will be able to do so. Its the first step to become Li Jiaqi.

And the difference between most of us and Li Jiaqi is that when others compete for seconds to broadcast live, we lie in bed and scratch to kill time.

This era is really great. Material is not as scarce as parentsgeneration, nor is the old society forbidding girls to show up. The Internet is in a period of rapid development, and new opportunities are sprouting everywhere.

Its just the thought that Im living in this age that makes me laugh even when I dream.

They just feel that when they want to get these through their own efforts, they use self-comfort to beat back, too tired, too difficult.