How did Mr. Jia cheat women into spending money for him: I interviewed 10 experienced women

 How did Mr. Jia cheat women into spending money for him: I interviewed 10 experienced women

Maybe in order to attract girls, or to achieve his real goal, he will also invest a lot of energy and money.

But the high-ranking kind of scum man not only cheats you to go to bed, but also deceives you to spend money for him with ease. You are silly and ignorant after that.

So, how do you cheat girls to spend money for him?

Im a simple person who treats love very simply. Maybe sometimes its a little silly to be simple.

There was a boy who pursued me for several months, and it was really good for me in the early stage.

In addition to not giving me much money, such as call him on call, rain will come to our hospital door, to pick me up after work and so on.

At that time, he was touched by him, and then he was together. In a few days, he let me go to bed with me, because he didnt think too much about liking him.

It wasnt until I got apart that I found out that he was the kind of scum man who was very tall.

For example, when his mother was ill in hospital, he sent all his money home with little money, such as donation for good deeds.

It took me a little half a year to discover that he was not only a girlfriend like me, but also used the same tricks as those girls.

At that time, I fell in love with a boy, the performance is quite obvious, as long as not blind, not foolish, not pretending not to know that can be found.

I like him very much and he is active to pursue me, which naturally easily took me down.

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In the first few months of my relationship, he paid me for clothes, bags and meals, and once or twice he was still very tall.

When I really believed him, he began to tell me that there was something wrong with his companys capital chain and he needed my help.

If you ask me for 500,000 yuan, where do I have so much money? He says that not so much 50,000 yuan is OK. The rest of him and his friends around him will look around again.

Later, he asked me to borrow 52,000 yuan one after another. The more I came back, the worse I felt.

It wasnt until then that I woke up. I was fooled by him.

Hes very smart. When borrowing from me, he talks directly and gives him cash. Even if I go to the police, its hopeless.

At that time, he just appeared in front of me. For all kinds of care, I told him that I had just lost my love and was afraid of being hurt again.

But he promised me that he really liked me and never played.

As it turns out, Zhan Man will be very patient if he wants to achieve his goal.u2014u2014

He would spend an hour or two every day chatting with me, replacing the home page and the avatar with my photos, and soon I was immersed in his good fortune.

He knew that when I found out about it, he quickly cut off contact with me and deleted all my contact information.

What can I do with my money? Just feed the dog!

After talking for about a few months, he asked me to meet and say he wanted to see me and consider our future in passing.

Listening to what he said, I think others are quite filial.

He knows that my family has more money, so he is more reckless. He lets me pay for traveling or buying thousands of shoes.

The more he got to the back, the more reckless he was, as if I wasnt paying him or I wasnt right.

When you treat someone unconditionally, it means that you have to bear any possible cost.

They spend money foolishly, but they get tired of playing. Didnt they kick it off like that?

He should be like that, the legendary Phoenix man.

He said he wanted to marry me, but he was not enough to buy a house when he got married. He asked me if I could help him and let him pay a down payment first.

Then I gave him my savings, which I had saved for years, not very much but in the form of 200,000.

Because when I bought the house, I didnt follow him when I had something to do, so he was doing it all the way.

At that time, I also had a cramp in my brain, so I would listen to his untrustworthy gibberish. Thats false! __________

After six months, he broke up with me and said that it was not appropriate for us to get married.

The so-called house-buying and marriage is just a trick he tried to trick me out of my money.

Either he is sure that the girl loves him very much, how can he pay for him, or he finds out your character and knows that you are a simple liar, who can he lie to?

Any love that involves a lot of money, you have to be careful and more cautious.

But if a man reaches out to you for money at all times, endlessly or for a large amount of that... Then you really have to be careful.

Dont suddenly realize it at last, but youve already run out of money.

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