Whose fault: Jiangsu Haian Sunshine Project became Sunshine Project?

 Whose fault: Jiangsu Haian Sunshine Project became Sunshine Project?

Business Observation (www.zgsygc.com.cn) reporter first drove to the sewage treatment center in Cui Mu village, Qutang Town. When the car arrived at the entrance of the sewage treatment center, we saw a farmer crowded out from the gate. We rushed to the gate and chatted with the farmer. He told us that he was in an enterprise. At work, because of the continuous rain in recent days, the owner of the company asked him to drain the water from the reservoir into the treatment pond, and then discharge it into the nearby river. Under his guidance, we saw the foul smell of the drainage ditch and the flying mosquitoes. When we asked him about the sewage treatment process, he told us frankly that he didnt know anything. The boss only asked him to fetch water once in more than ten days. We drove to the central sewage treatment center in Gubin Village, Dagong Town, which was guarded by General Tie. We looked inside from the outside of the wall, and there was no sound of sewage treatment in it. We went to the outlet and did not see any treated water coming out.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Li Cheng took the initiative to ask the person in charge to take charge of the work in person under the name of direct supervision. In the construction of the livestock and poultry excrement treatment center project, he first let a friend in Nanjing borrow the qualifications of a company in Shanghai to contract for the project, and then let his friend follow him. Meaning to subcontract, one of his relatives subcontracted Duntou and Dagong two stool treatment centers respectively. The total and subcontracting of the project are under his control. His relatives rely on Li Cheng as the backing and do not organize the construction according to the technological requirements, resulting in the collapse of the project in the construction process. None of the five treatment centers can meet the design requirements (COD 100 according to the engineering design requirements). In order to pass the acceptance of the unqualified projects by the provincial expert group, Li Cheng instructed his subordinates to compile false monitoring data and to make false environmental three simultaneous acceptance procedures. Because of the serious quality problems in the project, when settling the project funds, the staff of the EPA who participated in the project proposed that one million yuan of quality guarantee money must be deducted when settling the project funds. In order to settle the project in full, Li Cheng avoided the staff member and asked another EPA staff member to complete the settling procedures of all the project funds. Then he asked the contractor to carry out repairs twice. The total cost of repairs was more than 800,000 yuan, which was paid by the municipal finance. At present, none of the five treatment centers can meet the discharge standards. The processing capacity of the five centers is less than one third of the design capacity.

In the construction of the excrement treatment center and the dung storage tank, in order to provide convenience for the construction party, he appointed a friend who had an interest with him to supervise the whole citys project. Because the company where the friend belonged had fewer professional supervisors, he could only let his wife, a waiter who had no knowledge of the project business, go to the various engineering teams to perform the so-called supervision. Procedures, and this friend accompanied Li Cheng drinking and entertainment at night, supervision is mere formality, many projects have collapsed before the completion of acceptance, almost all of the dung tanks have serious leakage due to Jerry work, so far, the citys construction of more than 4000 dung tanks in less than 400 tanks in use.

In 2010, Li Cheng presided over the purchase of 17 livestock and poultry dung transporters. He visited a company in Huaian on the recommendation of his relatives. Since the enterprise and his private agreement on the distribution of interests, after returning, he used a special relationship with a person in charge of the municipal government procurement center (female) and him, around the conditions of the enterprise to produce tenders and set out exclusive clauses that have no substantive relationship with the product in the tender, and then he used two tenders to fail to meet the requirements. Unit number, using a single source negotiation, let the enterprise win the bid. The vehicle produced by the enterprise is not suitable for the transfer of livestock and poultry manure in the countryside at all, and the failure is frequent. In 2012, he took the way of following the bid (not bidding) and directly purchased 14 vehicles from the company for the infiltration of garbage transfer stations in various towns. At present, the vehicles purchased have become a pile of scrap iron.

In 2011, the EPA intends to purchase 1500 manpower cleaning cars for the citys cleaners. Li Chengyuan intends to make the vehicles by a company in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. This information is known by a company in Libao Town, Haian. The owner of the company met Li Cheng through the recommendation of the former Secretary of the Party Committee of Libao Town. They secretly concluded a deal: Li Cheng is responsible for the operation. Although the bidding procedure allows the company to win the bid, the company entrusts other enterprises to produce, Li Cheng and the company share the middle price difference. In order to win the tender successfully, Li Cheng intentionally let the enterprise whose quotation is lower than that of the enterprise as the scrap tender. After winning the tender, the company entrusted the vehicle to a company in Yangzhou to produce. Because the company knew that Li Cheng was the backup, it deliberately cut corners in production, and all three-wheeled car cleaners used it for less than half a year. Abandoned.

Haian planned to purchase 210 river cleaning boats in 2011. The news was known by the head of a brick and tile factory in Baidian Town. He met Li Cheng through the head of the Environmental Protection Bureau. Because the brick and tile factory had no qualification for shipbuilding, Li Cheng planned to let him find an invested enterprise from Xinghua to participate in the bidding. The night before the bidding, Li Cheng planned to invite him to participate in the bidding. Cheng disclosed all the bidding units to the person in charge of the enterprise, and asked him to find these units to bid in tandem. Finally, the person in charge levelled the other enterprises with 25,000 yuan and won the bid. In the settlement business, Li Cheng instructed the financial personnel to put all the ship money into the personal account of the person in charge of the enterprise. In order to compensate for the cost of bidding strings, and at the same time to make a substantial profit from them, he asked manufacturers to cut costs by Jerry work. As a result, due to the insufficient weight of the hull, it brought great hidden dangers to river cleaning operators. The so-called cleaning boat became an ornamental boat for the villages, and Li Chenghe was responsible for it. People get rich returns from it.

Business Observation (www.zgsygc.com.cn) spent two days driving in Haian rural area, trying to approach the Sunshine Project which was personally supervised and led by the discipline inspection leader of the citys Environmental Protection Bureau to rectify the rural environment. The final project he saw was either deaf ears or a pile of zombies to win nearly 100 million yuan of sunshine from the country. The project has finally become a sunshine project, and the behind-the-scenes promoter of the project is the leader who undertakes environmental discipline inspection and supervision.