Toxic native family, will be your lifelong cancer difficult to get rid of!

 Toxic native family, will be your lifelong cancer difficult to get rid of!

Psychologically, there is a kicking cat effect, that is, negative energy can infect and lead to a vicious circle.

With people with negative energy, your mind is slowly barren and miscellaneous; with people with positive energy, you will be inspired to love life and discover the beauty of life.

Frankly speaking, it hit the heart of my mind. The only difference is that this kind of injury is to raise me and love me more than all my biological parents have given me.

Moreover, it is inherent, I have no right to choose, I can only bear silently, even if there are many complaints in my heart also can not resist.

I am 36 years old and have been working for more than 10 years. I have at least a middle or higher level in both looks and abilities. Moreover, I have never been short of boys who pursue me... But Im still single.

Im single not because I dont want to get married, but because I always feel that I have invisible hands, which control my moods and preferences from time to time, including the emotional direction of every critical period.

So, when every relationship is about to mature, I can always find some shortcomings in each other, including some bad habits and social habits.

And as long as I find some clues, I will instinctively see their greatest negative side, and even think badly of them as much as I can.

I wonder: Will he show his true colors when he gets married? Can you turn your face faster than turn a book? Will it be violence against my family? Will it be as perverted as many people in society? If one day, I am tired of marriage, do not want to live with him again, want to divorce, will he beat me up and tie me up for a lifetime? In short, Im always so good at thinking about good things and bad things.

Im not afraid of your jokes. The reason why I broke up with my ex-boyfriend was a picture of him ten years ago. He was bare-shouldered and smoked cigarettes with a group of tattooed social figures.

Although hes not what he used to be, Im still pessimistic about bad things (like underworld, antiquity and drug addiction) and reluctantly get tired and want to stay away from him.

As well as our predecessors, we are about to talk about marriage, and have met parents. But my mother heard from one of her old colleagues that his father had been loafing, eating, drinking and gambling for decades, and often had domestic violence. Damn used to commit suicide because she couldnt stand domestic violence.

My parentsattitude is that in life events, we must have 100% insurance that would rather believe in it than believe in nothing...

Your uncle Huangs son, who graduated from college three years ago, was also deceived into pyramid selling. He said that every day should not be, but he was beaten half to death.

You dont look at those people who live in big cities. Although they earn a lot and look bright, their happiness index is very low. They are all sub-healthy. It takes them three or four hours to get to and from work every day. Is that a mans life? Why suffer?

Dont hide your jokes, because Im in my thirties, because of the influence of such a native family, and Im about to live as a man of fifty or sixty. Such as:

Ive had my drivers license for more than ten years, and Ive been afraid to drive by myself. Every time I walk across the zebra crossing, Im very cautious. Mingmings car is far away from me, but I still stand there embarrassed and dare not pass by alone.

I am eager to succeed, but I always fear that too many people will know about my own affairs, and even more afraid of being laughed at by them when I fail. I am especially afraid to speak on stage. As long as more than ten people look at me, I will be very nervous.

Every time I go out to take a taxi, I take a picture in advance and send it to my family. Every time I leave a party with my friends, if they dont tell me shes home in time, they will call and ask me if she doesnt answer the phone in time, I will be restless.

My girlfriend borrows money from me. I not only confirm by voice, but also call her again after voice confirmation. Every time I say goodbye to my relatives, I have to watch them disappear in my sight very carefully before I want to turn back.

Although they really love and love me, they also have a sense of responsibility for their families. But I feel that I grew up mostly in wolfs nest, and they have been instilling in me all kinds of the world is very unsafe concepts. Even though Im so old now, they often send me negative energy messages such as car accidents, kidnappings and rubbish people.

Whats more, although I have realized all this deeply and wanted to escape from such a psychological circle, I have never had the courage to step out of it.

Moreover, I can only hate them, hate myself, but also need them psychologically, and can not do without them, but also tell them everything.

Todays topic: Do you think the woman in this article is because her parents have too much negative energy? What should we think of some negative energy from parents?