What are the signs that boys are getting bored?

 What are the signs that boys are getting bored?

What are the signs that boys are getting bored?

A former boyfriend, tired of me, said I was too sticky to him, and told his buddies to let him stay with me, and I am a friend, fat water does not flow out of the field?

[email protected] Ding

Maybe when youre busy all day, tired and want to have an early rest, hes driving his maize to eat chicken with his sister, and let me wear an earplug myself.

Impatience, indifference,

Busy all day, no meeting, excuse.

Because Ive seen you love me the most, so I know you dont love me now.

The opposite sex just explained that he was only my sister. The word sister is really interesting.

Less information, fewer words, his side is no longer you alone.

[email protected] RZJ

Once he wanted you to care more about him.

Now your concern becomes his burden.

Let you give him space and freedom.

If you dont return information, youll take it for granted.

Probably how enthusiastic you are, he always looks like he doesnt care about the cold, even if he holds his mobile phone, he wont return your message.

The news began to reincarnate, not afraid of you so angry, do not call you, call you is always looking for a topic, you ask him an answer, no one asked him to find you, someone asked him to air you, will not take the initiative to tell you what he is busy, and you meet seems to be just to complete the task, but his heart is not very much. I want to see you.

[email protected] Persistent.

The mantra is, whats wrong with you, whats wrong with you?


[email protected] Tingting

Begin to avoid, can not see or disappear, give him what to talk about, are unreasonable.

[email protected] a branch

[email protected] Biscuit Monster

There are different ways of love in the world, but the expression of dislove is the same, that is, indifference.

[email protected] Qi Ya

He is only interested in communicating with your body, but not with your spirit.

u2014u2014 Ami Zai

When you need him most, he really feels that you are making trouble for nothing.

Uncle said: I believe that love can last forever, but also believe that love can go through hardships to achieve results. I believe in unexpected feelings, but I dont believe in unexpected boredom. The former is a bottleneck period, tends to be flat, there is no sense of novelty, is a habit, only need both sides to work hard to pass. The latter is emotional exhaustion, or no emotion at all, tiredness is just a signal before breaking up. After all, most breakups have been brewing for a long time, you must feel it! Next issue: What kind of experience is it to let your predecessor regret?

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