Football Association Cup - Gaudi Cao Yanding Bi Jinhao each has a goal of 1-3 Shenhua Quanhua Class

 Football Association Cup - Gaudi Cao Yanding Bi Jinhao each has a goal of 1-3 Shenhua Quanhua Class

In the League table, Teda ranks 10th in terms of 6 wins, 5 draws, 8 losses and 23 points. As a middle-ranking team, Teda is currently 11 points ahead of the relegation zone and has no worries about relegation. In this home game, Teda is bound to go all out to fight for promotion to the next round. After the change of coaches and strong invocation, Shenhuas recent trend is very optimistic. After winning two consecutive victories, they temporarily get rid of the relegation zone. At present, Shenhua has 5 wins, 3 draws, 11 losses and 28 points, ranking 12th in the scoreboard, leading the relegation zone by 6 points. At present, Shenhuas first task is still relegation. For Shenhua, just out of danger in the league, it is very likely to give up the FA Cup and give up the promotion to Teda.

In the 32nd minute, Sun Shilins right foot outside the forbidden area was shot by one foot on the back of his right foot, which was confiscated by Yang Qipeng.

In the 35th minute, the cross from the right side of Zhang Luzhis front court found Gaudi, whose header was above the crossbar.

In the 36th minute, Xie Weijun got the ball on the left side of the front field, ate Xu Yougang raw by speed, and then shot from a small angle on the left side of the restricted area out of the far post, missing a good opportunity.

In the 39th minute, Shenhua got the chance of left corner kick. Sun Shilin gave a penalty to the front, Eddie headed the ball to the back, and Gaudi headed the ball into the half-empty gate with a lion shaking his head. Shenhua of the whole Chinese class was 1-0 ahead of Teda on the road.

In the 43rd minute, Bai Yuefeng passed the ball to the forbidden area on the right side. Zhang Chiming did not reach the first point. Lei Yongchi made another pass. Chen Zhao missed the ball and Zhang Chiming got the ball, but the adjusted shot missed.

In the 50th minute, Bastians dribbled the ball from the middle circle, crossed Xu Yougang and Li Peng, and killed them to the left side of the penalty area to try to shoot, which was blocked.

The 71st minute, Cao Yanding right corner kicked out, Zhu Jianrong after the nod header off.

In the 74th minute, Cao Yiding took advantage of the left corner kick to give the ball to the door. Bi Jinhaos header hit the lower part of the cross beam and then bounced into the net. Yang Qipeng was at a loss. Shenhua was 2-0 ahead of Teda on the road. Cao Yiding was like a divine soldier falling from heaven.

In the 80th minute, Cao Yanding scored the left side of the front court to Zhu Jianrong on the left side of the restricted area, Zhu Jianrong gave the ball to Gaodi in the middle. Gaodis landing shot was blocked by Yang Qipeng to the bottom line. Zhu Jianrong took the ball and hit the empty goal from a small angle. After the VAR video assistant referee confirmed that the goal was invalid and the game continued.

Substitutes not appearing: 33-Teng Shangkun, 4-Yang Fan (U23), 9-Wagner, 20-Mao Haoyu (U23)

Shanghai Greenbelt Shenhua lineup: 12-Chen Zhao (U23); 2-Xu Yougang (U23), 32-Aidi, 3-Bijinhao, 6-Li Peng, 14-Sun Kai; 8-Zhang Lu, 35-Li Yang (U23) (6915-Zhu Jianrong), 37-Sun Shilin, 31-Wang Wei (6628-Cao Yanding); 18-Gaudi (8733-Wang Haijian (U23))

Substitutes not appearing: 1 - Shen Jun, 21 - Xu Haoyang (U23)