Does falling in love mean being noisy and noisy???

 Does falling in love mean being noisy and noisy???

Write at the end:

I often meet some couples who are hot-headed and blurt out some angry words when they quarrel. In fact, it is not their intention. After a quarrel, calm down and explain the past to your friends, you will slowly say the truth.

In the quarrel between men and women, they try to prove one thing: I am right, you are wrong. At the end of the quarrel, the two sides struggle over who should give up first, who should give in first, and turn a good love into a song Conquest.

In fact, there is no need to distinguish so clearly. Lovers are not rivals, but teammates. Sometimes, men have a gentle attitude and women take the initiative, so we can communicate well and solve the contradiction.

Click on Look. Although there are many noisy moments in love, after the quarrel, we still have the impulse to love each other.

Good night teenager

This is the first time I said goodnight to you? 1541??

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