Summer love: too principled woman, more tired to live

 Summer love: too principled woman, more tired to live

Today, I lost my temper for no reason. Mother brought soup early in the morning and a lot of messy food. I have repeatedly stated that the refrigerator is no longer fit, no longer fit, no longer fit. She just doesnt listen, she just doesnt believe. Moreover, after they are brought, they have to sort out a round before they can put everything in place. Im busy writing. Im in a hurry. Fingers are almost cramped. Shes still coming out like this?

Yes, this is my home and my mothers home. And theres nothing she cant see or know. But I dont like any behavior without greeting. Even if I were myself, I would have to be sure again and again. Or maybe others dont have such a habit. In short, I have been struggling for a long time. The tone of the message was particularly strong. But every reminder and mother cant do it.


Throughout the day, I have dealt with all kinds of customer service on different platforms. This July, there are not many days left. But my hardship is not over yet. Either thats the problem, or thats not going well for Agger. Its better to have principles, as long as you want. I dont need to hesitate, let alone worry about anything else. Tired? People live, who is not tired. But we should show our enthusiasm and embrace every tomorrow happily.