Phase III Closing Report | 100 Days Note: Shaping is never difficult

 Phase III Closing Report | 100 Days Note: Shaping is never difficult

1. I have shoulder strain and lumbar muscle strain. I havent had a relapse after exercise.

In fact, the first week, looking back on it is a very small intensity of training, but for me without exercise habits, after doing hypoxia, dizziness, breathing, muscle soreness, like a robot, this situation grinding teeth through the first week, then began to feel relaxed.

4. Button lift tight, the previous suit pants are tight, changed a batch, more willing to wear shorts and skirts, the next step is to march to the peach buttocks;

5. Walking with unconscious head up, chest down, shoulders open. With the acceleration of metabolism, people become more energetic, not sick anymore, but more energetic to face the days work.

6. Because of the use of both shoulders, it is obvious to tighten the mandibular line with the joint muscles. Nowadays, the head of Zha Wan Zi is not as muttering as that of Zha Wan Zi. Of course, it may be self-suggestion. I dont care. I ask for praise.

8. Intestinal emptying is more complete (you understand). Changemydiet:

1. Exercise can promote the secretion of adrenaline and dopamine, which are the brain chemicals that determine happiness, thus helping to improve depression and relieve stress. Therefore, the depression before menstruation did not appear. Exercise can also reduce cortisol content, help improve memory and concentration, improve work efficiency and so on. This is why I am attached to training and sweating.

3. Im glad to see that there are people around me who are moved by my feelings. Life should be like this and deserve to be loved.

In 100 days, we decided to build our own armor - after all, muscle is the clothing of life. Every time we are happiest, we always look at Beforeand After, because the contrast is too sharp. We cant compare the refreshment of air conditioning with that of looking at one or two small partners who are fat, or fat, or half a month, each with a life-long battle gown.

So lets pass this happiness on to every early planet (PS: Click on the picture to zoom in):

@ Feng Lu

@ Peanut rice

@ Hua Xiaoli

@ Hedgehog baa

Want to read, want to lose weight, want to see the outside world... At the moment when the goal was set, we were all very ambitious, but only a few of us reached the end. Efforts never need too much sense of ritual. They are a rewriting of habits and the only way to embrace a new life.

So, do you want to come together?

May every human being be able to do it as soon as possible: I define me, I choose me, I take on me. Never give up learning, never give up to become good-looking!