Nice to meet you, but I dont regret your leaving.

 Nice to meet you, but I dont regret your leaving.

Everyone is happy to meet a person they like, but it must be two peoples business to be able to become love.

But in reality, there is always a certain gap between the feelings and the ideals. The people you meet are either in the heart of others or have been scarred in the emotional world.

Meetings are always exhilarating, and separation is always sad. Some people have left your life, but the habits and memories he left behind will accompany your life.

Sometimes people really only fit to live in memory and become the most impossible person in your life. It is precisely because of such a person that you know how to cherish the beauty of every minute around you.

The world is so big, but our life is still those people, some people live in your life, and some people, but happen to pass through your world.

So dont always feel sad about losing or leaving, we all have to be happy to meet and have. There is still a long way to go in the future. Everything I wish to meet is beautiful. Everything I wish to leave is safe and sound.