Dont let emotional parenting hurt you and your children

 Dont let emotional parenting hurt you and your children

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Dont let emotional parenting hurt you and your children

As a result, when the child was angry, he shouted at him. Papa was not happy. He took out that I was your father. You cant shout at me.

Ive received many such emails, and this happened to many parents. It is a very common situation, which can be called emotional parenting.

Typical feature is happy to do whatever you like, the moon can be picked off for you, not happy to say a word is not good, then hit and scold. And this kind of parents often have such a divine logic: You were born to me, listen to me! What do I love? You have to listen to it.

So we can see such a situation: efforts to pet children.

Give him the best things, expensive toys, and take good care of them. It looks full of love. Ill tease you when Im happy, and youll wag your tail and beg for mercy with me. If Im not happy, please stay away from me and watch out for me kicking you.

The same is true for children. When Im happy, I hold you up and kiss you fiercely. My good baby cries. Satisfy all the needs of children, just to celebrate their good mood. If you are not happy, you will scold in three sentences, or even fight directly.

Ive had countless times like this.

So when her son jumped on her back again and her cell phone almost fell to the ground, she got angry. At this time, put the mobile phone on and crack it down in front of the childs butt. You know, half an hour ago, she hugged her baby and was both cheating and kissing. The contrast is too great.

After the fight, she should be angry gradually, in the face of sobbing children love.

Hold it in your arms, kiss it and coax it. Ask your child if he wants to be his own good baby and buy you that toy. Its a kind of compensation.

If you love your child, please respect him. Because children are not pets, but people with independent thinking and will.

Please dont have children. Feeding a obedient pet is enough.

Mothers gentle comfort is the nourishment of love.

Fathers firm support is also the nourishment of love.

During the journey, she had a few words with her mother. She was angry and parked on the acceleration ramp of the expressway. She locked the door and drove away. She had her own old mother and her 1-year-old children in the car. At this time, the outdoor temperature is about 30 degrees, and the temperature in the car is rising rapidly. Mothers and children over one year old were sweaty and flushed. Mother dialed the mothers phone, but she never answered.

Fortunately, the traffic police finally contacted the mother of the child, who understood the whole rescue process, and she blamed herself and repeatedly thanked the traffic police.

Are you angry and dont love your children?

If you dont listen to me, I wont want you anymore. Get out of here!

You always do this. Dont show up in front of me. I dont like you.

Whether its because of the sense of control, or because of the momentary anger. Always bury the seeds of fear in childrens hearts. Why do many children grow up avoiding their fathers? Often, communication with their fathers is broken, and they have been hurt, and each other has not been properly repaired.

For example, a child a few months old. You laugh at him, and he laughs at you, feeling your goodwill and love. When you stare at him fiercely, even if you dont talk, the child will be scared to cry. Because he felt uneasy and afraid.

In the process of growing up, feelings will always accompany us.

Really mature parentslove for their children should be lasting and stable.

Instead of being influenced by ones own emotions or external comments.

This is a valuable gift for children. Sometimes we get out of control and yell at our children for no reason. But thats not what we want for our children.

Since its not what you want, change yourself and manage your emotions. Lets work together.

There is such a dialogue in the picture book I will always love you.

Ali: Would you still love me if I spilled paint on my sister?

I will hold you responsible for your actions, but I still love you.

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In fact, its easy to find just by adding star marks.

See Figure 3 below for details.

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