Mango Music Festival Vigorous Opening Jony J Singing Live Sound Boom

 Mango Music Festival Vigorous Opening Jony J Singing Live Sound Boom

Million-class photographer special tide shoot custom play cool fashion

On the spot, members fans can not only enjoy the wonderful performances brought by singers, but also experience a variety of interactive activities under the stage. Hey, play the whole scene. Members can also customize their favorite identity and mood when they enter. After the entrance, there are more front-line artists with photographers and cartographers team tailor-made for members of the large film, members of fashionable people can immediately generate their own tide shoot manual to take home. Members dont have to worry about whether the music festival is fashionable, whether the makeup is beautiful, intimate mango TV has already helped you prepare image customization in advance. As long as members arrive at the scene, they can gain full experience.

The media sigh that Mango Members Welfare Customized Music Festival is too fun

It is reported that members of Mango TV can not only decide the singing repertoire of the music festival on the spot, but also decide the theme of the day, the periphery of Chao Ku, the lyrics and identity tags. While enjoying the joyment of music itself, they can also feel the rights and interests brought by mango membership on the spot. On July 24, 25 and 26, well-known singers and bands such as Park Shu, Hedgehog, Bai Jiegang and popular members will also join the Mango Music Festival, bringing wonderful performances to members of Mango TV. And on July 27, Youth Mango Night is the climax of Youth Mango Festival. Lets look forward to it together.