Chen Ruoxians Jiuzhou Fanlu Chengdao C-position Buwusheng Fault

 Chen Ruoxians Jiuzhou Fanlu Chengdao C-position Buwusheng Fault

This is how the most flaming fighting game was made.

Chen Ruoxian plays Jiye, a teenager who grew up in family adversity. He desperately wants to become strong to prove himself, the sentence I am Jiye, Wild Wild is a vivid portrayal of his perseverance in adversity, not bowing to fate.

In the memorable footage of famous scenes in martial arts, even though all over the body was bruised, surrounded by ridicule, or even not appreciated, Yoshihiro still refused to give up this opportunity to prove himself. He declared war on fate with a long suppressed mood: I am here today to defeat everyone. This warm-blooded and persistent is: The most touching purity in Hideos bones.

94 First Play Student Fills in the Blank of No New Wusheng

As a wolf-like retrograde character like Yoshino, playing is the most important thing all the way through. I believe many people who have seen Chen Ruohuan play should feel the energy. There are many pertinent comments on this play on the internet. Chen Ruoxian also enjoys it visually because it has a lot of powders in the circle.