Fu Yuanhui responded to the variety influence training: Maybe I am not suitable for swimming.

 Fu Yuanhui responded to the variety influence training: Maybe I am not suitable for swimming.

Fu Yuanhui responded to the variety influence training: Maybe I am not suitable for swimming.

In the 50m backstroke, Fu Yuanhui, a Chinese swimmer, came out first in the preliminary race, but regrettably ranked ninth in the semi-finals, and again failed to qualify for the finals.

After the game, Fu Yuanhui came to the mixed mining area with a very depressed look. She said that she was in good condition when she came to Guangzhou this time, but now the result is far from her expectation.

I did my best in the semi-finals, although I didnt expect the result at night, I did my best. In all respects, I have done the best I can. Although she was not in the final, Fu Yuanhui confessed that she had really done her best.

This time, Ive reached the highest point I can touch, and Im trying to overcome all the problems as much as I can.

I still feel sorry for my coach and those who have always cared about me and encouraged me. I also want to show them a result.

This time I worked harder than I did four years ago to win the world championship, but this achievement is... I really worked hard.

For the problems in the 50-meter backstroke, Fu Yuanhui admitted that he was still affected by the injury. This time, it can only be said that his body is not very bright. Before the training, I saw a lot of netizens say that the training was not systematic and took part in many programs. If its really because I didnt swim well, thats what I deserve, and I feel normal.

But I think the effort and the seriousness of my training have exceeded the hardship of the Rio Olympics four years ago.

In fact, Fu Yuanhui took painkillers during the two days of competition. Its okay this morning, but its not okay after swimming a shot. He took painkillers in the afternoon and noon. When he got up or stooped, he could not stand upright.

When the surging journalist asked about her waist injury, Fu Yuanhui confessed that it was a problem since childhood. When she was a child, she suffered from lumbar muscle strain. Later, she developed lumbar disc herniation. When I was in China, I felt uncomfortable, but it was not so acid. Now my legs feel broken when I lift them up.

I really train hard and do everything I can. If I cant, Ill have to accept it.

Maybe its really like what netizens said. Im not really fit for swimming.

For the next race schedule, Fu Yuanhui is not sure if he can continue in his own state. To be honest, I dare not participate in the relay, because if the relay project can not swim well, it is a loss of collective honor, I can not bear this responsibility, I do not want to let my teammates pay the efforts in vain.

Fu Yuanhui admits that there is not much pressure to come to Guangzhou this time. Unlike Yang Ge andTurtle Ge(Xu Jiayu), they are under such pressure. Everyone hopes that they will win gold medals and compete for honor for our Chinese swimming team.

In fact, there is no requirement for me, the most is a 50-meter backstroke bar, but there is no requirement that I have to win the gold medal, because my previous state and performance is not particularly good.

Since the Barcelona World Championships in 2013, Fu Yuanhui has participated in four World Championships. In the first three years, she won a gold medal (Kazan in 2015) and two silver medals (Barcelona in 2013 and Budapest in 2017).

For the Tokyo Olympic Games a year later, Fu Yuanhui confessed that she still wanted to participate, but I dont know if I am suitable for it.

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