Burning! Ronaldo Nanjing 90 minutes of hard work + free kick savior shouted his name

 Burning! Ronaldo Nanjing 90 minutes of hard work + free kick savior shouted his name

Although the Champions League is only a warm-up match, the collision between the two Italian giants has made the match a success. The importance of the national Derby need not be further elaborated. It can be seen from the fierce off-court clashes between the two teamsfans before the match. Apart from the resentment between the two teams, Ronaldo was clearly the most concerned point in the match.

Before the game, Ronaldos signature for the fans when he was waiting for the bus to enter the stadium was enough for the fans to offer him a rainbow butt. In the game, Ronaldo was excellent enough to make the fans feel worthwhile. Juve did not dominate in the first half, shooting only twice, but Ronaldo threatened Inters goal slightly in these few chances.

In the 33rd minute of the game, Cancelo passed the ball to the penalty area, and Rogo leaped to head the ball, but the ball was slightly overhead under the close interference of the defender. In addition, another Juve goal in the first half was scored by Ronaldo, who completed a long-range shot less than two minutes before the game began.

The inactive attacking in the first half also led Juventus to concede the ball. After 58 minutes of playing with a backward score, Ronaldo finally appeared with the halo of Savior. A free kick close to the penalty line was placed in front of Ronaldo, and the whole game sounded Ronaldo! C Luo! The president did not fail to live up to the publics expectations, and the score was equalized by one foot refraction. This free-kick was only 48 days after his latest free-kick, which was the semi-final of UEFA.

Seventeen minutes after the goal equalized, Ronaldo got another good chance to shoot; Rabiots straight set created a one-tool chance for him, but he did not want to be greedy when his teammates lost the chance to attack, Inter goalkeeper will attack and confiscate the ball. Ronaldos goal made the match go into penalty shoot-out. Although Buffon, who saved three penalties, was the main player in this link, Ronaldos second goal also laid a good foundation for his teammates.

Eventually, the dedicated president played the whole game, and his goal was one of the keys to ensure the final victory of the Bianconeri. I believe that such a performance will surely satisfy the fans who came to watch the game in the hot weather.

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