Kashuai sighed: British referees play like away from home.

 Kashuai sighed: British referees play like away from home.

In the League tournament, Hengda won 2-0 away from Hong Kong, but the FA Cup lost to its opponents at home with the same score. Cannavaro admits that the team is not doing well, that there are too many meaningless long passes in the midfield, and that there are too many mistakes, and that they are not calm enough to deal with opportunities when they are created. More importantly, Huang Bowen and Zhang Linqian, the two main players of the team in the first half, had to leave because of injury. The two injuries disrupted our pre-match arrangements, which was very sudden and we had to change our pre-match arrangements.

Regarding the defeat, Cannavaro also hinted that there were too many interruptions in the game and felt that there was an irresistible factor. Anyway, its like an away game. Of course Im not complaining about anybody, or evaluating anybody. Thats because I think theres too much interruption in this game. At the end of the press conference, Cannavaro said that referees in Britain had a fairly more open law enforcement system, so the competition had become more open.

Zeng Cheng suddenly started the game, which was his first match nearly three months after he was injured, but unfortunately the team ended the winning streak in the game. Cannavaro said it had nothing to do with Zeng Cheng, and he did not regret letting Zeng Cheng start the game because Zeng Cheng is always the main goalkeeper in the team.

Regarding the opponent of going to Hong Kong, Cannavaro said that his opponents have been very strong in recent years. Now he has introduced a super foreign aid. As far as physical condition is concerned, it is just like a monster. It will be very helpful to their tactics. It also proves that China and Super are more competitive.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Responsible Editor of Cheng Jin Dynasty: Zhang Zenong_NS5732