Ronaldinho is wearing an Inter jersey? I clarify that he was kind enough to lend me

 Ronaldinho is wearing an Inter jersey? I clarify that he was kind enough to lend me

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Ronaldo fans wear Inter Jersey (source: Netease video)

Subsequently, the female fans clarified the misunderstanding on Weibo. She said that an Inter fan was kind enough to lend her jersey for fear of clashing with other Inter fans.

I was the client and that girl. Todays situation is like this. I was sitting alone in the Inter loyalty fan area. Then many Inter fans kept looking at me. I was afraid. A very good uncle looked at me and asked me if I wanted to sit with him first. Then he brought me an Inter Jersey and said to put it on first so that no one would stare at you all the time. Then he let me start taking it off again. So he is really a very good person, I am a girl, like C Luo for a long time, the first time to go to the scene to see his game, is not very understanding. So thank you so much for caring about me. Thank you so much. The people who like Ronaldo are all very good indeed. I hope you dont misunderstand that uncle any more. Hes also a very good person.

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