Women argue with their husbands and jump into the river when they suspect their husbands of cheating on drugs and committing suicide.

 Women argue with their husbands and jump into the river when they suspect their husbands of cheating on drugs and committing suicide.

At 13:19 on July 24, Wang Pei, a police officer at the 110 Command Center of Jiangyou Public Security Bureau in Sichuan, received a warning from a young woman who said she wanted to jump into the river for a living. The young woman on the other end of the phone could not speak clearly. She choked and said that she wanted to jump into the river for a living at the bridge cave of Jiangyou Fujiang River. Receiving the sudden alarm, Wang Pei-ma realized that the alarm was in a critical situation. She listened attentively, persuaded patiently, carefully inquired about the identity information and the specific location of the alarm, and immediately signaled the video post to inspect and lock the scene of the incident.

_Receiving police officers patiently soothe their emotions and dispatch police forces in time

In the phone conversation with the woman, the police officer learned that the woman, Wang Honghong (alias), 29 years old, Jiangyou Ren, suspected that her husband had an affair with others and blamed him for his lack of responsibility to the family. On July 22, she took excessive sleeping pills when she was discouraged, and was later sent to hospital for treatment. On July 24, Wang Honghong lost control of her emotions after a quarrel with her husband. She left the hospital alone to end her life by jumping into the river.

After receiving the police officersinformation, they immediately patroled Zhongba Police Station and Special Patrol Police Station through intercom instructions, while Wang Pei continued to keep the call with the police, touching the woman with family affection and appeasing the other partys mood. At the same time, the command center video post police timely access the surrounding Skynet video surveillance, step by step to narrow the search scope, and real-time inform the police and police of the scene, follow-up, full cooperation in rescue work.

_Auxiliary police jumped into the river to save the life-saving woman

Subsequently, Chen Jian and Zhang Yunyi, police officers of Zhongba Police Station patrolling near the Fifth Junction of Jiangyou, were alerted and rushed to the scene quickly. From a distance of about 10 meters away from the river bank, a woman with short green sleeves was floating and sinking in the water at the pier of a bridge on Fujiang River. Chen Jian and Zhang Yunyi, police assistants, jumped out of the police car and ran to the river, wearing life jackets. After rushing to the river, Zhang Yunyi, a police assistant who had already worn life jackets, tightened the rope, jumped directly into the water and struggled to swim to the women in the water.

At this time, the woman was frightened out of her wits. Zhang Yunyi told the woman not to be nervous. The police came to rescue you. Later, Zhang Yunyi tied the lifeline firmly to the waist of the woman. Chen Jian, a shore policeman, pulled it to the shore through the lifeline and successfully rescued it to shore. An ambulance on the shore immediately rescued Wang Honghong and then sent it to the hospital.

_The woman who jumped into the river was rescued

At present, Wang Honghong is in hospital for further treatment.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284