The highest crazy 57percent! Return to 500 billion of wound plate

 The highest crazy 57percent! Return to 500 billion of wound plate

On the third day of Kechuang Ban, he rose again. After the first day of passionate fade, the next day fell, today the whole line rose, 25 stocks are all red, the average increase of 11.39%, the largest increase of Fuguang shares rose 49.36%, the stock price once rose 57% to a new high.

The highest increase was 49%.

After the opening of the market today, Kechuang stock has gone up all the way, becoming an important force to lead the trend of A shares. By the end of the day, 25 companies had risen 11.39% on average, with a turnover of 22.8 billion yuan and an average turnover rate of 38.3%. The turnover was comparable to yesterdays.

Specifically, Fuguang shares rose 49.36%, the largest increase; Wald rose 34.76%, traffic control technology rose 26.32%, platinum, Guangfeng technology, Hanchuan Intelligence, good weather, Aerospace ambitions rose more than 10%, the lowest increase in Chinas currency rose 1.9%. From the point of view of the characteristics of the value of the rising stock market, the circulating market value of the stocks with the highest rising rate is on the small side as a whole.

After only one stock was closed yesterday, two stocks were closed today. Fukuang shares and Walder shares triggered a temporary suspension of trading which was 30% higher than the opening price.

As of todays closing date, the total market value of 25 companies is 513.6 billion yuan, the circulation market value is 67.1 billion yuan, the average P/E ratio is 143 times, and the highest P/E ratio of medium and micro companies is 821 times.

The red flag of the GEM is flying, and the trend of A shares is not bad, especially the GEM.

The reason why the entrepreneurship index is surging today is mainly due to the good performance of the electronic communication sector. Lance Technologies rose and stopped, Xinwei Communications rose 8.69%, Xinwangda rose 6.96%.

T+0 operation in disguised form for surgical wound plate

However, Kechuang stock exchange did not liberalize T+0. After the investors sell the securities, they need the second trading day to repay the securities. For the long-term intra-day turnaround T+0, this also needs to consider the financing interest cost.