Hortons Motherland Media Tingsun Yang: The Anti-Drug Control System Caused His Situation

 Hortons Motherland Media Tingsun Yang: The Anti-Drug Control System Caused His Situation

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), at the World Swimming Championships in 2019, many Australians were concerned about the performance of Rio Olympic champion Horton. Horton did not qualify for any of the World Championships in Kwangju, Korea, but he was selected. At the same time, everyone is concerned about Sun Yang, the defending champion of the World Championship and widely regarded as one of the best freestyle swimmers ever.

On the eve of the competition, some western media made a lot of reports on Sun Yang, claiming that he destroyed the blood sample of the drug test, so the drug inspector failed to test his blood sample. Relevant contents undoubtedly have an impact on many swimmers. When asked how they felt about it, they thought that its not a glorious thing, it needs to be discussed and they hope to crack down on drugcheats in swimming.

However, does Sun Yangs stigma of being a so-called drug cheater really have a factual basis? In its long article, ABC pointed out directly that no one really carefully read the detailed conclusions of an official survey of Sun Yang from the questions asked by reporters and the responses of swimmers.

There was indeed an official result, and the anti-doping court found that the Chinese swimmer was not at fault. Why do we come to such a conclusion? Because the drug inspectors did not follow the procedure.

Australian media in the article detailed the main timeline of events that evening:

At about 11:00 p.m. on September 4, 2018, three people came to Sun Yangs house for testing, but only one person had formal qualifications.

Sun Yang was questioned when he found something unusual in filling out the documents after drawing blood.

He was not satisfied with the answer given by the other party. Then he called his coach, the leader of the Chinese swimming team and his lawyer respectively. Everyone advised him not to sign the incorrect documents.

According to the survey report:

Initial blood sample collection is not a formalsamplewithout formal authorization... ____________. Therefore, blood samples collected by the International Anti-Doping Testing and Management Agency on September 4, 2018 are invalid. In view of the above, there is no violation of FINA anti-doping regulations.

Thereafter, one of the test assistants took photos and videos of Sun Yang without authorization and permission.

Some of the doping test assistants are very improper and unprofessional, the report said. This should not happen at all... A doping test assistant makes this behavior before accompanying the athlete to provide urine samples, which is undoubtedly a reason to terminate the assistants participation in the test immediately.

In addition, Sun Yangs staff questioned the qualifications of the nurse who pumped blood for Sun Yang, who is often referred to as a blood sample collection assistant. FINA did not ask for any evidence to refute Sun Yangs serious argument about the lack of qualifications of the nurse. The doping inspection team has serious doubts about whether nurses are qualified to draw blood from athletes. It says so.

At about 3 a.m., four hours after the start of the drug test, Sun Yang decided not to trust the drug inspectors and refused to let them take away the newly collected blood bottles. They called the chief doctor of the local hospital and asked the doctor how to handle the blood samples. Importantly, a supervisor from Swedens international anti-doping Testing and regulatory agency also participated in the discussion by telephone.

In the end, Sun Yang did not hand in blood samples. Although the FINA Anti-Doping Court stated that athletes need to follow the instructions of doping testing officials with great caution and provide samples at each drug test, even if there is aprotest,it is important that the investigation team concluded that Sun Yang did not violate the anti-doping regulations.

Australian media continued to point out that FINA accepted the findings, but the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is appealing the findings in the Sports Arbitration Tribunal. Since the World Anti-Doping Agency has not yet urged a hearing before the World Swimming Championship, Sun Yang can participate in the competition, but this has triggered many reports calling Sun Yang a drug cheater in the title and saying that Sun Yang faces a lifetime ban. On the other hand, Sun Yang may also be exempted from liability.

Although athletes are asked what they think of Sun Yang, they should also ask themselves an important question. At the end of the article, it points out, What would you do if something happened to you that night, faced with three anti-doping workers, one of whom had formal qualifications, the other shot a video without approval, and the other took your blood before you found out that the procedure was wrong?

This matter concerns Sun Yangs whole career, including his training and achievements in life. Known as drug cheaters is the worst stain in sports. If the public is to have confidence in athletes, then athletes also need to have confidence in testing their systems. What we now know is that an independent survey found that Sun Yang did not fail the drug test, but that the anti-doping system caused his current situation, the article said.

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on July 22, a reporter from Australia asked Sun Yang, a Chinese swimmer, to win the 400-meter championship, but the second Australian swimmer refused to go on the podium because he thought Sun Yang was suspected of taking medicine. Whats Chinas comment on this? Geng Shuang, a spokesman, responded: Strictly speaking, you are not a diplomatic issue. First, you can consult Mr. Sun Yang himself on this issue, and I understand that he has also responded to the outside world on this issue. Second, as far as I understand, in sports competitions, if similar situations occur, they should be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of international sports organizations.

After the game, Sun Yang also responded positively to Hortons refusal to go on the podium. He wanted to influence my performance on the track by doing this, but I did what I had to do. You may have some opinions about me, but the award is very sacred. You are reluctant to give it, but when you stand on the podium, you have to respect China. Sun Yang said.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Liu Jie_NS6529