Schmidt: It remains to be agreed that the FA Cup should be put together.

 Schmidt: It remains to be agreed that the FA Cup should be put together.

On July 24, Beijing Guoan will host the quarter-finals of the FA Cup to challenge Shandong Luneng away from home.

Schmidt: Because of the short time interval, the preparation is all about recovery. This stage has put forward high requirements for our playersphysical ability. Four games in 11 days, three of which are away games, put forward high requirements for our players. Every game we play requires that we stay in good shape after the opening whistle blows, and tomorrow we will do the same for ourselves. We came here to win.

Yu Yang: Now our players have played a lot of games and are still recovering. The interval between games is relatively short. Everyone needs to work hard to recover. Tomorrow we will be in a fuller state to welcome the game against Shandong. We know its not an easy game. We lost here some time ago. So we hope this game can bring the victory back to Beijing and advance to the next round.

Reporter: Will this competition lower its stance to compete with its opponents?

Schmidt: Actually, I dont think our staffing is inferior to that of our competitors. The players we came to the away field were the same as those who went to Jiangsu. I think the last game is also a good proof that we can dominate the game and control the rhythm of the game without Vieira and Zhang Shizhe. Although the opponents won the game in the last round, their passing success rate is not high. Sometimes thats the way the game is. Although its dominant in all aspects, it still loses. Tomorrow we need to adapt to the rhythm of the game and seize the opportunity. If I can do these two things, I believe my boys have a good chance of winning the game.

Reporter: Whats the difference between our mentality and the league match on June 30?

Schmidt: After that game, we played four games, won three, and lost one unlucky game. In fact, the last game and that in Jiangsu are similar. We are in control of the game. We played our characteristics, but unfortunately we did not grasp the chance of scoring, but let the opponent take the lead through counter-attack. Then their defence retreated very deep in order to maintain their leading edge. From this point of view, I think there are some similarities between the two games. Tomorrows game will be a brand new one, a completely different one. And tomorrows game, they have Pellet, Ferraini will also play, they will play a long pass, constantly fighting for one point and two points, we will make the corresponding deployment.

Reporter: At the previous ventilation meeting, you said that you would play in the second half of the season according to the original lineup. At present, there are many injuries in the team. Will Zhonghe Guoan still keep this decision?

Schmidt: Of course, when we said that, we didnt expect that Vieira would be injured for such a long time. This is something that needs to be considered. As things stand, Vieira will return to the team in five weekstime, and it may take a little longer. This time varies from person to person, and its hard to say now. If we do something during the transfer period, it may mean that Vieira will not be able to play again after recovering from injury. He is a very important player for us, so we need to think carefully about the situation and see what options are available in the transfer market. If we do something, we must choose players who will help us a lot in the short term. As for whether there will be such a move, the club needs to make further decisions.

Source: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696