Li Xiaolin, daughter of Li Peng: My father showed me how poor children study.

 Li Xiaolin, daughter of Li Peng: My father showed me how poor children study.

Peoples Network reported on November 28, 2012

Li Xiaolin (Information Map)

Li Xiaolin is known as the first sister in Chinas electricity market. She has also been listed on Fortune magazines list of the worlds strongest women in business circles. She has been called the queen of electricity women by the media and the beautiful CEO standing on the shoulder of international capital. In front of the reporter, she is gentle, self-confident and calm. In Frank communication, people can feel the unique personality behind her words.

Li Xiaolin attracted much attention because she had a father who had served as Premier of the State Council of China. Media interviews are almost inseparable from the question: What do you think is the reason for you to sit here today? Is there a family factor?

Li Xiaolin did not shy away, answering frankly: My growth is the result of my step-by-step efforts. From graduating from university to working at the grass-roots level, from the original technicians, engineers, section chiefs, deputy directors, directors, vice-presidents, to the president, I have not missed a step. A person was born in a better family, if you do not have their own efforts, only depend on the influence of their parents, even if given you this position, you can not afford to fight!

Li Xiaolin is very confident. She says that for herself, capital beyond ability equals zero.

Fathers mini-attendant

In Li Xiaolins mind, the honor and achievements of the predecessors always belong to the predecessors. It can make you happy and proud, but it wont be a backbone. Every time someone mentions her father, Li Peng, Li Xiaolins words are always full of respect. In her eyes, her father has a firm will, has a goal in life, works seriously, and always strives towards the goal. Li Xiaolin said that parents did not intentionally teach their children what to do, but under the influence of the family, they inherited the will and character of their parents.

Li Xiaolin was born in Beijing in 1961. She claimed to be her fathers follower when she was a child. She followed her father to many power stations since she was a teenager. At that time, I had seen the larger hydropower stations and thermal power stations in China, and I was very familiar with them. Li Xiaolin has a vivid picture of her father wearing a helmet to direct the construction of engineers and technicians. When I was a child, I saw my father running around for Chinas electric power industry. From then on, I had an idea. When I grew up, like my father, I wore a helmet and commanded thousands of troops and horses.

When Li Xiaolin followed her father to visit the grass-roots level, Li Peng often intentionally took her to the local poverty-stricken families, pointing to the children studying hard under kerosene lamp to show her daughter, educating her to cherish the good learning environment and study hard.

In her daughters heart, her father Li Peng is a very learning person, even after retirement in his old age, he did not stop learning. My father started keeping a diary every day before he took part in the work. After retirement, he plans to classify these diaries into 10 different categories and publish them one after another. Now he has published several copies. Li Xiaolin said that collating materials and writing took up a lot of Li Pengs retirement time. Sometimes when I go home, I see my father still working at his desk. Its very hard. He likes to do many things personally, such as insisting on surfing the Internet and typing by himself. He hoped that he could be healthy and see the new achievements of reform and opening up in the future.

In good health, Li Peng often reads books at home, exercises, and especially likes swimming. Whenever talking about the influence of parents and families, Li Xiaolins face is always filled with happiness. Infected by her father, Li Xiaolin has also been keeping a diary. I record every days insights and thoughts, and collect all the work I have done, the speeches and speeches I have made on various occasions, the contents of media interviews and letters I have received. Li Xiaolin has compiled a number of self-compiled journey of the mind and often read these things in leisure time, every time they look at it, they have a sense of achievement, but also self-reflection and self-motivation.

Mothers and fathers have loved each other for decades. Mother prepares her father with regular medicine every day. They eat together, watch movies together, and discuss things together. When theres an argument, Dad lets Mom take more responsibility, and Mom takes more responsibility at home. This family atmosphere continued to Li Xiaolins small family, she said: I am very grateful to have a harmonious family, a brother-like husband and a friend-like daughter. Li Xiaolin emphasized that she was a public figure, and she was willing to take the responsibility, but did not want her relatives to take these responsibilities, and did not want the society to pay attention to them. I hope they can live a quiet, healthy and natural life.

A kerosene lamp and a lifelong dream

Because she always sticks the label the daughter of Li Peng on her body, Li Xiaolin is always covered by the concept of high-powered children and good shade under big trees. A friend who knows Li Xiaolin told reporters: Without this special family background, depending on Li Xiaolins talent and working ability, maybe she can get more.

Li Xiaolin heard these comments, laughed and said, Indeed, everyone in the family that I grew up knows that everyones growth is actually inseparable from family and society. Family is very important to a person. The family I was born in has more spiritual impact on me. Li Xiaolin reviewed her growth to reporters.

My fathers good intentions are not in vain. I have worked very hard since I was a primary school. Li Xiaolin has shown good organizational and managerial abilities since her childhood. She has been a monitor, captain and Secretary of the League branch in the school. At that time, my parents were busy with work. I started to be a housekeeper when I was 13 years old. My parentssalaries were paid to me. I managed three meals a day. Li Xiaolin recalled happily.

Perhaps even Li Peng did not think that he took his daughter to watch poor children learn, which ignited her dream. At that time, there were no electric lights in the countryside. They were illuminated by kerosene lamps made of a tin can shell and a strand of cotton thread stretching out. It is this worn kerosene lamp that gives me a strong sense of mission to spread light to every dark corner when I grow up. This is also the original intention of my later study of electricity, engaged in the power industry.

In 1988, Li Xiaolin received a masters degree in power system automation from Tsinghua University. She worked as a teacher in the Institute of Electric Power Technology, as a dispatcher, technician and engineer in North China Electric Power Company, and then transferred to the Ministry of Energy. As deputy director of the Economic and Trade Department of the Department of International Affairs, she has the opportunity to meet with outstanding managers around the world. From a simple technical engineer to a compound talent who knows technology and good management, I find myself in urgent need ofchargingand knowledge updating. The next year, Li Xiaolin had the opportunity to enter a United Nations aid program and study management at Sloan School of Business, MIT. According to the records, Sloan Business School was once more famous and influential than Harvard Business School. Most of the members of the management think tank Clinton relied on as President of the United States came from here. I cherish this opportunity of learning, and those two years have become a new starting point for my business management. Two years later, Li Xiaolin lamented that she was like a reborn woman. Then she went to work in the Ministry of Electricity and became director of the Economic and Trade Department.

Shortly after the returnees, Li Xiaolin discovered from a document that some overseas people wanted to use the concept of Chinas power industry as a fund. This trick, commonly known as speculation concept in the field of foreign investment, was spotted by Li Xiaolin. She immediately reported to the then Minister of Electricity: The development of the country needs electricity first, but there is still a shortage of funds. The shortage of funds is at least 200 billion yuan. It is suggested that a company protected by law should be set up overseas, that is, aregular army, to attract large international funds and consortia to us and participate in Chinas electricity industry. Construction. Li Xiaolins proposal was confirmed by the Ministry of Electricity. She was selected to form China Electric Power International Co., Ltd. and served as the head of the preparatory group.

Looking back on that experience, Li Xiaolin confessed, At that time, there was a confusion of going up a tall building alone. You did it, but you didnt know how to do it, so you could find a way out in the unknown. She didnt realize that the road had run for 10 years and experienced twists and turns. Yibo was established when the company was established. Although the proposal was adopted, it took almost two years to deal with various ministries and commissions of the country and finally establish a company in Hong Kong. The so-called triple discount is to find foreign funds to invest in the power market, three times in the middle, but because of concepts, policies and other factors missed time and again. The first time to go public was in 1997. When Hong Kong returned that year, the concept of Chinese red chips in the Hong Kong stock market was very popular. But the zero profit injection of assets makes listing an unreliable fantasy. Missed opportunities, Li Xiaolin immediately looked for a second opportunity. She proposes to introduce strategic investment partners and then go public. From making a good plan to submitting approval, in 1998, a financial storm made the listing go sour again. At that time, our asset-liability ratio had reached 96%, which was a very dangerous financial situation, Li Xiaolin said. Together with her colleagues, she traveled among Hong Kongs major banks to restructure their debt structure and eliminate risks. Looking at the third opportunity, however, because of the weak foundation of the enterprise, it still failed to go public.

Until October 15, 2004, China Electric Power, a subsidiary of China Power International, was finally listed and traded on the Hong Kong mainboard market. At that time, in a photograph published by Hong Kongs major media, Li Xiaolin, nicknamed Beauty in Red, was answering the phone. The moment she answered the phone was just one minute before Li Xiaolin entered the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The phone said, Mr. Li, todays big market is not good. Li Xiaolin calmly answered, Based on the economic situation of our country, the situation of our electric power, and the strong support of our parent company, we will certainly give shareholders a satisfactory and reasonable return! Say, Li Xiaolin raised her hand. Hong Kong newspapers interpreted her gesture as a good sign of stock market rise. On that day, China Electric Power rose 17% as the market sang and fell.

Grandmas far-reaching impact on the whole family

In the past 10 years, Li Xiaolin has always had a high reputation and influence in China Telecom International. Always a tolerant person, very concerned about team harmony, is actually a combination of toughness and softness, especially in the face of difficulties, can feel her strong and persistent. An employee of China Electric Power International said so about Li Xiaolin.

There are two links in the normal and effective operation of an enterprise. One is the link of property rights system, the other is the link of spiritual culture. Li Xiaolin said that the world-famous longevity company has a common feature, that is, they all have distinctive and positive corporate culture.

Li Xiaolin said that no one can stop the word enterprise. Employees are not only the main body of a harmonious enterprise, but also the creator of harmony. Only when the enterprise and employees are in harmony, the harmony of other aspects will have its foundation and support.

Once, a friend complained to Li Xiaolin about buying a pile of famous brand clothes, but they always felt wrong when they were put on, hoping to give some advice. Li Xiaolin listened, smiled and told her friends that there was no problem with the clothes themselves. The key was whether the matching was coordinated or not. So she exchanged some tips about dressing up with her friends. Friends are inspired to dress up a lot better.

Li Xiaolin said that there seems to be such a problem in the leadership team building of enterprises. We have many excellent managerial talents. If they are well matched, well-structured and perform their duties, the strength will be 1+1>2. On the contrary, if they are not matched properly and the structure is unreasonable, there may be 1+1_2 or even 1+1 1. As a modern enterprise, we need excellent individuals, but also the best combination of collective structure, the key lies in the art of collocation.

In Li Xiaolins mind, A good corporate culture is like aTrue Sutra. It can make your team have a sense of identity and responsibility, give meaning to work and give impetus to development.

In fact, Li Xiaolin can use Chinese traditional culture for business management, but also from the edification of the family. Li Pengs father, Li Shuohun, was a revolutionary martyr who was arrested by Kuomintang agents in August 1931 for organizing the Qiongya Guerrilla Military Conference. In prison, he wrote a suicide note to his wife, Zhao Juntao, in a calm manner. His wife, Zhao Juntao, later became a famous educationist in China. She read a lot of books and had elegant aspirations.

So far, Li Xiaolin remembers sitting in the courtyard and telling her stories in Sichuan dialect. Beijings small courtyard, dressed up by Grandma, is always full of grass and leaves. Grandma has so many stories that I find it interesting to ask her, How do you know so many stories? Grandma pointed to Zizhi Tongjian on the table and said,Here you are, turn it over. Li Xiaolin lay on the thick Zizhi Tongjian, but did not know so many words. Grandma put a Kangxi Dictionary on the table to teach her to look up the dictionary. Li Xiaolin said, Grandma is a woman with rich literary literacy and cultural heritage. She sowed the seeds of Chinese excellent culture in my heart.

Under the influence of her grandmother, Li Xiaolin loved reading ancient books, including books on traditional Chinese medicine, and talked about classics such as the Book of Changes and Huangdis Internal Classic. She was very enthusiastic. From the Book of Songs, Chuci to Tang poetry, Song Ci, Zizhi Tongjian and Ancient Literature Guanzhi, I have studied them. To this day, I can recite many famous chapters such as Peach Blossom Source, Yueyang Tower and so on.

In his later years, Zhao Juntao liked calligraphy and wrote a meaningful and graceful Zhao character with vivid charm and vivid form and spirit. Influenced by her grandmother, Li Xiaolin has always preferred traditional Chinese characters. Looking at Li Xiaolins calligraphy, the structure is exquisite, showing a sense of heroism in the beautiful, which is also the most precious legacy left to her by her grandmother.

Li Xiaolin said, Grandpa left a letter to Grandma before he was generous at the age of 28 and asked her to take care of her children and nurture them into talents. Grandma really lived up to Grandpas expectations, and now not only grandchildren, but also from Dad to us, all of them have done something.

Women are the first strong women

Li Xiaolin is an intellectual woman who knows both inside and outside. For people to regard her as a standard strong woman, Li Xiaolin said: strong woman is first and foremost a woman. If you are a woman, you should attach importance to the beauty of women.

Previously, the reporter had heard many people describe Li Xiaolin, young, beautiful, beautiful, from jewelry, clothing to handbags, are very sophisticated. Li Xiaolin smiled and explained her understanding of beauty: I think beauty should be beauty plus ability, that is,beauty. Whether a woman can have beauty depends on herself in the end. Actually, my clothes dont have any brand names. I am usually very busy with my work. I often buy clothes when I see that there are suitable clothes in my hotel during meetings. Speaking of makeup, I usually make up. In fact, there is no secret to maintenance. I believe that from heart to heart.

Li Xiaolin also has her own understanding of the strong woman. She said that it is not only the strong woman, but also the flexible woman. Like the flexion and extension of water, the rigidity and softness of water, perseverance. In life, no one can guarantee smooth sailing, may ups and downs, we have to learn to accept everything with a smile. I have always believed that women have unique advantages in respecting, understanding, tolerance, communication and understanding. Korean Womens University has the creed of changing the world with gentleness. These are precisely the indispensable qualities of all excellent managers.

One of Li Xiaolins hobbies is mountaineering. She said that doing work and doing business is like mountaineering, but it is an invisible mountain. It takes more courage and perseverance to conquer them, which is much harder than climbing the mountain of nature.

Trekking mountains and rivers and avenues, intensive and deep ploughing without hesitation. Bend your head and be willing to be a cow. Turn the tide around and count the heroes.

This is a poem Li Xiaolin sent to reporters after the interview. Reporters know that she belongs to the Year of the Ox, 2009 happens to be the Year of the Ox. Nius loyalty, steadfastness, diligence and dedication are exactly what Li Xiaolin advocates. This woman is spurring and inspiring herself with the spirit of the cows children, and advancing boldly on the road of life with a new attitude...

Source: Peoples Network Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331