What I want to tell you.

 What I want to tell you.

In a relationship, contradiction is inevitable.

If two people fall in love, sometimes resolving a conflict will become the lubricant of love and deepen the communication and understanding between them.

The most harmful thing to feelings is what you care about most, which is negated by your beloved.

Talking about your hobbies, or about your ideals, ambitions and career, you muster up courage, take out the words from your heart, and look at each other expectantly.

One word of encouragement, one word of approval, you expect him to say that.

Wait for, but it is a sentence: I do not think so, I do not think this is very good.

Tell him your thoughts patiently and ask him what he thinks of them.

The heart seems to have been poured a basin of cold water, suddenly cold down.

My college girl fan officially broke up some time ago.

Xiaofans have been admitted to the civil servant of the old county, but she loves and yearns for the job of fashion design. For this reason, she wants to quit her job and change her career to become a designer in a first-tier city.

She wanted to plan well with her boyfriend and listen to his advice. The response, however, was quite different from what she expected.

At first, her boyfriend didnt take her words seriously, but he still played with his cell phone and gave her an absent-minded response.

He said that fans are three minutes of blood; he said that design is not as simple as she imagined; he said that fans learned Chinese painting in childhood, does not mean they have the gift of design...

Little fans know what he said.

However, her yearning for design, her inadaptability to the dull work of civil servants, she has been self-taught to design software efforts, everything, her boyfriend is also in the eye.

Everyone has something to say in his heart that he cant say to outsiders.

Like me.

In fact, I always wanted to learn to draw. When I was in college, I once told my best friend about it.

Maybe she just told me the truth, but that day, I was sad for a long time.

As the days passed, more and more words came into my mind.

If that answer is really inappropriate, give your reasons.

Because its really a very uncomfortable thing to be denied by those who care about it.

She said it was really sad to be so casually denied by her boyfriend.

Later break up, not only because of that thing.

I comforted her for a long time. If we could all listen carefully to other peoples minds, the end of this breakup would probably be much less.