Girls who like sweet food really get uglier and uglier

 Girls who like sweet food really get uglier and uglier

But grapefruit, dont you know that so-called sugar-free milk tea also contains sugar?

In 2017, CCTVs Weekly Quality Report investigated 20 kinds of sugar-free milk tea on the market, and the sugar content was higher than 3g/ml.

To be honest, food companies are really smart, changing ways to provide us with sugar, and labeling themselves as healthy food, so you overindulge in sugar without paying attention.

Carbohydrate, one of the three major nutrients, mainly comes from cereals, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and sugars. It eventually becomes glucose through human digestion, providing energy for the brain and participating in body metabolism.

(WHO recommends that adults consume 25g of sugar per day)

More precisely: carbohydrates include, but are not limited to, added sugars. Therefore, sugar cessation is not equal to carbon cessation, not to give up staple food.

To clarify the difference between the two, lets see what kind of food does this sugar Xiaobichi exist in?

In addition, there are some hidden sugars in the cloak of healthy food which can not be ignored:

(Ingredient List of Sucrose-Free Shakima of a Brand)

All kinds of slogans without additions really make me heartbeat. Look carefully: maltose syrup? In the final analysis, sugar is no healthier than sucrose.

By the way, dumplings, bean pasta, yoghurt and dumplings in staple food are also big candy collectors. I dont know how many people are sweet in the invisible.

Every 1 g of sugar can bring 16 kilocalories (4 kilocalories) to the body, and only 30 minutes of jogging can consume 200 calories.

In the BBC documentary A Film About Sugar, Damon Gameau (actor and director) eats 40 spoonfuls of sugar a day, gains 8.5 kilograms in weight, 7% in body fat and 10 cm in waist circumference two months later.

He only increased his sugar intake, while his overall calorie intake remained unchanged, and in the meantime, he maintained his previous exercise and low-fat diet habits.

Friends of acne muscles should have a deep feeling about this. High-sugar foods often lead to excessive sebum secretion, which aggravates the inflammatory response of acne.

The most terrible thing is the glycosylation of the skin_

Simply put, we eat sugar that is not metabolized, and we meet collagen and then go together! Finally, AGEs, an advanced glycation end product, was formed.

It has been proved that AGEs can accelerate the aging of human body and lead to the occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases.

Think of the way caramel pudding is cooked, and you get to the essence of the saccharification reaction... the yellow-brown product of the Maillard reaction, um, really fragrant.

Having said the saccharification, by the way, lets mention the anti-saccharification which is the easiest to tread pits.

The owner of the island had received many messages before, and found that everyone was concerned about Anti-glycosylation Oral Liquid?

I cant say its totally useless. After all, POLA is a lady-class product that costs thousands of dollars. I really feel it when I drink it. It smells like Renminbi.

Seriously, if you do feel your skin is getting better and your budget is adequate, then its okay to continue drinking.

However, diet is the most reliable method of anti-glycosylation compared with oral or topical anti-sugar products. It is beneficial for skin and weight management to quit adding sugar and increase the proportion of low GI foods.

It is no longer necessary to emphasize eating more vegetables. The daily intake recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents is 300-500 g, of which dark vegetables should account for half.

As for fruits, the island owner here would like to say more: Choose varieties with low sugar content, just right amount. (The appropriate amount here refers to 200-350g)

You may not get used to it at first, but after a few days, you will find that you are more sensitive to sugar. Sugar in fruits is enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Long-term adherence can not only reduce weight, fat secretion, pore size problems will be improved accordingly, much faster than skin care products, but also save a huge sum of money. Its hardly too cost-effective.~

In other words, it doesnt matter if you cant give up sugar. Its also a small progress to minimize sugar intake in your original diet.

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