Family members of victims of wife-killing and insurance fraud went to Thailand in August to say that the defendant did not want to die without confessing guilt.

 Family members of victims of wife-killing and insurance fraud went to Thailand in August to say that the defendant did not want to die without confessing guilt.

Tianjin man Zhang Moufans case of wife killing and insurance fraud in Thailand will continue to hold court in Phuket Prefecture, Thailand, on August 8. On July 22, Nandu reporters learned that the victims, Xiao Jies parents and other relatives will go to Phuket again on August 6 to testify.

In October 2018, Tianjin man Zhang Moufan was suspected of killing his wife in a Thai hotel. The case was heard for five days from July 5. In the following trial, after the appearing of the plaintiff witness, the defendant Zhang Moufan will make a statement in court on August 13.

Xiao Jies cousin said that after two weekstrial, the suspect does not admit his mistake or confess his guilt and does not want to die. We have nothing to say to him. We have said everything we need to say. Now all I can think about is that hes sentenced to death. If the court finds him a passionate killer and sentences him to 20 yearsimprisonment, we will certainly appeal.

Outside the court of Phuket, Thailand.

The only granddaughter becomes spiritual sustenance

Nandu: When will the next court start? Are there any other family members?

Cousin Xiaojie: Im going to go on August 6. The ticket is still undetermined, because all Ive seen recently are from Beijing. Id like to see if there are any direct flights from Tianjin to Phuket. I have to go to work, and I dont have much to testify about, but it depends on the time. Xiao Jies parents and uncle Xiao Jie will surely pass by.

Nandu: What have Xiaojies parents been doing recently since their last trial?

Cousin Xiao Jie: Basically, the children are here during this period. They both take care of their children when they are free. When they are in trouble, they leave them with their grandmother. Granddaughter is the spiritual sustenance, after all, they had only one child (Xiao Jie). They said that they would surely bring up granddaughter well. Now the child is nearly three years old, and they have found a good kindergarten for her.

If only sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, affirmative appeal

Nandu: Before the last court session, Xiaojies parents questioned Zhang Moufan, who was silent. Next time Zhang Moufan appears in court to make a statement, will he ask his motive again and ask for his apology?

Cousin Xiaojie: You cant be too emotional in court. You have to restrain yourself. We also have to listen to what he (Zhang Moufan) said. According to the regulations of Thailand, we can enter the court only after the testimony is completed. At the previous sessions, Xiao Jies parents and we were waiting outside the courtroom.

The defendant Zhang Moufan was silent when she was questioned by Xiaojies mother before the court.

Nandu: A stranger appeared after the defendants last trial. Did you communicate with Zhangs parents about this?

Cousin Xiaojie: The mysterious man still doesnt know who it is. We guess its a lawyer. There was no communication with them (Zhangs parents). Its not necessary to ask, because if you ask, you wont say it. At that time, he (mysterious man) kept a record in court and spoke behind Zhang Moufan.

Nandu: If the sentence is not death penalty, will you accept it? What are your plans?

Cousin Xiao Jie: We need to see how the court decides. For example, if the sentence is indefinite, we will ask the lawyer if he proposes to appeal. After all, the trial is too tortuous. If the court had sentenced him to 20 years of passionate murder, we would have to appeal.

He does not admit his mistake, does not admit his guilt, does not want to die, and has nothing to say to him.

Nandu: Will the defendant be held liable for civil compensation?

Cousin Xiaojie: As far as I know, according to the law of Thailand, even if civil compensation is brought, it can not be implemented. How do people execute when they are in prison? Its impossible to ask his parents for money. Now hes hoping that hell get the death penalty.

Nandu: What impressed you most at the last trial?

Cousin Xiaojie: He (Zhang Moufan) doesnt admit his mistake, he doesnt admit his guilt, and he doesnt want to die. I didnt see him. Xiao Jies parents saw him outside the court. Ask him to say nothing, ask him and Xiao Jie where things are, and he will not say.

Nandu: Do you want to say something to the defendant Zhang Moufan?

Cousin Xiao Jie: Nothing has been said to him. Everything that should be said to him has been said.

The suspect in the case of wife-killing and insurance fraud once rewarded more than 400,000 anchors and opened more houses.

On July 5, the highly concerned case of Tianjin Mens Thai Wife Killing and Fraud Insurance was heard for the first time in Phuket Island, Thailand. The main content of the trial is to elaborate the case and submit additional evidence.

In October 2018, Tianjin man Zhang Moufan brutally murdered his wife Xiaojie in a hotel on Phuket Island. On January 24, 2019, the Procuratorate of Phuket Government formally charged the suspect Zhang Moufan with violating Thai law and should be sentenced to death.