New boy of the Millennium knows the happiness of 4399

 New boy of the Millennium knows the happiness of 4399

With metaphysical distress, your thoughts are drawn back to that sunny afternoon twenty or thirty years ago.

Ill go out and clear the army. You squat on the base to defend.

I have a cousin who has a bully.

February 16, 1984 is an unforgettable day for primary and secondary school students all over the country.

Central leaders had planned to stay at their booth for one minute, but in the end they stayed for six minutes.

Later, Cong Lin, a classmate of the fifth elementary school of Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai, wrote this unforgettable day into a composition and was compiled into a Chinese textbook.

In the next ten years, everyone knows computer, everyone can play computer became the basic program. In classrooms all over the country, computers have spread from 0 to more than 2 million.

Lets take a pious look at the real red and white machine.

This sudden cultural shock undoubtedly hit thousands of childrens hearts, after all, before this, most of the red scarves have not touched the electronic screen, entertainment projects are nothing more than jumping houses and kneading mud.

But the problem is, at that time, the main contradiction in society was the contradiction between the growing material and cultural needs and the backward social productivity. A red and white machine cost 1500 yuan, a game card more than 200 yuan, and the working families could not afford to eat or drink for more than half a year.

Everyone launched a dimension reduction crackdown one after another, targeting the FC red and white machine as a plagiarism object, which started the first battle of expelling good coins from inferior coins since the reform and opening up.

By the early 1990s, the Shanzhai territory had roughly formed a tripartite situation, first Xiao Lintong with multi-generation products, and then Xiao Genius produced by Taiwanese manufacturers. But it is the small overlord from the Pearl River Delta that really established the hegemony of the mountain fastness.

In June 1991, the Little Overlord game console came out and redefined the red and white machines at a price of about 300 yuan.

Over the next three years, the little overlord went through another round of upgrades, equipped the game with external keyboards and learning cards, created the first and second generation of learning machines, and directly pounded the computer is illiterate nursery pain point.

Advanced little overlord has added learning columns such as Five-stroke Learning, F-BASIC and so on.

In 1994, the company invited Jackie Chen, then a kungfu superstar, to be the spokesman for the Little Overlord Learning Machine. During the prime time of CCTV, 200 million teenagers were bombarded with advertisements:

Think I used to fight the world with my fist.

My son is going to fight the world with a bully.

Because of the weak awareness of copyright at that time, you can see the bully advertisement on TV.

In order to keep up with the E-era, Chinese children can make progress, and beg their parents to build one under the banner of learning five pens and foreign languages.

Adults looking forward to Jackie Chan mistakenly believe that it is not far to catch up with the Premier League and the United States, and have taken out their wallets to show unprecedented purchasing power.

Throughout the 1990s, the Little Overlord sold 20 million units.

With this learning tape, many peoples blind typing and five-stroke typeface have made rapid progress. Some people even started their programming career by using the built-in G-BASIC language.

But decent children seldom use it to learn.

You could have won the Qinghuabei University, but you were confined to the joy of 999 in 1 game cards.

The first is the Shanzhai version of Super Mario Brothers. The plumber who drilled the sewer, stepped on Wang Ba, moved bricks and ate gold coins had a simple ideal of life: saving the princess.

Although there are few people who can get through customs formally in the end, many hidden entrances are gradually forgotten, but in the long river of time, people still vaguely remember the feeling of remnant dreams:

He will grow up after eating mushrooms, but he will get smaller after a critical attack, and this loss is very unforgettable.

Mario, great as he is, is less attractive than the machine-gun protruding Soul Fight.

So far you still remember the mysterious code of BA up, down, left and right, but you never realized the surprise of calling out 30 lives.

Because it can not only cause injury to teammates, but also destroy the base itself, often shooting at each other in order to grab lost items.

Although the early game pixels are high, the plot is not elaborate, and the special effects of martial arts are slightly hasty, this does not prevent thousands of children and adolescents into the arduous battle.

It is foolhardy to know nothing.

Connect a radio frequency line to the TV, from pressing the switch to the snowflake screen that rustles before calling out the game picture, and the sound of little overlord enjoys infinitely penetrates your ears.

An operation that causes adrenaline to soar.

Hard-working friends will steal a small advantage when they buy soy sauce for their mothers, and they can buy a new card in less than three days.

Limited financial resources can only ride a bicycle to knock on the door of my uncles house, a play is an all-night, regardless of whether people want to live a husband and wife life.

After all, there were friends when there was learning opportunity, which was the social iron law at that time.

A friend recalled that in order to reward him for being the first in the final exam grade, his parents paid 240 yuan to buy a bully with a life-long warranty.

Ever since then, classmates have surrounded his home every night. Within a month, they feel bald with the cross and ab keys on the handle.

Street hall, spiritual waste of primary school students

Imagine jumping from a red-and-white machine to a game box as big as your real person, from a handle to a rocker that can only be held by one hand. Its self-evident that FC and arcade play well.

After all, the consumption level of primary school students at that time mainly depended on lunch or hunger. Compared with the luxurious experience of changing only one game coin for a dollar in a foreign arcade hall, the small black room with the exchange rate jumping from 1:5 was undoubtedly more competitive.

So in the 1990s, a large number of wild unlicensed black machine halls opened around primary and secondary schools just as the countryside surrounded the city. Only three or two assembly machines from Panyu can become the spiritual wasteland of the princes of primary and secondary schools.

For newcomers, fighting games like street bullies and boxers belong to a far-sighted and non-obscene type.

But after watching for a long time, they will also do half-style rubbing, and even read words in their mouths: In addition to the wave does not advance, you jump I squat heavy punch.

Street King is the master of fighting games.

The unprecedented operational pleasure of the bullet and the burst of a thousand chances has brought a lot of socialist successors to the world.

Compared with other game frames, Pac Man is naturally small and beautiful. Its rules are relatively simple and the monsters are relatively single, but it is better than each of the monsters. And you just need to give full play to the ability of human beings to eat, eat and live.

Bean Eater, the originator of arcade games, is a typical example of easy learning and difficult learning.

But in the era of the airport hall, lack of money and poor technology in your pocket means that your happy time will be fairly short.

Ten brothels were nothing in the hands of vegetable chickens. They were defeated in half an hour. The rest of the time was to stand behind the God and worship in silence.

Every airport hall has several legendary figures who pass the Customs for one dollar. They came not for leisure or recreation, but to refresh the hi-Score on the screen and win other peoples respect.

But theres also blood in the arcade.

Mixers are a strong group here, often holding cigarettes, picking their feet, wearing silk blouses for export and domestic sale in Guangzhou, exploiting childrens money and game money.

The accustomed little fart child is quite indifferent: Whats this called? This is called people in rivers and lakes.

Do not remember from which day, wearing school uniforms to the airport hall to find the true meaning of life has become your daily routine. You want to be like an older child, to take risks, to fight, to fight alone, to defeat, Fightlikea Gentleman.

But the joy of the end of the century is always short-lived.

Airport owners are particularly distressed by the rocker, and every time they are excited to play, they call you to be light, because these are pirated machines, no manufacturer authorization, broken or broken, no one will come to repair and update.

Survival status of arcade hall.

In order to let everyone pay more money, the arcade hall owner quietly adjusted the difficulty parameters of the game.

At the same time, do not forget to start a new stove: soft gambling climbing treasury, coin pusher, slot machine, which to eat coins, which to put.

There is also the kind of every hu, girls take off a piece of clothes stripping mahjong, but due to the limited technology of black-hearted stripping mahjong manufacturers, you can only see 16 colors of cold naked sex in front of the screen.

Nine years to see big friends play, never see the end. A netizen commented on the customs video of Electronic Base Disk.

Video games have been charged with new crimes since then: advocating violence, inducing crime, involving pornography, inducing epilepsy, is a hundred percent of the flood beast, absolutely heinous spiritual opium.

The owner said, The children in the playroom all day have only one result. The boys eventually become robbers and thieves, and the girls eventually become Miss Three Accompanies. When the teacher hears about you going to the arcade hall, its like hearing about you going to the Macau online casino: the child is mostly abandoned.

The flowers of our motherland come there either to learn badly or to suffer.

At that time, a young man in the new century was suspected to have been hollowed out in an Internet cafe, which was not so popular at that time.

It is imperative to sell cigarettes in Humen today.

The picture shows the destroyed video game consoles.

The experience of arcade is just beginning, and its over in the midst of shouting and killing.

But red scarves always have a way to carry forward the spirit of the game under the banner of learning.

Under the call of the five-year development outline of computer education in primary and secondary schools (1996-2000), the millennials wear two-dollar pairs of footwear, enter the computer greenhouse, and quietly open a new game with your understanding smile.

Give me all the ones without shoes.

Four masterpieces of the system have been repeatedly savored by primary computer players: Mine Sweeping, Red Heart War, Spider Card and Solitaire in the Air.

At the end of the game, maybe even drawing tools.

In the middle section, you can open the official game of teaching: Jinshan Typing.

Since then, everyone has a great reason to play, Teacher, Im practicing typing.

Speed of Life and Death is commonly known as Rules after Thieves. Every boy once expected it to be the fastest typist in his class.

There are two steps to return to freedom: first, to open the task manager; second, to force student.dll to close.

Then the big guys flocked to IE browser, a website that could not be called Chinese: hao123 came into view.

Because 4399 was integrated on the home page of hao123 and passed on orally among pupils, it was well known at that time.

It is known as the window of the world of flash games, and its founder is Duan Yongping.

From the beginning, Duan Yongping knew that the red scarves had limited financial resources. In order to buy hot strips and four-wheel drive, they had run out of food and could not afford to pay for online games.

Basically every post-90s child has been baptized by pirated games.

Your mother calls you to eat, but you open your eyes and tell her youre digging.

Ten years ago, Lianliankan was as simple as myself.

Crazy flat children is also a very popular one:

When he grew up playing Mad Flat, he became a grumpy old man.

Also showing the aesthetics of violence are Crash on the Computer, Crash on the Superman and Shit Superman.

Forest Ice and Fire Man can be called a game really suitable for pupils. Green, wisdom, emphasis on cooperation, especially to enhance the friendship of students.

Men on the Next Hundred Layers emphasizes another value: on the way to becoming a real man, brothers are only cannon fodder.

But in fact, this small game platform has also been yellow. When you mention insulting Yuna, someone will give you a heartfelt smile.

The 4399 duo area is always the hottest. You may be more familiar with WASD when you go to play games with your classmates during the holidays when two people are crowded in front of a keyboard than when you are up or down.

Many successful business owners have admitted that running McDonalds gave them the courage to do business. But most ordinary people have managed for half their lives, and can not change the outcome of the plague and the collapse of the store.

In the world of Sue, the joy of girls is so easy to achieve: left keyboard, a foundation solution, right mouse, an eye shadow brush, you can not finish your homework.

And you know that at your childhood computer desk, the joy of finishing makeup for A Sue is that you cant replace as many bottles of SK II as you use now.

But your soul belongs to the 21st century, 4399 can not be retained.

Time has been pouring down for thousands of miles, and more than ten years have passed in a flash. The delicate girl who used to make up for Sue every day would rather not wash her hair and sleep a little longer.

The spiritual young man who once explored in the forest ice-fire man accidentally became a social animal and sat in front of his post day after day.

Once you were crazy about WASD output, now your hands can only move Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Its been a long time since the game began at the end of last century.

Like the little overlord and arcade hall 30 years ago, the poorly crafted and pirated Flash games have already fulfilled their historical mission, and are soon replaced by updated, faster and stronger online games, end-to-end games and 3A stand-alone computers.

Its just that people cant help recalling the hot afternoon in their memory when they travel through the valley wilderness with their newly purchased skin.

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