Easy moment: Why was Cai Xukun scolded again? Just because of this thing...

 Easy moment: Why was Cai Xukun scolded again? Just because of this thing...

So, Gongtai also has to go into oral medicine? Reasonably, it is the digestive system, which can be stuffed from the exit. Why cant it enter from the entrance?

In addition to the cross-border business products, there are also a variety of human cross-border, such as the change of aunt to supervisor and the change of college girls to partner and so on.

One is Putonghua and the other is Cantonese. (lannyroyaldoyle)

Do you think the National Football Team can get out easily? )

I have to say that the scenery of these two places is not bad, it is worth visiting! You can also buy on behalf of others by the way! ____________

Youre not staying up late, your body is just living in another country.

1: Draw on the endorsement, the media Football Association bold words.

2: Open the door red, began to predict the line opponents.

3: Lose the initiative.

6: Say goodbye to the group game thoroughly and get out early.

Of course, the national football team represents the country. Its better to concentrate on playing football instead of thinking about traveling. At least Syria, Guam, Maldives and the Philippines have to feel that they have not drawn the endorsement.

Yes, if the Chinese/Chinese people are serious about doing one thing, it is really their money cut.

For the three national teams of the 2019 International Mathematics Olympics, I feel that the rules of the competition can be directly used in Chinese! (Tianxiu bot)

Recently, Tokyo TV officially broadcasted a video of the 2017 World Table Tennis Championship, in which the mens doubles Jimura Zhenqing/Danyu Xiaoxi played against M. Carson/Christian Carson, and added special effects to the video - table tennis live. (william woo7)

Previously, his endorsement of a basketball game in the NBA has become one of the hottest (rotten) stalks of the year.

Answer: Sing, Jump, Rap, Basketball

Recently, Cai Xukun was scolded again, and this cross-border endorsement is not particularly excessive: the platform for the movie Lion King belongs to the entertainment circle at least.

However, many netizens still dont buy it. Many netizens opposed Cai Xukuns cooperation with Lion King. They made comments such as boycott the Lion King on the Internet. More netizens sent a complaint letter to Disney China, asking Disney to cancel the advertisement. Simba deserves better stars.

The one who wrote directly to Disney was really hard core.

The way to announce a love affair after 00:

In fact, I think Cai Xukuns endorsement of Lion King is not a big problem, just can produce a sequel of Chicken You Are too Beautiful: Lion You Are too Beautiful.

As for Li Xian, a little meat actor who has been hotly searched recently, it seems that he has also crossed the border to do investment (not hair)?

Oh, it turned out to be a female head of a trading and investment bank?

I have to say that the stars of today are more and more cross-border. What kind of netizens have been gossiping with before, and now they are directly investing in the level of bosses?

In addition to the stars, there are also college students who have not kept up with their duties recently.

With Shandong Universitys earlier public apology, the Student Companion incident should be over, but the aftermath is endless: many ordinary Shandong University students have been attacked by varying degrees of cyber violence.

Including but not limited to Ji female, kneeling and licking foreigners, Shanda female students do not marry, vulnerable to HIV and other cyber-violence terms.

Truth be told, although the incident itself is a big mistake, but many ordinary mountain students who have nothing to do with the companion program are innocent, please stop the unreasonable network violence! Return to rational discussion!

I think a lot of people sometimes excessively pursue the superficial reunion, in fact, many people are not the same people, in addition to adding blockage. (relatives Tucao BOT)

There is also a well-known marathon learning college students who love sports and learning at the same time.

However, exaggeration of this rhetorical device, or to use cautiously! One hundred thousand steps a day. Is that hanging your cell phone on your X-leg?

Doctors who cant climb Mount Everest are not good marathoners.

Remembering that time I had a bug in my pedometer, I turned over in bed and walked 120 steps.

The respondent explained that it was not that there were more than 90,000 steps per day, but that 98,800 steps per half day was their ultimate mountain climbing training, which lasted from midnight to 12 noon the next day. And the climbing steps are smaller.

Was it a misunderstanding? So remind me, Xueba, the next time you say whats that, remember to type a draft, otherwise its really easy to misunderstand.

If you think that 100,000 steps a day is exaggerated, then Russias 6-year-old doll does 4618 push-ups and breaks two world records. Thats really a fighting nation.

The fighting nations doll is indeed strong! (Source: Netizens)

Dont mention the 4,000 push-ups I did on the spot. I dont think there are 10 push-ups Ive done in my whole life. At the age of 6, I can only play with mud. Everyone else has broken the world record!

But many people are worried that such high-intensity exercise will affect the health of developing children?

Or that sentence, strange thing: adults and children should not imitate! Ordinary children are better off keeping their duties and exercising normally, growing up fast and taller.

In the morning, the bus passed the gate of the park and crowded up more than a dozen uncles and aunts. The uncle asked the aunt on the seat, Look at your rosy face, is there 50 this year? Aunt Laughed and Flowered: 62 this year! Grandpa laughed: Im 73, give up my seat! The aunt laughed louder. Haha, Im pregnant!

Earlier, a fake doctor in Guangdong Province, in order to prove his partial prescription is safe, even learned from Li Shizhen to test his medicine and died of poisoning after taking a bite.

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Shaoguan fake doctor in Guangdong Province wanted to prove his partial prescription was safe and died of poisoning after taking a bite (Source:)

Reasonably, the doctor was not deceiving, because he believed in himself. It can only be said that ignorance is the most poisonous poison in the world.

My medicine is absolutely all right, dont believe death to show you!

This medicine is really good!

As the medicine took effect, the symptoms lessened!

Because people die, the disease breaks down naturally! No problem...

Think of a brain joke:

u2014u2014 Its the brain.

u2014u2014 Consider again who made this conclusion? (StarKnight)

But more often than not, you have excellent technology, or you may go astray for a while and use it in inappropriate areas.

Recently, four core members of the management of the well-known pornographic website Pomegranate Community were captured by the police. According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau, four suspects are the most popular section of the forum, the original pornographic photo Daguerre Flag auditors. At present, the three men, one woman and four suspects have been prosecuted and have entered the sentencing stage.

Needless to say, the spirit of the Internet is sharing. Do you make a profit chain? You deserve to be caught!

Entertained by the real estate advertisement: A good house is like a good girl. You are your daughter-in-law and your sister-in-law if you dont.

This technology can be said to have saved some people - obviously their own videos, lets say its given to AI.

Chen Guanxi: Why dont I give birth a few years later?!

Speaking of it, Yesterday Dongzi Xiaobian secretly sent me two sets of Han Hong and Jia Lings videos. I knew they must be fake. They are all the consequences of AI technology being used by illegal elements.

In the end, Xiaobian still feels that its okay not to try out unfamiliar areas across borders, nor to feel that he has the skills to use them in all kinds of ways.

The lab dropped a man

Because, even if its a very ordinary little thing, do it seriously, dont be distracted, you can achieve great results.

Well, for example, selling fake goods.

Media reports show that Shandong-Chengdus wig manufacturing industry has a history of more than 40 years, and is now quite mature. It has become the most famous wig production base in China. It is exported to many countries in Europe and the United States. The price of a high-end wig is comparable to that of LV bag.

I cant bear the flip. Is the problem buckled?

The most formal fake base in history, no problem: I fake, how to drop it!

The consequences of not buying things for girlfriends:

Not only fake, professional killing can kill vigorously, but also can kill a road of scientific research.

According to a paper published in Nature, a field experiment conducted in China has almost eradicated Aedes albopictus. The main way is through the implantation of symbiotic bacteria and radiation. In two years, the wild mosquito population was almost completely eliminated, the number of wild mosquito species decreased by about 83% - 94% every year, and no mosquito could be detected within six weeks.

News came out that mosquito lovers were gathering to protest!

Finally, there is one thing that each of us must do seriously, not be distracted or cross the border, that is, to live well and love the people around us.

Recently, Herbert, 94, and Marilyn, 88, a couple in the United States, passed away on the same day after 71 years, only 12 hours apart. The incident touched countless netizens. Doctors say the death of the latter person may be related to heartbreak syndrome. Before their lives, they shared the secret of maintaining marriage: to express love and to be with each other.

American couples have been married for 71 years and passed away on the same day (Source: Netizens)

Holding hands and growing old with children are the most romantic focus in the world.

Only when you are pregnant can you see that you are married to a dog, which must be the most beautiful appearance of love.

Only I grow older every day.

How do you like it?

Last answer!

Yi friends please mix Tucao language.

Tucao UP!

Then you should reflect on why you cant be a good duck, instead of complaining here.

Trust is one thing, avoidance of suspicion is another.

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