Deduction of Executed Death Penalty Media: Let Judicial Justice Eliminate Human Violence

 Deduction of Executed Death Penalty Media: Let Judicial Justice Eliminate Human Violence

Zhang Deduction is executed by death penalty, which is also a comprehensive test of judicial justice. Justice should be achieved not only in a visible way, but also in a visible way. In this case, the relevant functional departments prosecuted Zhang Deduction according to law, experienced the first instance, second instance and death penalty review procedures; defense lawyers participated in the whole process, providing strong legal services for Zhang Deduction; the media made public reports on the case according to law, and the relevant functional departments responded positively; all aspects worked together. Force jointly upholds the justice of law.

Zhang was executed and taught the public a lesson on the rule of law. A modern and civilized society ruled by law should settle disputes by law and preside over justice by judicature. After all, the era of blood revenge is far behind. Even though Zhang Deduction was not satisfied with the judgment that his mother was beaten to death, even if his work and life were unsatisfactory and his psychology was unbalanced, he could not take private remedies. Because individual citizens are by no means judges of heaven.

Only by believing in the law, respecting the law and abiding by the law can we solve the problem and resolve the contradiction. Ignoring the law and acting willfully will inevitably be punished by the law. This power of justice comes from the judicial organstrial and the adherence of thousands of citizens to the rule of law. The death penalty was imposed on Zhang Bu and the tragedy drew a curtain, and the rule of law still had to be pushed forward.

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